Stish Air Drop Delivered to 385 Wallets Addresses.

We started at the end of 2018 an Air Drop free sign up program. We had hundreds of interested people. We decided to also include the existing early adopters wallet addresses and users who have added their Ethereum Wallet Address to their Social Portal Profile. In addition to this we also added in the Active Traders on

Their air drop tool is a life changer for Token creators for several reasons. The first is that it allows a quicker distribution system over past methods. The advantage of having users visit the Air Drop Portal On Saturn.Network to receive their Stish is Epic. It allows users to be involved and requires them to have a Meta Mask Wallet Address or Saturn Wallet Address. Or the ability to import a wallet address into those browser extensions.

It makes the cost to mass send Stish a lot lower also as we can bundle the Stish and users can grab their Stish on the Saturn.Network fast. We can also directly convert Stish also but it makes sense for us to only do this when a user has not provided a valid Ethereum address. 

2019 Is looking great and you can get your Stish Air Drop HERE>>>GO GET YOUR AIR DROP NOW!

We will make a video step by step for those who might need it an attach it here and in the social portal in the next few days.
Author: binkley
The Famous Founder of Stish crypto and Eric has worked on many projects over the last few years but none as aggressively as He is one man on a mission to revolutionize social media by integrating crypto currency and allow users to retain the value they bring to the network. Stish crypto is now traded on

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