Stishit Takes Social Media Rewards To A Whole New Level!

Stish It is a powerful fun social network.

We often refer to it as a micro crypto economy because of the equitable rewards distribution people receive for being involved in the community. Much like a real world town or village everyone has a role to play in making the community a better place. Some people add comments to posts to encourage blog writers or to start a conversation about an interesting topic. Both the person writing the comment and the author receive an equitable reward. Some share memes and interesting photos with the community. Some write full blog articles with the given tools while others use limited markdown to style up a post in the Social Portal. Other create short content called microblogging and try to earn bonus rewards by inspiring their friends and fellow Stishitians to get their Stish on.

Stish It means to publish it, to create it, to write it, to share it.

Stish It means to be involved with the community but to also enjoy life and relax. So many of us made large social media platforms what they are today to only find out they don’t really want our voices heard. They are guilty of secretly shadow banning various groups of people. Social media websites have been found to block and censor content created by people for the strangest reasons. Stishit will remove illegal content and will work to create a friendly environment. We certainly do not want the trolls that spam and exist to agitate people. We can ban people if the community at large deems it appropriate but we would rather all voices exercise their right to freedom of speech on Stishit.

Stish It is a platform that revolves around a hybrid development model. Part of the platform is built like most other websites with an off chain build. This helps us stay compliant with applicable laws and in a small way moderate the platform to comply with standard business practices. The crypto currency is an onchain development and much of the interactions with it are on chain. This hybrid on chain/off chain build makes Stishit one of the best social media rewards platforms online today. Stish crypto currency is immutable and runs on the Ethereum blockchain for enhanced security. This allows Stish crypto currency to be easily trade-able on exchanges. Currently traded on Other exchanges possibly coming soon.

Stish It Breaks New Wallet Ground!

Stishit Wallets Currency Amounts List

We of course have developed Stish the coolest most epic crypto currency on the planet right now! Soon we will launch an Epic Token event with the new Stish2.0 token to add Stish to the easiest user interface for Crypto Currencies ever! We have some spectacular developments underway and some being released right now!

The biggest news in social media rewards based platforms is the Stish It Wallets and how they work. Many people have said, “Crypto has been around for a while now. This internet money should have taken off by now.” In some parts of the world it truly has exploded. In some countries governments and regulation or non-regulation has impacted  the adoption rates.

When Stish was being developed we really wanted to reduce the barriers to entry into crypto currency usage. One of those barriers is being tore down with Stishit multi crypto currency wallets. The old system would require users to visit multiple different websites and download software files which often came with some suspicious warnings to create cryptographic wallet addresses and private and public active keys. Often there were a ton of other industry related jargon thrown in the mix to confuse the heck out of people who wanted to learn more about a crypto currency and start using it. This new digital money had and still has in most cases a steep learning curve.

Stish It Breaks Down Major Barriers Of Entry For People Wanting To Begin Using Crypto Currencies!

Now all members who join will receive crypto wallets absolutely free! Members will be able to buy crypto currency from websites such as changelly or coinbase and then deposit those funds into the appropriate Stish It wallet address. Members will be able to send crypto currency to other members by simply entering their username. They will not have to worry with keys and complicated terminology that is often confusing. They will easily see their wallet addresses which are like bank account numbers so that they can send and receive funds. Members could even add their addresses to their Social Portal profiles also if they like. For writers who are building a following and rely on support from their followers this is another way they can get support.

We have proven we can accomplish a great task here. We would like to have Stish our crypto currency handled in the same way. The challenge we face is that the exchange we would like to add Stish to requires a 50,000 USD deposit in their digital token. It also requires we put up the transaction fees in advance. Stish does have minor transaction fees as it is a mined crypto currency and miners must get paid to confirm the transactions. In order for us to allow the sending and receiving of Stish this easily we need to raise some capital. It really is a small amount in the crypto space and our token event page is coming together.


The next plan also would be to allow the exchange of Stish with other currency directly on which we will release this upon completion of the listing of our Stish crypto currency. Stish being listed will be huge. Stish credits are currently awarded for community actions. These credits can be converted to Stish crypto and then held, spent, sent or traded. The future of Stish crypto is very bright and we would love to see you be a part of the ongoing development of the platform. Allowing people to not only use Stish but interact with other popular crypto currencies from a social networking website has never been done before now! People can connect and share knowledge and ideas plus get involved in earning some crypto while sending and receiving crypto currency very easily. does charge nominal transfer fees for off platform sends and we think these very small amounts from lots of people can help add to the bottom line and fuel community growth. With people coming for the awesome social portal and equitable rewards based on the PEE theory and then also learning and trading/sending through our platform! The future has never been brighter than it is today.

We look forward to having a successful Token Event Soon And Taking Stish To The Next Level Of Trading and Interactions. We are working on some very awesome features and ways to interact with the platform along with a marketplace type feature and the ability for users to create their own retail store fronts and pages which will be able to accept Stish or fiat for payments.

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