State Law Allows Medical Cannabis in School


If I am in error, I apologize but based on past policies set forth by any governmental department, this law to allow elementary school students access to medical cannabis while in school sounds like it will be another big fiasco.

The state of Illinois signed house bill 4870 into law which amends the school code and let parents give their children medical cannabis at school. There is a caveat that states that the parent or guardian may not administer a medical cannabis infused product if the administration would create disruption in the school or would cause exposure of the product to other students.

The initiation of the bill was prompted by a lawsuit filed by a family that wanted to use CBD oil to treat their daughter’s seizures caused by chemotherapy.

This seems to be a good reason to initiate the bill. The government’s fight when they instituted the ‘war on drugs’ also seemed like a good idea. This bill in effect provides an entry for drugs to get back into the schools but realistically the war on drugs program was ineffectual in keeping them out.

In one aspect, the introduction of the use of cannabis may be a step in the right direction if they replace all the ritalin with cannabis.

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