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Stish Launches Referral System For 2019 Growth Plan launched the 2019 website design which focuses on a more pointed user experience and easier navigation. With the cleaner leaner launch the much desired Stish Referral Program launches before the end of 2018. During 2018 many affiliate type systems were beta tested to many users delight and disgust. Each one had their own unique advantages but ultimately the direct link Stish Credit style won. The challenge to come was developing an easy way for users to grab the links they need without an overly burdening management system.

The above video shows how easy it is to grab your referral link for any page you wish to link to. Each user receives Stish Credits when users visit the website after using their link and also when users sign up using their link. Unlike the other system the new Referral system is working excellently with limits on IP address clicks per link to avoid scams. 

How to get your Referral link?

Getting your referral link is super simple. Once you are logged in to the website all you have to do is visit the page you want to link to. Then click the Hamburger Navigation in the top Left corner. (the three lines). Then scroll to the bottom and your Referral link awaits! Copy and paste it just do not spam!

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