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Some people hate coinbase but for new people coinbase might be your best option for converting your countries currency into crypto. There are many places to do this now but for many years Coinbase really dominated the market place.

You have 3 options to convert your fiat currency to crypto. You can convert to Bitcoin, Ether, or Litecoin. Other crypto currencies are set to be launched also in the future but for now the big 3 are the ones that most widely are accepted and so people can generally buy and sell these readily. Most crypto currency that you might be interested in buying will accept one of the 3 generally as a way to purchase their crypto currency.

Recently I lost $110 Dollars. I purchased Eth at $710 and now it is priced at $600. I bought on the wrong swing but had to have Eth to make transactions and cover gas fees. One thing I like about coinbase is the upfront pricing and the ease with which one can buy and sell. All members are affiliates too which is nice. You can get you and I both $10 free dollars when you buy from coinbase. I think the amount you have to purchase is a mere $100 bucks worth to get started.

The graphs and charts are simple enough and Coinbase is great for beginners. One word of caution is to pay attention to the withdraw button. Many times I tried to withdraw from Coinbase to send to my bank account and accidentally withdrew from my bank account to Coinbase. On several occasions I did this. One time I decided it must be a sign so I went all in on Litecoin. Good news it went up and I sold my position and then withdrew the funds from my Coinbase account to my bank account easy as pie.

Crypto trading is very risky and you can lose a ton of money so study up and use caution. Never play with more than you can afford to lose. Don’t take my advice as I’m no financial expert and you should seek the services of a competent financial expert. Coin base has many people that love it and some that hate it because of the fees. I think overall if you learn the basics here and use it once in a while it will not kill you.
As your knowledge about crypro currency improves you can broaden you horizons and find new exchanges.

A quick search on any major search engine will turn up several. I would always investigate heavily before handing our credit card or banking information. We have ran across many unethical businesses and people in the crypto space. Most are good and honest but there are many scams out there as well. Do your best homework and ask around with places like this. If people have been burned they will let you know for sure.

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Some people use Changelly.