Stish Crypto White Paper

Examination Of Stish.io and Stish Crypto Solutions to Everyday Problems.

The Giant Social Media Platform Problems And Stish Solutions

There are multiple problems that currently exist with traditional social networking platforms. Let us examine these first to differentiate Stish’s social portal and platform from others.

Problems Traditional Networks Have Today.

Problem Number One Is Giant!

Social networks today have become censors of free speech by oppressing programmatically ideas that differ from their own ideas. Freedom of thought expression was revolutionary when these platforms first came onto the scene. Until then forums and chats were used but there was no cohesive chain of interworking communications.

Most all of the giant platforms today expressed a vision where ideas and free speech could be expressed openly without censorship so that the world could have a voice. People have used these platforms to overthrow world governments and dictate governing policy of the people because of this freedom. Through their evolution profits have reigned supreme and with the people being censored a central authority or central group now attempt to represent their user’s voices through lobbying and governmental policy changes that is often diametrically opposed to the actual voice of the people.

Essentially social media giants have become a representative of the people but the people are not freely of fairly represented. Your support of these out of control social platforms create the wealth that they use to control you more verses free you more. Their goals have clearly changed and are not in the best interest of most people that use their platforms.

Far too often these platforms often manipulate what and when users see content or if they see content at all which greatly inhibits the flow of personal expression. There has to be some basic rules that govern an online community, but these rules should be fair, clearly stated, and not used only when attempting to stop opposing views or ideas.

We all have heard about the massive scandals that every major social media platform. These guilty companies have often illegally sold or given your personal private data to companies to enrich a few at the top of their companies.

The giant social networking companies have one thing on their mind and it almost never aligns with the masses. Often their evil political and fanatical ideology is being funded by your content and private information.

The Stish Solution Is Clear.

Stish Helps Users Escape The Giants and Say What Is On Their Minds.

Designed for people not bots Stish.io gives people a real solution to the problems traditional social networking platforms face today. People can enjoy a competitive social media experience without excessive censorship.

Users can stop supporting tyrannical out of control social media platforms who do not align with their own personal values anymore and support a neutral alternative platform called Stish.io. Users can now Escape the Giants who are forever abusing your privacy and rights.

Stish.io runs off of creativity and crypto and the people have the power. User can flag content that is deemed inappropriate and our automated system handles bad actors.

Problem With Acquiring Cryptocurrency And Stish Solutions

The barrier of entry has been a huge hurdle for cryptocurrency adoption.

Mobile applications have helped lower this some and multiple function wallets have also but cryptocurrency is still often very difficult to purchase and often is expensive to purchase and use though it is proclaimed to be easy.

The industry specific jargon that is confusing to new people wanting to get involved with blockchain cryptocurrency is exhausting and unfamiliar. If a user can overcome many of the hurdles with computer software and networking and command line tools to get started they still may not be able to ever actually purchase cryptocurrency to fill their digital wallets due to strange country laws or lack of funds, or lack of places that will convert their fiat currency into their desired cryptocurrency of choice.

There is just simply a major barrier to entry for those wanting to get involved with cryptocurrency.

Stish Offers Spectacular Solutions Already

Many new tokens or ICO concepts never get further than raising funds. Stish.io has been basically all self funded and is a functional platform that is already experiencing growth and proving the concepts can and will work.

Stish.io has a genius work rewards distribution model that is second to none. While people are creating content and increasing the value of the platform they are also retaining their contribution to the community via Stish which they can hold unto or trade on exchanges currently paired Stish/ETH.

Users of Stish.io receive a functional ETH and Stish wallet right out of the gate. We developed an award winning rewards points style system that allows the platform to easily and seamlessly handle hundreds of thousands of micro value transactions. We then tokenized this rewards system making it a hybrid on chain off chain solution. It is an Epic solution to a complex problem of adding micro value to social media value interactions.

What does all of this mean in plain language? I’m glad you asked. Users can start using the Stish.io social portal whether curating content or creating original content and start earning instantly without having to create wallets, learn to program or setup networks or spend months learning all of the blockchain technical jargon. People can begin the instant they sign up actually. It is instant and on. There is no long wait or delays.

You can say what is on your mind and earn some cryptocurrency and learn all of the things you need to know over time while you are still contributing to the community and helping it grow which in turn should help grow the value of the Stish you are receiving.

Whether you know crypto currency pretty well or you are just now hearing about it for the first time Stish.io is the solution that many people need to help them get started using and trading crypto. And once they make their first send or they make their first trades they are hooked and will likely adopt more cryptocurrency positions over time.

People that maybe cannot actually buy crypto with a credit card or bank transfer because it is illegal or maybe are also restricted from mining crypto currency because it is illegal could still get in the game using Stish.io. If funds are limited now but you want to try and experience cryptocurrency Stish.io opens the door with minimal efforts to get started. New users automatically receive 5 Stish for signing up for a limited time. Users can refer their friends and family and receive Stish. Users can simply make comments on other’s posts and receive some Stish. People can write full featured articles and get Stish. They can find videos or content from around the web and share and also get Stish. People can make short posts like on twitter and get Stish. People can share photos like on instagram or videos like on vine and get Stish.

The great thing is that the earlier you get involved with Stish the more Stish you will receive for all of these actions. Over time the rewards for all actions decrease but this causes inflation which will simply increase the value overall. So you will receive less but less will be worth more essentially.

Stish doesn’t just open a door to break down the barrier to entry into crypto it opens the windows and blasts a hole in all of the walls.

Problems With Traditional MarketPlaces and Stish Solutions.

With crypto today the primary way it can be used is basically for a store of value or for trading. So people often buy crypto and hold onto it hoping that it rises in value or stays worth what is was when they bought it at least. It is a way to have a form of payment other than their country’s currency in the event it collapses. The other reason people buy crypto or digital currency today is for trading purposes. So people will trade one for another and between exchanges and try to make a profit. This is primarily done with the top 10 major market currencies.

One thing that was proclaimed about digital currency in general and has kind of gone by the wayside is online payments for goods and services. Instead of having to say enter your credit card info on hundreds of websites you could buy crypto from one and then spend that crypto across those websites without giving risking your credit card info. If you made one purchase of crypto you have a lot less risk spending the crypto at 10 different websites verses swiping the credit card at 10 different places. Crypto can still be used like this in places and this is how I use it primarily. Generally I buy crypto from Coinmama ,because they deposit it directly into a wallet address that I own and have full control over, and then use that crypto to make my purchases. I have drastically reduced my risk online this way.

Have more places that are similar to the Amazon’s or Ebay’s of the world that accept Crypto is a viable route for Stish.io also. We have our own Store and as Stish becomes more and more liquid we will allow purchases of our products with Stish Crypto and users will be able to almost instantly check out if they have Stish in their Stish Wallet. Almost one click purchasing.

We beta tested at the end of 2018 a storefront solution where users could connect with each other and sale goods and services using crypto as the medium of exchange in a P2P environment. We believe that we can be the first to have an end to end micro crypto economy.

Users can essential work on Stish.io and receive Crypto
They could sell their products or services and receive Stish Crypto
They could buy products and services with Stish Crypto.
Eventually they could maybe even trade Stish crypto for ETH using the Saturn.Network API.
In the future there could be access fees or monthly tax like fees as the platform grows to curb growth or reduce velocity.

Stish.io is an epic platform as it stands today but will be so much more in the near future. Where buyers and sellers can come together and easily manage their orders and have liquidity backed by workers creating high value content or curating high value content causing platform growth exponentially.

Stish Crypto Info You Need Right Now!

Stish Crypto Info You Need Right Now!

See The Contract On Etherscan at: https://etherscan.io/address/0xb472c71365ef9ed14226bb0aa4c9a3fa45ece510

The Contract Address: 0xb472C71365eF9ed14226bB0AA4C9a3Fa45EcE510

The Currency Name: Stish

The Currency Trading Symbol: Stish

The Currency Decimals: 4

The Total Currency Minting: 100,000,000

The Total For Sale During The First Round (possibly only round): 10,000,000

The Rate Of The Token Event Sale Will Be 1000 Stish Per 1 ETH Through The Contract.

The Total Raise SoftCap We Really Need To Hit At Minimum For Success is $100,000 USD equivalent.

The HardCap is 10,000 ETH.

The Total Allocated For Early Adopters Founders And Pre-ICO sales of Stish1.0: 10,000,000

The Total Allocated For Future Marketing, Dev Costs, Legal Fees, Misc Expenses and Retainage: 20,000,000

The Total Allocated For Rewards Pool Distribution: 60,000,000

Compatible Wallets

The following wallets should be compatible with Stish:

MyEtherWallet (no download needed)
MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon)
Mist (Desktop)
Coinomi (Android)
Trust Wallet (Best for trading using mobile. (SEE HOW NOW. )
Saturn Wallet ( Best For Trading On Saturn.Network and Sending Tokens Fast)

Stish Wallets

Overview Of Stish

There is no doubt that sites revolving around crypto have a learning curve. Stish.io seeks to help make it easier for new people to get involved with digital currencies. Together we are building a crypto economy that rewards both micro bloggers and traditional article bloggers. The equitable rewards system is the most fair system for social media rewards.

The Stish Credits can be sent within the platform fee free. Better than this, once you collect enough Stish Credits you can trade them for Stish Crypto. Stish is the trading symbol for your ERC-223 cryptocurrency Stish. Stish can be traded on exchanges for other crypto currencies and can then be exchanged for your regular currency using the proper channels for your country of origin. The most popular exchange is https://Saturn.Network. Ultimately we want to see people relax and enjoy life. We developed an equitable rewards system called Stish Credits to help make this happen and have tokenized these credits with Stish Crypto.

Ever wanted to earn rewards for making friends or writing comments? The Social Portal (micro-blogging platform) allows members to share photos, audio,videos, and short content with their friends in a very similar approach to larger multi billion dollar social media companies.

Stish.io is the best of several social networking websites combined but with a HUGE TWIST! Users retain the value that they bring to the community by receiving Stish Credits which our much like loyalty points. Stish credits are equitably distributed automatically from the rewards pool and are tokenized via Stish Crypto.

If “user A” creates a comment and receives 1 Stish Credit then “user B” can create a comment and receive 1 Stish Credit also without regard to how many Stish credits either possess. Stish Credits Can Easily Be Exchanged For The Cryptocurrency Stish And Then Traded On Exchanges or Held For A Later Date or Offering! 

There is no other token in existence like Stish.

Epic describes Stish perfectly as it solves problems that some of the greatest minds in crypto were unable to solve. Stish conquers tokenization of an equitable rewards system for social media content creation. That is a mouth full! Why are you making those giant corporations rich again? Build your own mini token economy right here, all you have to do is Stishit.

We are working on building real micro crypto economies online through various portals and projects. Stish.io is our flagship with an amazing working platform. The major challenge we see with cryptocurrency adoption is that normal non-developer people have a huge learning curve. Non-miners that want to participate using crypto and trading must find reliable sources to buy crypto such as ETH on websites like CoinMama.com

Many people are scared of cryptocurrency and associate it with bad things. Many people do not trust it because it is too hard to get started using it,  it is difficult to understand the jargon such as private keys and wallets etc. Most people want an easy system to use that isn’t overly complicated. People want an equitable system.

Stish.io dissolves much of those fears and complications through automated Social Wallet creation for all members of the platform and an easy fun social media system that allows users to play around with crypto.

Members receive Stish crypto for doing average daily tasks like commenting and writing posts and making friends. Members retain most of the value that they create which gives users the power not a giant tech platform.

Members can easily load their wallets using Changelly or CoinMama or similar service if they choose. Starting this way without major investment of actual government issued currency should greatly reduce the barrier to entry. People can get a feel of how wonderful cryptocurrencies are and hopefully continue growing the micro crypto economy that helped them get started.

What Is Stish And How Was It Built?

Stish crypto is an ERC223 Token Built on the Ethereum blockchain and can be sent to Ethereum wallets that a user has generated and owns the private key. Stish will also soon be available to be sent to wallets the platform provides all users that join Stishit and will be able to be send between members easily. We look forward to one day allowing automatic conversions from Stish Credits to Stish Crypto or Simply doing away with Stish Credits and Directly Replacing with Stish Crypto for more instant rewards!

We will additionally seek at least one major exchange and attempt to increase trading volumes to over 100,000 daily trading volumes to be listed on Coinmarketcap. We will need to acquire a market maker for this and encourage trading among crypto currency speculators and trading enthusiasts. We can do this through a marketing campaign, contests, air drops,bonus campaigns, etc. We have set aside reserves for this purpose specifically as many will accept Stish as payment for their services.

We look to add a full time legal panel. If we raise the max amount we will look at hiring a few full time developers for future projects on the road map for a speedier production. We look to add more hardened security and increase total member capacity by increasing server sizes and paying for content delivery networks and remote storage capacities to expand globally when the time is right.

There is ongoing development but much of the framework is already established for many of the future projects. Some concepts will still need to be developed or coded from scratch such as the scalability concern we have of exchanging Stish Credits into Stish Crypto automatically. Our temporary scaling solution will be to auto remove Stish credits from a users account once per period and generate a list of ethereum wallet addresses along with a value amount to plugin to our mass Stish send tool which is yet to be developed. We have a detailed plan and some coding started on this but the wallets need to come first.

Stish empowers people around the world by breaking down the barrier to entry into crypto. People can earn while they learn, as the equitable Stish Credits are fair and do not require crazy computer geek skills to get started. Though being computer savvy comes in handy. If you can use websites such as facebook, instagram, youtube, or twitter you will find Stishit such an easy transition.

Many people have stopped using their old tired and wore out platforms that are super greedy and keep all of the rewards for your efforts to themselves.

Stish.io changes the way people write articles, make comments, share on multiple networks, make friends and even earn rewards from a token economy that they are helping build everytime they like, comment and contribute high quality content.

At the end of the day it takes real people doing really great things to build an online cryptocurrency community. Stish.io is making it super easy for new people to get involved with crypto often for the first time.

How Does Stish Have Value?

Much like other digital alt currencies Stish is built on an immutable blockchain. It is actually built using the ERC-223 Protocol And Built on The Ethereum BlockChain which is a distributed blockchain. We know that there are a few things that affect the value of any crypto-currency.  One thing for sure is that the value is subjective. I personally would not buy a digital bitcoin that has zero tangible value or emotional value for anywhere near the price it is at now. However, there are others that find value in it. Each person will find value in a cryptocurrency differently.

Some things that affect value like supply and demand for instance we can control somewhat. We capped the amount of Stish Crypto Tokens that were created to 100,000,000. After The First Year Of Distribution The Supply Will Continue To Become Less And Less Over Time While Demand Is Increasing.

There is a store of value component to every cryptocurrency at some level. Stish traded under the symbol Stish, is no different. We have a long term vision and would love to see everyone prosper if possible but the future can have no guarantees and we can’t promise anything other than we will do what we say we are going to do. We have already started and have a lot of skin in the game. We started development ahead of our token event so that people could see what we were working on not just conceptualize the whole project and ask for millions. Stish.io and Stish have a real value proposition that once looked into we feel you will agree warrants your participation.

There will only be 10 million Stish Crypto Tokens Available During The Stish Token Event.
With the ridiculous early bird/angel participant discounts everyone should want to fuel growth and development. The Smart Contract For Stish2.0 Offers 10 million Stish Crypto Tokens at a rate of 1000 Stish per 1 Eth. People who see the big picture and want to take Stishit to the next level can purchase Stish crypto several ways.

With The Stish Token Event Being The Most Popular Approach. Some people will wish to buy with meta mask directly from the website while other will simply send their ETh to the contract address. Still others might want to purchase Stish via fiat currency via credit or debit cards.

Stish Is Built Around A Social Network. This Alone Adds Value Especially When The Network Helps Users Earn Rewards. We have set-up a fair system for the initial raise and the distribution of rewards tokens through the stishit platform for rapid distribution over the next several years.

The Formula Is Similar To The Quantity Theory of Money which has the formula MV=PQ. In Crypto Currency it is Safe to exchange the M for the Total Circulation of the Crypto Currency. So we could replace M with C for crypto and the formula would be CV=PQ. Stishit is the first to define these terms in this way and we hope that it is beneficial not only for our users but also for other currencies in the future.

Beginning in 2019 Stish.io will allow revenue sharing. Each member creates value when they create high quality content. When they support advertisers and refer new people to the platform. In 2019 Revenue generated from advertising will be used to cover operation costs, a small amount of profit, and any excess will be used to help provide liquidity on the exchange. In this way all users have real value that they can hold onto or sell at anytime.

This is not a stock or ownership option but rather users holding the value that they already possess. This structure or relationship restores all of the power back to the people that make the platform so great!

Stish not only has the power to change the world it is already starting to do so.

Where Can I Trade Stish?

There should be trading opportunities of Stish as people from around the world value their time and efforts differently. Traders should be able to find varying levels of buy and sell orders that will meet their risk tolerances. We feel that the greater the distribution is to as many people globally as possible the more opportunity everyone will have from a trading perspective.  If you are interested in becoming involved with trading and helping grow that portion of the community we would love to speak with you. Please message us so we can gain some more insight into the trading areas of the currency.

Exchange:  Saturn Network

How Will Stish Make An Impact?

Quality writers and content creators will have an excellent way to monetize their contributions to their own micro economy in the Stish.io community.  The impact on people worldwide is huge. Many people that have access in undeveloped parts of the world can earn more from writing articles than carrying guns for their military. Stish in this respect helps resolve world conflicts, starvation and education concerns of many underdeveloped nations.

But what about developed nations? That is the great thing about Stish.io. It is equitable with it’s rewards system. The system is very fair and focused around the quality of the contributions to society not just the spammy scammy stuff you might have seen on other platforms. Other platforms are not built the the technology that Stishit has.

Stish isn’t going to be the police on quality content or remove any content because someone disagrees. However, due to the intelligent hybrid build Stish.io can remove spam postings, plagiarized posts, duplicate posts, posts that are illegal or contain illegal content.

Stish.io allows the community to police itself but can intervene if necessary to remove content what needs to be removed and penalize those creating it by loss of rewards. Additionally Stish.io could ban accounts or simply refuse to exchange Stish Credits for Stish Crypto if they were stolen from the rewards pool.

Stish.io has been almost all self funded to this point which helps minimize risks. We have successfully beta tested for about 12 months and debugged the entire system. Stish.io are set for full scalability and can be managed by a small team of developers in the future.  Some of the code we use is open source code but much of it is proprietary for security reasons.

We are working on developing some Dapps to help automate and interact even more with our platform. Who knows maybe one day we will have raised enough funding to directly distribute Stish2.0 with a new and improved rewards model.

One thing we love about Stish Credits is that we can make adjustments as needed and take the data we are learning from this and apply it to a final smart contract one day. Your support of this project is appreciated as we attempt to build an economy much like a small town’s economy but with Stish at the heart of a wonderful community!

Micro Crypto Economies Will Be The Way Of The Future As People Become More Educated And Online Economies Emerge and Form The Backbone Of Civilized Nations. Stish.io is a pioneer and ahead of the times.

During our Beta Testing Phase we have learned alot and have decided to focus on our core business model which is rewards distribution when People Exert Effort. Our “Pee Theory” states that, If a person exerts effort to receive the rewards whether it be points, credits, discounts or cash they tend to value the rewards more highly than when they are simply given rewards for no or little effort.

We developed an internal off chain points system that allows users to be rewarded for doing different tasks on the platform. The rewards are a fixed amount for all users and not based on staking. This equitable rewards system could be thought of as a minimum reward for efforts. People who perhaps have greater skill in content creation or social skills could potentially earn greater rewards through community interactions such as viewing, commenting, likes etc.

No Matter How You Slice The Pie Stish Will Make An Impact!

Token Event Info

We are looking to raise $125,000 USD to help increase brand awareness including platform adoption and also continue research and development related tasks including daily operations.

We would also like to pay some of the people who have volunteered and worked countless hours for free to get the project moving in the right direction. We would like to open source for the UI/UX and Blockchain development for the final version of the platform. A full development team will be needed.

We will need to hire legal counsel and incorporate in a different jurisdiction and handle some legal paperwork.

We will need to hire an accounting firm that is familiar with crypto currencies to help with tax issues.

Market Liquidity strategies are needed to help trading in the early days. We have proposed users retain ad revenue value through the platform purchasing Stish from exchanges and adding the Stish back to the rewards pool.

10% Of All Eth Raised Will Be Distributed To Referrers and Founders. We want to reward those that have helped us get to this point so far. Many of these people will continue on our journey and continue to champion the brand and use the funds to assist with liquidity in the market place also.

The remainder will be used for development, marketing and business operations.

The Total  Stish Allocated For Future Marketing, Dev Costs, Legal Fees, Misc Expenses and Retainage: 20,000,000

The Total Stish Allocated For Rewards Pool Distribution: 60,000,000

10,000,000 Stish will be awarded to the founder for development investment and intellectual property concepts and ideas and risk. Out of the 10,000,000 Stish the founder has generously decided to give 1 Million Stish away via the air drop!


Users who wish to help us reach our goals can send ETH directly to the Stish Contract address:
0xb472C71365eF9ed14226bB0AA4C9a3Fa45EcE510 to receive Stish at a rate of 1000 Stish per ETH. You can see the verified contract on Etherscan here.

You can also support the project when you buy Stish Gear. When you buy Stish gear you get some awesome gear and help spread the word about Stish plus you get some free Stish Credits!

**This Is Not An Investment. This Is Not A Financial Instrument or Security or Bond. This is not an offer or promise of any financial gain or incentive. Stish Credits Are An Internal Rewards Points System Which Have No Cash Value. Stish Credits Can Be Converted Into Stish Crypto Which Is A Tradeable Token Built on The Ethereum Blockchain.

Author: binkley
The Famous Founder of Stish crypto and Stish.io. Eric has worked on many projects over the last few years but none as aggressively as Stish.io. He is one man on a mission to revolutionize social media by integrating crypto currency and allow users to retain the value they bring to the network. Stish crypto is now traded on https://www.saturn.network/

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