Steem Power Scam Worry No More! Solution Is Stish!

If you have been getting banned from using Steemit or interacting with the Steem blockchain and feel like you are being scammed you are not alone. 

You might have recently been feeling scammed when you logged into steemit and seen a message like this:

Your transaction failed to process

Why? You’ve run out of Resource Credits

Actions such as posting and voting use computing resources, placing a real cost on the community members who run the Steem blockchain for everyone.

To keep things free, Steem intelligently allocates Resource Credits to each user based on their Steem Power holdings, which can be used to submit a limited number of feeless transactions. When a user runs low on Resource Credits, they will either need to wait for them to recharge, or purchase additional Steem Power. This system prioritizes actions by good community members while limiting spam.

To keep interacting on Steemit:

  1. Buy and hold more Steem Power
  2. Wait until your Resource Credits recharge
  3. Wait until the network usage decreases

Please Note: The Steem blockchain was upgraded on September 25th. You may experience trouble posting and transacting while the new bandwidth system stabilizes over the next several days. It may be best to wait until this process completes before buying more Steem Power.


How is that for a free and fair decentralized blockchain. This has been a long history and typical of Steem and Steemit to lock up and hold your hard earned Steem and Steem Power.  It appears to access your account and do anything with it YOU MUST BUY MORE STEEM! LOL

If you feel the shenanigans of the Steem Blockchain and Steemit and related platforms are the biggest crock of Shit ever then we have a Solution for you called Stishit. Yes you read that correctly! A better blogging platform with a real social network where you earn rewards! Never have your rewards locked down by a never ending set of changing rules…

HF20 means they screwed up 19 Times before and are attempting to make it right yet Again!

If you feel like you invested alot of time and money into Steemit and Steem and they keep making things worse with every hardfork then leave! Join a Social Rewards Platform that is better with less headaches and spam. You don’t have to be forced to buy Steem and feel like you are getting Ripped Off just to access your account.

With you will have less stress as we do not make you buy Stish to participate in the platform. People who use Stish love the blogging platform and the social portal that makes it easy to interact with other members without having to spend your Steem to send a message.

Have you said something that Ticked someoff  and then they flagged you for No reason for weeks on Steemit?

Why are you wasting your time on Steemit when the people there obviously do not want you on their platform. If they did you could earn more than a few cents per post that takes you hours. Let’s be frank for a moment and be honest with each other. You are a hard working, hard writer, and deserve to earn some serious rewards for your efforts. You don’t deserve to be flagged just because you spoke the truth and were honest about all of the scam and spam on the Steem platform. has a solution that fits your needs and budget perfectly.

Whichever Dweeb Developed Resource Credits Should Be Kicked In The Balls….

If you have recently been thinking that whoever on Steemit that created Resource Credits should be kicked in the balls then join the club on Many people have already attempted to kick the person in the balls on Steemit that developed this concept but have been unable to find out which mental idot adopted this and approved it for a live website. These are some of the comments that we have been seeing in regards to Steemit and the HF20 and resource credits scam. Many people feel that Steem is in their last desperate moves to salvage a dying platform and may have driven the nail in the coffin with Forced Steem purchases to access your Steemit account.

If you are seeing the notice like above and want to do something about it…. WAIT!!! Don’t buy a bunch of Steem just to find out later you have to buy more to access the Steem you already bought. And then a year later buy more to access the Steem you already bought and earned last year and again and again. It is a never ending Train wreck of confusion over at Steem… So please just WAIT before you buy any more Steem.

I’m here to tell you of a better way to spend your hard earned money! Help build a competing equitable platform. We have already done most of the hard work we just need a little more funding to take Stish to the next level! You can easily use Stish for free right now and see how awesome it is. And if you want to see the Rewards skyrocket on Stish then help by participating in the Token Event.

Stish Token Event


Together we are building a micro crypto economy like no other without all of the fuss and headaches of Steem. Be a part of a better future!




Author: binkley
The Famous Founder of Stish crypto and Eric has worked on many projects over the last few years but none as aggressively as He is one man on a mission to revolutionize social media by integrating crypto currency and allow users to retain the value they bring to the network. Stish crypto is now traded on

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