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Stish Is Going To Grow Fast.

There is no doubt that the Stish social portal is one of the best alternatives online to the mega tech platforms. Stish is going to grow fast as members start sharing their referral links and content across platforms. Stish hashtags and unique perspectives will dominate the social media space. Many people think that Tic Tok blew up but they have not seen anything like Stish and the grass roots ground game. Some old timers might call it gorilla marketing even. 

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Nobody Said It Was Easy.

We have never said amassing loads of friends and followers was going to be a snap. On the contrary, doing so requires you to craft a captivating profile, follow others and engage with followers, and constantly add content to the portal that is actually worthwhile. Trust us when we recommend adding sincere comments to content you like as being the fastest way to grow your base. Hateful, rude content will likely not propel you into any winners circle on Everything in life that you have to fight for is generally worth the effort. 

Sure some will say that is small and they might even say it will not grow. We heard that at 10 users and 50 users and 100 users and 250 users and 500 users. We have seen people come and go and many stay and grow. Stish will be larger than medium because it offers more of what the people want. You better be a part of it versus just watching and seeing. 

Being popular on Stish can help you market your business or publicize your online presence. The most well connected users on Twitter have over 100.000 followers and one day you will have as many real users on Most users on other platform are already famous or well funded. With stish everyone’s voice can be heard and a multitude of people shall gather. 

You can climb your way to the top too!

Some well-chosen, witty blogging topics and aggressive self-promotion will get you very far. Comments that add some real value to another members blog post or micro post can be a game changer not just today but down the road. You might have heard the saying,” Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Maybe not but they sure started working on it today. 

You can’t put off success until tomorrow! You must start here and now and lay the foundation to build upon. You are a winner if you start now but will lose if you wait until tomorrow. Because yesterday is already gone and tomorrow might never come if you don’t start today. Your legacy begins here and now. 

The founder of in remembrance of his father’s words.

The above quote is so true.

There is no better time than the present to declare yourself a victor of tomorrow. Hold your head high and push forward. Be the best you that you can be and never look back. Failure doesn’t exist in your life or your world because you refuse to let it coexist. Be passionate about your cause and craft. Share those special moments and build those memories. You will not know until you try and no one can argue with that. 

Friends Of Stish

The Top 10 Tips To Dominate On

Stish Like A SuperStar!

Sure you might just be starting out on Yes, you might be completely lost and have a ton of learning to do but you will get most of it over time. Don’t be afraid to evaluate yourself and determine your strengths. The great thing about Stish is that it was built for almost everyone to be able to find their niche. 

Some people do research on topics they are passionate about and gather data and sources and images and videos and create full featured blog posts. They might spend literally day digging everything up and reading about topids and creating links and drafts and finally create a valuable work of art. Not everyone is a full blog post article writer. If you have trouble writing more than a few sentences or don’t have the time to invest into full blogging don’t worry. Put full blogging on the back burner. If you are already great at it and love blogging then Stish is perfect for your content. 

The micro blogging short posts are where many people find their most Success. The Social portal was developed to provide this type of user a wonderful experience while integrating various tools and resources of social networking. Short post might be less than 500 words. Generally there will be little need for Headlines and html syntax, though basic markdown is allowed in the social portal. You can quickly build a stream of short content that will allow other users to see your flavor of Stish. 

With either of the above methods of content creating you have to choose your topics well. You must be interesting and transparent and intellectually honest. Generally speaking most will want to write about a handful of tags or hashtags. Keep your content consistent and on a few subjects to give users a feel for what to expect from you. 

Good Bloggers and Micro Bloggers Network

How do you network online is a little different than in the real world. For instance online you can comment on other people’s content and strike up a conversation. You could repost another users content. You could join some groups and make some connections that way or even start your own if no other group has been created like the one you wish to start. One way for sure it to give back. You could write a post about how awesome another users post was and share a link to it. This will often get some attention. You can direct message people. Don’t spam but politely ask for tips or suggestions of other people whom you believe to be successful. People will often share some tips. 

Don’t be too good for people

We all have been there. We find success in life and we get busy and we fail to respond to someone message or comment or email. Sometimes it is because we might have gotten a chip on our shoulder and we need to knock that off and always try to make time for others. Sometimes you just get busy but we should all attempt to not think too highly of ourselves. Take the time to answer people back and welcome people to the community. It is well worth the effort.

A picture is worth 1000 Words.

This saying is so cliche but so true. Your profile and about you section is so important. People will often check this out before checking out photos or videos or blog posts or stream posts etc. You might have won their hearts with a great post and photo but then when They seen the ? mark head for your profile pic and no Banner they did not follow you or like your content or send a friend request. We are online and the world is full of creepos but some information is needed for humans to want to interact with you. 

Follow And Friend Like A Spammer!

We might regret writing this but the truth is that you need to make some friends and follow some people to start seeing any real feedback which is the encouragement food you need more than rewards to continue to create content. Social validation and the social contagion is real. We all want to feel validation of our thoughts and ideas and our shared content. Sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t. We definitely will not if we do not go out into the Stish world and search through members and the community stream and blog categories for posts we are interested in and like, comment, follow and friend. 

Let me repeat that one more time and make it bold this time… LIKE, COMMENT, FOLLOW and FRIEND. 

Those are the key ingredients so that you get the good happy feeling you need and it all starts by giving that feeling to someone else. It is like smiling at each other. You can meet a stranger and share a smile and a quick glance and often if just one of you would speak an interesting conversation. Far too often we fail to speak in the real world and online. Online it is again, Like, Comment, Follow And Friend. Of course only if you are interesting in their content and personality etc. 

Don’t go overboard. Maybe 50 per day or so to help you get started. Get maybe 100 or 250 follower and friends. Too many and it is hard to manage and stay connected. Not enough and you wonder who you are creating content for. Sometimes you just explode in popularity and dominate the space. Stish is small still and in its infancy. You can be the expert in your area before other show up. They will show up eventually as Stish will be large. 

Keep Them Coming Back For More

If you create content that you are passionate about you will find it easy to stay kind of on topic or in your realm. If you have zero plan going in you might find that sporadic, chaotic drastic content changes will turn people off. So one day you might have 250 followers and you generally maybe post about tech stuff or crypto stuff and then one day you get on a rant and go all political. Guess what? You might have just shot your own foot off. You can say and do what you want but the people might show consequences for doing so. Stay consistent in a realm and you can do well. It is ok to go out sometimes just try to come back to your core reasons people like you to begin with. 

Ask Question Conduct A Poll

This might seem obvious but people love sharing their knowledge with others and showing off how smart they are. I do it all of the time. In fact I am doing it right now. So ask some questions and let people give you some answers. Be sure to take time to thank people that respond and even ask follow up questions for clarity. You can’t lose when you get others talking about themselves or their knowledge.

Stish Often But Not Crazy Bot Often

Stish is a platform that you really need to try and login to everyday to be successful. The most successful users logged in 4x a day to be exact and posted as many as 8 times per day in the micro blog with an average of 6 comments per login and 2 blog posts per week. Yeah that is a lot of work kind of but isn’t worth it. Now is the time where you can really position yourself as the expert in your field of content. You have limited competition on the Stish platform and can really garner a great reputation. Plus rewards are high for early adopters and start to lower a little over time as the platform grows. 

Funny or Motivational Always Work Try It

It is ok to be funny and encouraging. Most people appreciate that and will be reciprocal which can motivate you towards more success. That is the neat thing about social media. You really kind of get what you put out. Telling jokes and sharing memes is perfectly acceptable. Sharing motivation quotes and encouraging others is powerful.

Invite People From Other Networks

Even when we get hundreds of thousands of users many will find it easiest to gain an initial following and friendship from people they already know on other platforms. It just makes sense that you would want to ask some twitter follower or facebook friends to be a part of your awesome Journey on Many people leave those platforms everyday in search of something more innovative and more user friendly. 


If you are on then you likely share some of the same passions our founders do. You likely love cryptocurrency or want to know more about it. You likely are passionate about blogging or micro blogging and are looking for a unique experience that is different and often better than the larger tech platforms. You are likely deep down looking for a place where you belong and a social network you can call home for a long time. Participate in the community. After all it is you, each of you that make the place worth working on everyday. Each of you add value so participate and make your own value grow!

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