Stishit Set To Dominate Social Rewards Crypto Space In Months Ahead

Best Token Ever Stish

Stishit Looks Ahead To A Bright Future Where Social Media Rewards Platforms Are Built Around Quality People Passionate About Building Micro Crypto Economies.

Best Token Ever Stish

Stish is an excellent cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain. It has some real fuel that will push it into a whole new world soon and likely dominate the social media rewards space. Sure there is competition and everyone shilling their own tokens but Stishit doesn’t just let you use their token Stish exclusively. Stishit is a real blogging platform and a real micro blogging platform all wrapped into one. With similarities with the big “Fbook” and “Tbird” but built with a goal of non censorship of political viewpoints or religious ideas or other things the established multinational corporate elite social media companies decide offends them today.

The Stishit social portal is unique as it allows users to create and share content on Stishit but also share content from other platforms as well such as YouTube or Instagram. Many members re-publish existing high quality content to monetize their hard works. Sure you can make friends and get followers on other social media platforms but do you earn any real rewards for all of your  hard work? Article writers can easily create content with a visual html editor or they can use markdown. Articles are automatically wrapped up and shared with the social portal and comments, likes are all integrated for a smooth transition. Instead of bouncing between 10 different websites to get all of the tools you need to be involved with the platform Stishit is bringing everything great into one epic platform!

Once you start publishing articles or short posts in the social portal you will see the notifications and can check your Rewards easily from the transaction ledger or see the Stish Credits in your profile area. All rewards are straightforward and published clearly. There is limited confusion but if you ever have questions you can ask in the social portal or search for the hashtag. If that doesn’t find what you need there is a big search bar for the whole website which is massieve in the top right area of the website. Generally someone can help just ask around. There are several groups where people hangout and Stish all day long. (By Stish I Mean Relax).

Groups, where people of like minds can have a fairly safe space to discuss topics that concern them is pretty nice. There are also some really awesome features found around the website that can help you really feel like a part of the community. One is at the top of the website. Just below the Rewards graphic are links to all of the posts in the categories they were created for. This discovery zone can help you find the content you are looking for. If you do not see the type of content you are looking for and have writing skills you can write and article and share with the community automatically. It doesn’t hurt to promote your masterpiece on other platforms just to help give it some more traction. Unlike some platforms that restrict rewards to 7 days Stishit allows rewards to continue for 90 days currently!

Another excellent feature that no other Social Media rewards platform has is tipping. The platform rewards content creators automatically when other users engage with their content so why offer tipping? That is a great question. Sometimes people might have more of one currency than another. Generally speaking most people will possess one of the top 5 cryptos Bitcoin, Ether, Ether Classic, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash. If someone wanted to tip you with one of these that they already had but then had to pay exchange fees or make a sell order and then buy the currency that you can accept you are likely not going to get a bonus even though they really wanted to give you one. It is just too much work. The Stishit team decided to integrate Social Wallets.

Find Yourself Buying Stish

These social wallets are auto created light wallets for all members of Stishit. It allows members to deposit small amounts of currency into their wallet addresses easily and securely. Members can then click the tip button at the conclusion of a blog article or use the send tool and easily send crypto by username from within the Stishit platform! Social wallets naturally interact with the crypto faucet and also interact with the Stish Store, and the exchange in addition to ShapeShift. We know that breaking down the barriers to cryptocurrency use is top priority. Mass adoption is only possible if things are as easy to use as any other social platform. We get that the tools and features that people want and need must coexist with cryptocurrencies in order for people to use them! People love to be rewarded for their energy and time. With Stish crypto people can have what they love!

Stish crypto is set to integrate the Stish cryptocurrency into the platform just like Bitcoin, Ethereum and the others are now. Members win by having more opportunities to be rewarded for their hard work. Many followers and fans who maybe used patreon or paypal to send donations can now easily support your work with cryptocurrency. It is a smooth transition for existing social media giants who must leave their natural habitat for a new type of payday as their work is being censored and de-monetized. Sometimes things happen for a reason and perhaps all of the borderline illegal activity by the tech giants will awaken the masses to the micro crypto economy being developed on

Stishit is clearly dominating the social media rewards space and with a successful token event should surpass all competition fairly quickly as far as daily active users and other key success metrics. One competitive advantage Stishit has over all of the competition is we have built a slow and steady reliable product from the ground up. We listen to our users and for that reason alone we are a stronger platform. Stish will be listed again on the new version of trading platform which is decentralized once it becomes available.

When users can easily send and receive crypto as tips, or for selling goods and services, or from faucets, or bonuses for community involvement, etc it is an epic event. We look forward to the future and raising the needed capital to expand the way Stish is integrated into the platform. We look forward to writing dapps for interaction with our Smart contract for possible game development. We look forward to thousands of websites being able to use our api to build stish into their web applications. We look forward to one day developing our own blockchain technology that revolutionizes blockchain tech the way that Stishit revolutionizes social media rewards. But really is is more than that. Stishit is creating a whole new era of Micro Crypto Economies where each members plays their own role in the community to increase the value of the platform and the value of the currency. Quality content is king and low quality content or scammers can get banned or lose their Stish Credits for abusing the system. It is pretty open and free but don’t take advantage of the rewards pool and mistreat your fellow Stishians!

Will you help us raise the token event participation to a respectable level? Will you help us raise the token event participation so that we can finish building the interaction between Stish and the community and have Stish placed on a major exchange? It is alright if you can’t afford it or don’t want to help be a part of something this unique and amazing. We hate for you to miss out but sometimes life happens that way. If you are willing to take a chance and help us help the whole community grow and make monster improvements then please visit the Token Event Page now. If you need to participate the old school non automatic way you can do that through the Stish Store. (Some people do this who do not have access to meta mask or saturn wallet. )

Thank you and we hope to see you with some Stish in your wallet really soon!


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Founder of Stish crypto and and the up and coming and Stish Stash crypto for gamers. I have worked on many projects over the last few years and none bring more joy than helping others here at Stish is now traded on


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