Steemit More – The add-on that makes it so you hardly need other tools for Steemit anymore

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For a while now I have been using the Steemit More browser add-on to enhance my Steemit experience. I’m pretty content with it and I feel it’s a great addition to Steemit, so I’d like to share this tool with you all.


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Steemit More is an add-on for both the Chrome and Firefox browsers which you can install, and it will add new functionality to Steemit. You may be used to using a variety of Steemit tools, like or to check on various things like your upvote strength or upvote-amounts.

By installing Steemit More you have access to all this information directly on Steemit itself!

For example, after installing Steemit More you can see people’s voting power and the amount of money their vote is worth easily from their profile page. I made a screenshot of my own profile page below to show you:


Another great feature is the ‘Votes’ tab that is added to your Steemit profile tabs. Right next to your Rewards, a new tab will appear which will list all the upvotes you have received from people and also show you the amount of their upvote and how much upvote weight they used.


There is a similar screen for your ‘Mentions’, which should show everytime somebody mentioned your name on Steemit, but I have not been able to figure this out yet since it doesn’t work for me.

Besides seeing the votes directly on your profile tab, you can also view them on the post payout screen like on the picture below:

steemitmore1.pngAnd there’s a LOT more features to this add-on! Like a list of super useful links to other Steemit tools, also as a new tab on your profile page.

steemitmore4.pngIt will take you to the website of your choosing automatically applies your account details to it so it instantly shows the results for your account.

And there are many more features, ranging from a better search feature, or showing the input screen and your post-preview side by side instead of above and below (!). It also adds some other features like easy adding of GIFs through Giphy, and a few more that I’m missing probably. If you don’t like any of these features – no problem! You can simple disable them from the Settings menu in Steemit.

dividerline cartooney2.pngThis add-on is really nice because it works automatically. I don’t have to manually connect every time, or do anything else to make it work. I merely installed it, and now it works everytime I load up Steemit.

The only downsides so far that I could find are the fact that it makes the top header of Steemit almost twice as large, which makes it cover my profile’s cover pic by quite a lot. It no longer looks as nice, but I assume that it looks normal for other people who just use Steemit which should be the majority. The other downside is that it makes Steemit just a tiny but slower. It’s not really all that noticeable, but I do notice that there is some extra computation going on with every action which creates a tiny bit of lag. Nothing too bad , atleast for me.

The only thing still lacking (for me) is the same information I can get from, which this plug-in does not offer. Almost everything else, it has covered!

If you’re interested in trying out this plug-in, follow the link below to install it for Chrome or Firefox. Or have a look at the original post by the creator of this plugin @armandocat who posted information about this plugin right here. There you will also find a full list of features and downloads.

>>To download the plug-in for Google Chrome click here<<

>>To download the plug-in for Mozilla Firefox click here<<

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