Stish Credits

Stish Credits are similar to and can be thought of as loyalty rewards points. The big difference is that Stish Credits are tokenized. Users can be awarded Stish credits by doing different tasks defined In How To Earn Stish Credits. As you collect Stish Credits you can use them to buy Stish Crypto in the Stish Store. This is a familiar way that people are used to and it makes the process of converting your Stish Credits into Stish Crypto SUPER EASY! When You Buy Stish Crypto With Your Stish Credits this way your New Stish Crypto automatically goes into your Stish Wallet! Now your Stish Crypto is eternal on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Never Share Your Stish Wallet Private Key With Anyone But Do Make A Copy Of It And Store It and Your Wallet Address In A Safe Place. You can use your Wallet Address and Your Private Key To Access Your Stish or ETH from anywhere by importing your Wallet. You will need to do this to trade Stish crypto on Decentralized Exchanges when you get ready. 

The best thing about Crypto is that you are in charge of your wallet address and private key. The bad thing about Crypto is there is no Reset password button. If you have Stish or ETH in your Stish Wallet and lose your Private key you have lost your funds unless you can access and get a copy again. We do not have access to this and cannot help you recover private keys or lost accounts. Be Responsible and Smart. will never message you asking for your private keys either. 

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