Stish Concepts Rock Green Crypto

Stish crypto rocks the green crypto movement as it starts to grow and gain momentum in 2019. Stish is such a user friendly crypto concept that anyone can get involved with and it doesn’t waste precious computer power to do it.

Many people have heard of bitcoin and likely get that computers spend massive amounts of energy to complete the mathematical formulas to open the Bitcoin blocks and process the transactions. “Bitcoin is awesome and the first but it shouldn’t be the only or last,” says founder Eric Binkley in a recent interview. “Stish takes things to a new level and thinks outside the bitcoin box.”

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Stish was developed on the Ethereum blockchain like many other tokens in existence today but instead of a massive air drop formula or raising massive amounts of cash through an ICO Stish did something completely unique. Prior to Stish people had to be super computer savvy to install software or applications that would help them mine a cryptocurrency. Often all of this had to be done through command prompt and wasn’t suitable for the average user wanting to get into cryptocurrency.

The founders of Stish wanted a different approach to distribution and trading of the currency Stish. They thought up an idea where instead of wasting precious computer resources and damaging the planet that they could launch a fixed amount of Stish currency. This isn’t new as several currencies have done this. What Stish done next will surprise and amaze all of you.

Stish reverse engineered the distribution model of mining and assigned reward values to social media involvements. Stish, instead of paying just a select few of miners to waste electricity, thought; what if users could be rewarded with Stish for doing everyday tasks that they already love doing on other social networks, such as commenting and sharing and posting and making friends. The micro crypto economy they dreamed of is starting to take shape.

Users of the Stish Social Portal earn Stish Credits with every post, comment and share. “It’s a developing community of people who are passionate about crypto but who maybe lack the complex computer skills needed or resources needed to mine and develop a currency that way.” said the Founder. He went on to talk about the new and interesting milestones accomplished just this year. Here is a short list of prominent things we discussed:

  1. Stish and Eth Wallet Creation – These wallets allow users to receive their Stish crypto when they convert their Stish Credits and have access to a wallet where they can send and receive Stish and ETH. Often users are doing this for the first time and enjoy the experience of learning how to send and receive a crypto. A Small amount of ETH is required to send Stish and/or ETH crypto but the fun never stops once you learn how.
  2. Stish Rewards Credits Conversion Process Decentralized – For a long time Stish crypto was very centralized and there was a middle man helping to convert Stish Rewards Credits into Stish Crypto… In 2019 we developed a way to Automate this through a smart contract and now Stish is more decentralized than ever before.
  3. https://Saturn.Network has really grown and developed – Having a place to trade or exchange Stish cryptocurrency is a must and we partnered with the award winning decentralized exchange https://Saturn.Network to facilitate the needs of our members. We will eventually adopt other exchanges as we grow but it is hard to beat Saturn as it is a fully decentralized exchange where users get fair trading and never lose control of their funds.
  4. Stish looks to place Stish Credits in the background and convert credits to Crypto automatically in 2019. Now users click to buy Stish crypto and pay with their Stish Credits. It is an easy process but Stish wants to make it even easier and will do so in 2019 as the platform continues to grow.
  5. Stish really dials in what the platform is all about with several marketing campaigns that featured ” Escape the Giants,” ads and “Say What Is On Your Mind” ads. The target market for Stish are users who are passionate about crypto and want a fair social media experience. Stish users can do things like they do on large platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and Soundcloud but get rewarded for doing it or curating it.
  6. Building the community and building the crypto currency all in one place at one time together is special and unique to Stish and Stish alone. Without strong community support of the currency the currency cannot survive. Stish must be traded between users, investors, traders, speculators etc and the community must be there to support this growth before real success can be claimed. As the community grows so will the currency. That is the genius really behind Stish. Stish isn’t just a junk token that is air dropped and pumped and dumped.

The real value of Stish in a way is the value of a comment X the number of commenters…

Stish used a unique formula that is still currently set at it’s max rewards payout for social interactions. Eventually over time just like Bitcoin’s halving Stish will lower overall platform rewards to stave off inflation. Stish has the ability due to it’s Hybrid nature of slowing or increase velocity due to it’s proprietary rewards system.

Stish is truly a green crypto currency and leads the way on many fronts to bring about efficiencies especially in distribution. If you have not joined Stish.io and got some Stish for commenting then you are really missing out on a wonderful opportunity to get involved with cryptocurrency. Never before has it been easier to get started using crypto and Stish.io has you covered. If you are completely confused don’t give up. Here is a getting started guide that might be able to help. Feel free to ask questions also. Make some friends and earn some Stish.


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The Famous Founder of Stish crypto and Stish.io. Eric has worked on many projects over the last few years but none as aggressively as Stish.io. He is one man on a mission to revolutionize social media by integrating crypto currency and allow users to retain the value they bring to the network. Stish crypto is now traded on https://www.saturn.network/
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