Stish IT Offers Both Full Blogging And Micro Blogging With Rewards

With Many Rewards Based Content Creation Websites Today They Are Designed With Only One Concept In Mind. Is Different And Offers So Much More.

Many might be familiar with websites like Facebook that do not reward members for creating content. In fact Facebook recently has made the news for selling their users information to third party companies or data mining their members information to increase advertising revenue. We love Facebook but realize that it isn’t the best solution for everyone.

Facebook admits it has some work to do to fix their problems. Ultimately when members use Facebook they create content and Facebook monetizes that content to make billions of dollars every year. So why doesn’t the giant corporation reward its members like does?

creozavr / Pixabay allows members to micro blog much like on Facebook or Twitter.  Members can add their daily information they want to share with their friends online. Members can add short posts of content up to 2000 words. Members can add photos or Giphy images for added effect. Members can join groups and connect with others who are like minded. All of this content creation actually earns members Rewards that they can at some point when they accumulate enough, exchange for Stish the blockchain cryptocurrency.

So why do other social media companies not share the wealth created by their members content creation?

The answer to this is rather complex. Some websites are simply to big to start offering this. It works well for starting a social network as it benefits the crytpocurrency community to have a place where everyone can join and interact with the crypto.

It also benefits the early adopters of the platform with earning some of the crypto currency they will promote later on as they possess more and more and one day want to sale or trade it. The members who hold the currency all have an interest in promoting the brand of the cryptocurrency which helps reduce marketing costs over time. built a unique on chain off chain approach by understanding a few concepts that many people overlook. views their rewards platform as a way to do 2 things. One is to distribute the currency Stish. The other is to grow the community around the currency Stish. Learn more about Stish at .

Sharing the actual dollars earned from their social media platforms would be hard to do as some contribute far greater amounts of value to the platform than others. SteemThat developed a method to control this dilemma using an equitable system for rewards that is highly motivated by community interactions.

As members create contact and interact with others they are rewarded an equitable amount for those efforts. This is not based on their holding of tokens. The system is not using top down capitalist mechanisms. The system doesn’t apply the formula like the world banks do where the wealthy get wealthier and the poor get poorer. Stish IT uses a proprietary set of algorithms that work to equitably distribute rewards tokens based off of equal values or needs of the platform with precision.

Myriams-Fotos / Pixabay

In our testing we have been able to witness exactly how our theories and algorithms work to encourage different content type creations. We can see how setting an increased reward on referrals directly impacts the number of new subscribers and what that happy spot of rewards verses growth is. We have also seen how some people might try to manipulate the rewards earnings and have been able to mitigate this early on. When we need more social interaction we can simply increase the rewards and watch the numbers go up. When we need more content articles created to drive traffic and ad revenues we simply turn up the rewards. During our beta testing we have uncovered some very important metrics that will help us be stronger in the future as we move toward mass adoption of the concept.

StishIT Offers More Than Just Blogging Rewards!

The genius behind the platform is that for many writing full high quality blog posts might not be there thing. We have a great solution for creating blogging articles and earning rewards from these. Especially crypto currency related articles that help members grow. We encourage education articles as people are craving solid knowledge about complex subjects around crypto.

Members who are more of the short content sharing of one liners or thoughts or images have a platform too. is the first to create a rewards based social media platform similar to Twitter to Facebook. You can share photos, qoutes, thoughts, short posts, etc and earn Rewards! We perhaps have not talked enough about how creative and different this is. How valuable it is to be able to have a Facebook style social portal that rewards members for making friends, and comments. Creating simple posts in the Social portal can earn you rewards greater than ever before.

No matter whether you are a long format blog writer or a short and sweet photo sharer has you covered.

For Long Blog Posts Use The Publish Link At The Top Of Each Page.

For Short Posts Like On Twitter Or Facebook Up To 2000 Words Or For Photo Sharing Etc Use The Social Portal

Earn Rewards From Either And Be Happy. Life Is Great!

Join Now And Become A SteemThatian On A Quest For Stish!




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