Stish Lives On

Stish Lives On

Well, I didn’t know what I would find today when I returned to I haven’t been here in a couple of months ever since I got the word from Eric that he was going to shut it down. Well, I am surprised the website is still here although I get the feeling of being in a ghost town of sorts. It is quiet and not many new blogs. The platform has been pared down to a few blogs and the ability to write blogs still exists. 

You will find this short message on the front page “Out with the old website and in with a new simple where users receive Stish credits that they can convert to Stish Crypto fast by simply logging on and viewing content and making comments. Hodl and Trade Stish and build an epic community. We are going to start over with higher rewards for doing less work! Support the platform when you buy and trade Stish crypto. Trade Stish crypto on https://Saturn.Network “

I also noticed that there are more ads than usual and you can still buy Stish merchandise. 

I do not think we failed and I think Stish will return even better than before. So before you sell your Stish you might want to HODL it and think about buying more and earning more by creating blogs and commenting on others blogs. #Stradog


Author: fhstralow

I am an USAF Veteran of 12 years, 15 year Construction Superintendent, Libertarian, Activist, I help Admin several Facebook pages, Citizens Action Network is a growing network, We The People-United, Texas Revolution and Freedom 2020 are just a few. I have two grown daughters and 2 dogs. The daughters live in Louisiana. Find me on Facebook and Twitter @fhstralow

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