Stish 1.0 vs Stish 2.0

What Is The Difference Between The Original Stish1.0 and Stish2.0?

This question gets brought up from time to time. Members who used the platform prior to the Summer of 2018 likely received Stish1.0 Tokens. They were developed as place holder tokens for an original concept that proved to not work as intended. As we pulled away from another platform and decided to create an independent brand and identity we began working on Stish2.0. The main difference between the tokens has been discussed in the social portal and in a few posts but to clarify let’s go over them again.

Stish1.0 Had ZERO decimals. It was never developed really for day to day trading. It was simply designed to be simple and show ownership or participation in our original concept SteemThat. Which was going to be a flavor of user interface for the Steem blockchain and also offered many cool tools. As things kept changing at Steem we made a decision to stop development and change directions and provide a real social network with an equitable rewards distribution system.  Stish1.o had the original contract address: 0xe743b591a9fbf593ff2214c4b3b7c9bf1122431a

which can be viewed here ….  …..

Many people ask from time to time what they can do with the old Stish1.0? All accounts that had 1.0 which were less than 200 receive the New Stish2.0. If you still have the old Stish1.0 you can burn it by sending it here to this wallet address.  0x7673Ba7A671e6C439222B447E32CA22B6Da428c6

STISH1.0 Is Completely Phased Out And Will Not Be Traded Or Supported By The Stish Team. We do not expect to have any other version changes unless we launch our own blockchain at which time the currency will be easily convertible. ( 2 years away or more.)

So what can Stish2.0 do that Stish1.0 couldn’t do or do easily?

Stish2.0 was developed with more advanced Ethereum protocols. Stish2.0 is actually an ERC223 token and is exceptional at not losing tokens. The old Stish1.0 contract would receive tokens and lose them. People would send crypto directly to the old Stish1.0 wallet address or smart contract address and lose their tokens. Stish2.0 prevents this from happening. This is super beneficial for all who use Stish!

Stish2.0 came developed and enhanced with features such as direct ICO participation. Users can always Simply send ETH to the smart contract address located here:


and receive their Stish instantly at the price of 1 ETH = 1000 Stish. Which is a steal but supplies are extremely limited. We also were able to code in the ability to run the Token event from and allow some simple charts and displays. Stish2.0 allowed us the ability to increase the Total supply from 1,000,000 to 100,000,000 with the expected growth potential we see possible. This allows us to do some air drops and promotional things that we were unable to do with Stish1.0. Overall Stish2.0 is leaner and meaner. It recently broke some trading day records which we were happy to see some volume. Stish can be traded on the Saturn Network.


You can view the contract on Etherscan and other websites that show smart contracts and explore the blockchain. Here is the Etherscan link.

You can also learn more about the cryptocurrency and the hot wallets by visiting The Stish Crypto Page and Stish Wallet Page.


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