Hear The Drummer Get Wicked! RHYTHM


Originally published at: https://steemthat.com/hear-the-drummer-get-wicked-rhythm/

Good morning SteemThat folk! Here’s a quick drumming video of a funky little rhythm I created on my sons junior kit! Rhythm is a really tricky word to spell, so here’s a way I remember it – RHYTHM HAS YOUR TWO HIPS MOVING https://steemthat.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Hear-The-Drummer-Get-Wicked.mp4


This is awesome. Now it auto posts to Stish.io and the comments are being handled on Stish. We need to change this asap. Though it is good to bring awareness to the newer version of the platform. We should keep consistent with the publishing in the SteemThat.com community. Love the Drums man. Nice works


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