Storms of life: It tests the foundation of your faith.


Houses, buildings, and other infrastructures are built everywhere. But depending on the kind of soil they were built, they were designed to ensure safety when natural calamities come.

Countries which are situated along a “typhoon or hurricane belt” and “ring of fire” had their houses and buildings tried by fierce winds and earthquakes. These calamities test the foundation of a building.


In our Christian life, storms of life come to test our firmness in our faith to God. Have we been truly rooted in the faith?

Others can take harsh criticism but cannot withstand trials of faith and they fall along the way.

And some have the scars of battle in life but rise victorious for the storms of their lives made them strong.

Storms of life come to shake you. It tells of which your Christian walk is loose and needs to be tightened.

Job 1:22 In all this Job sinned not, nor charged God foolishly.

Like Job, when devastated and shattered by the storm of life; we may not swerve in serving God but be found standing firm in the faith.

Author: Aceandnotes

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