Will Be Rebranding And Streamlining.


Originally published at: perhaps had an identity crises. Wanting to do more and be more than perhaps it should be and could be. We have a solid plan to help people grow and be a part of a crypto currency revolution. is a great website and the concept is new and different. The challenge really has been in conveying what we do and how people can get involved. As we look to the past we can see several mistakes that we made. During beta testing we tried many different things and gathered a ton of data not on members but on our policies and how they impacted the use of the website. We tested so much stuff that it is un real how much we have…


I read this on the website and thought the site was hacked but found out that Rebranding is not just changing your look but it is also a change in attitude and I think the founders, advisors and members of have adopted a new, positive “Stishit” attitude, "The way we see it, people should chill and enjoy life. STISH is Cryptocurrency made easy by Stishit. Get your STISH today and tell the world to image tomorrow