MasterStishit Will Be Rebranding And Streamlining. perhaps had an identity crises. Wanting to do more and be more than perhaps it should be and could be. We have a solid plan to help people grow and be a part of a crypto currency revolution. is a great website and the concept is new and different. The challenge really has been in conveying what we do and how people can get involved.

As we look to the past we can see several mistakes that we made. During beta testing we tried many different things and gathered a ton of data not on members but on our policies and how they impacted the use of the website. We tested so much stuff that it is un real how much we have learned. One thing is clear from almost all people who used the website. When we spoke to people there were always the same questions that would pop up in conversation. When we met with financial investors and people who were interested in getting involved in our project almost all would ask why are you tying yourself to Steemit? Don’t you do something similar but better? This came upĀ  more times than I would like to remember. Having to explain steemit is complicated where explaining was easy.

We reached out to some industry professionals and have been given some serious critical feedback. Most all of the mistakes admittedly were decisions that I made and often without the proper planning that was truly needed. When we first decided to build the website it was just going to be an information website that talked about our bots on Steemit and how people could use them. We could also handle customer service issues off chain so at to not bloat the chain with unnecessary comments etc. We had great intentions.

Over time we discovered that not all people on the platform had the same intentions we had. We encountered aggressive bullying, people who would essentially do and try anything to take advantage of the Steemit systems. Over time without any serious corrections to the system we have lost confidence in the economy they attempted to create. For that reason we will be making some changes to our platform with regards to Steemit and our branding etc. One reason that has helped us know we are doing the right thing is the new TOS from Steemit and the rampant abuse from such a small portion of the active total users. It appears that once all of the good folks are gone all that is left is the bottom of the barrel folks. I know many people will hang on until the end as they have put their life savings into the platform and I wish them well. Perhaps if enough people stay they can turn things around. I’m not confident they know how to do so or can at this point. will rebrand the website around the cryptocurrency Stish. We developed Stish on the Ethereum blockchain as Steemit still hasn’t released the ability to build and create currency on its chain called SMT’s though they had a date of Early 2018. With virtually no updates from them even though they own a blogging platform we found it careless to not update members and users with feature requests news and updates news. As we rebrand the website to cut ties with Steem and Steemit please be aware that some information you come across over the next few days or weeks may not reflect the future direction of the platform. We are working around the clock to update the pages and posts and will unveil all of the new easy to follow details in the coming weeks. We have an amazing platform that can now standalone on it’s on two feet and grow the community you thought you were a part of on other platforms.

Have you ever regretted not jumping on the Bitcoin elevator when it was still on the ground floor? What if you could create your own Bitcoin? Well, you can’t, but you can be a part of something similar and get in on the ground floor. Introducing STISH! A free cryptocurrency earned on the Stishit platform. Many people are now getting involved with cryptocurrency for the first time, through the Stishit (SteemThat) social media platform where members earn rewards that easily convert to the digital cryptocurrency STISH. Stishit makes learning about cryptocurrencies easy. You can keep your STISH or trade it for any cryptocurrency you like, even Bitcoin.

Do you love facebook but hate that you are doing all the work and they get all the profits? Is Twitter your go to app but you feel like it is missing something? Are you posting on instagram and building a massive following but think to yourself, “Wow, I take all of the pictures and do all of the work and these guys get all of the money!” If you think that it just doesn’t seem fair, you are not alone. Ever thought that perhaps maybe they could all share the wealth with their content creators that make their platforms great! Don’t count on it.

On Stishit, members essentially do the same things as they would on any other social media platform and they are rewarded with a digital token that can be exchanged or traded for the cryptocurrency of their choice. Thousands of people have already joined our new and innovative community and are already earning!


The way we see it, Social media shouldn’t take up all your time without some reward. Earn it, Buy It, Trade It. Live the Stishit social way where people chill and enjoy life. STISH is Cryptocurrency made easy by Stishit. Get your STISH today!

Author: binkley
The Famous Founder of Stish crypto and Eric has worked on many projects over the last few years but none as aggressively as He is one man on a mission to revolutionize social media by integrating crypto currency and allow users to retain the value they bring to the network. Stish crypto is now traded on

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