Anyone Interested In Coding The Steem Plugin?


Going to work on building the Steem Plugin as much of the framework I think can be gather from @inertia’s ruby radiator scripts. I have used much of his code for various bots to work on Steemit and I find them to be almost flawless code. From time to time I have had to tweak a few things here and there but 99% perfect coding in my opinion. I will set up the development environment using which has moved to Amazon. It is a browser based environment so we all can work on the coding together or independently. I will try to set-up so we can push to bit bucket later or manually move it when we have a stable release. One think I love about is generally we can test and debug live so code either works or does not work. If it works we can then try to integrate the plugin into our Discourse website.

What you need to be familiar with is these to application and Ruby -

I think we can do this or eventually I will get this done. This could be are quickest way to get started for sure.

We should also look to build a decentralized application on the Ethereum network to reward Stish to members who complete tasks on We can use some of the formula knowledge gained from the beta to handle the mathematical computations. This will also require a hardfork to expand the currency and add decimals. We can simply do away with the old currency by air dropping all holders of tokens the new tokens. And adding a notice on all platforms and updating contract information etc. The new contract address will need to be used in the new dapp also.

There are a couple of dapps that already do much of the things we are wanting to do so we might be able to borrow alot of the base code. We need to look at also how much Stish do we create and how much do we plan to distribute through rewards. Do we also work on building the whole application on chain also? I like hybrid builds for several reasons and the main is to avoid abuse. I love decentralization also for the freedom of it all but we can’t avoid abuses this way. So we need to build the rewards platform decentralized but hooked into the Stish platform. So only data originating from this ip with our matching keys etc will be accepted by the smart contract to auto send Sitsh to people.

We additionally will need coded a simple user interface that pairs a users Ethereum wallet address with their account profile and verifies this info on load then displays their total awarded Stish amount along with their current balance. The total of all users account balances is then the total of circulation from rewards based crypto and we can minus this from total circulation to get actual circulation or circulation minus rewards based circulation.

The Stish should rte managed from within the platform to manage velocity in the markets. If there is a selling spree we could lower the amount of Stish rewards to limit supply in the markets and help curb a sell off or at least slow a crash by limiting supply. Everything from can be multiplied 10x to infinity and the math will generally work it’s way out. So we could create 100 Million Stish and then add 10 million to founders, 20 million in reserves, and sell 10 million ICO, and reward 60 million over 6 years and be ok. We can take from where Steemit messed up and modify the inflation and handle spam and scam by auto adjusting rewards vs just allowing the community to decide. I think rewards based support is smart but individual or groups flagging and taking rewards is bad. Too much bullying going on and too many schemes and scam. So a fixed rate and small bonuses with longer payouts for community support will do the trick. We could run payouts every 30 days so investors could see growth and chart numbers and we could predict volatility in the markets.

By seeing what investors like and don’t like we could increase rewards for growth and then slowly decrease rewards over time frames and create cycles or waves of influx of currency to create trading volumes increase and decrease and constantly keep cycles in motion with trends of up swings with growth. It creates a value you cycle that keeps growing and growing with added use. It is not MLM it is much like as the population of a nation grows and it’s output grows so does it’s monetary growth and might.

I think we do not go ad free but instead use advertising as a mean of revenue growth and market making in the early days until revenues are up and the selling of Stish will allow for use to earn some steady constant revenues.


These are the main core knowledge you need -
Ruby on Rails — Our back end API is a Rails app. It responds to requests RESTfully in JSON.

  • Ember.js — Our front end is an Ember.js app that communicates with the Rails API.
  • PostgreSQL — Our main data store is in Postgres.
  • Redis — We use Redis as a cache and for transient data.

Plus it helps to have knowledge in JS and Solidity for Ethereum development.


What if we simply create an account that just broadcasts every Post created on to one account to help create revenue for the platform? So we all could go and upvote the one account and then we could grow the bots. This base code would allow us to develop the more advanced code in the future. We could use an existing account like @steemlist. @steemlist can list every post made on so we can use the platform to grow our own community and one day integrate the whole platform into Steem or Stish! I like this idea as it is very doable I think…


Here is a great resource for anyone wanting to code for the platform.