Radex Exchange Will Blow Your Mind Amazing


Simply The Best Decentralized Exchange Ever Made And They Are Still Developing Massive Concepts. I’m blown away by the offerings. https://Radex.ai is also where you can trade Stish cryptocurrency.


They also have an awesome Social Portal and Forum plus a pretty sweet telegram channel. It might be the best crypto buy in 2018 even better than Stish.

Their forum is all about crypto and these guys share everything. One of the most awesome things I love about Ethereum and any product or service around it is how open and helpful people are. Other blockchains and developments often will not help much unless you are in their inner circle. Rados and Radex are unlike any other crypto place you have ever seen. https://forum.rados.io/


They are so beast they even have their own Wallet Now! https://forum.rados.io/t/saturn-wallet-ethereum-and-ethereum-classic-dapp-browser-user-manual/1234?u=steemthat