Stish It Launches Markdown and Hashtags

Stishit Launches Markdown And Hashtags In The Community Social Portal

For many this is not a shock as we have talked about doing this for some time. The decision to start unveiling some of our most sought after features prior to the token event hopefully will inspire many to support the platform.

Stishit hashtags are very cool as users can use them in the Community Social Portal Feed and this will allow other members to easily search and discover content much easier. Most of our users are aware of what a #hashtag is and how to use them but for those that do not we create a short video that shows the most common uses. Hashtags can be used in comments and posts in the community social portal, your stream feed, or in groups.

Markdown is second nature for people that use Steemit so we decided to add a simple flavored version to the Social Portal on Stishit. It will allow for the basic common markdown such as bold, italics, and strikethrough. Some others one available also. See The Post With Usage Now.

Please give it a try and if you find something cool that you want to share leave in the comments below.

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Great improvements day by day!

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