SteemThat Will Be Rebranding Its Name


After careful consideration and much thought and discussion we are carefully and slowly stepping away from and our tools and services we offered. Since the development of our own rewards based social media website and cryptocurrency Stish we have considered how we can better serve our members. We have had some success with but feel that it is confusing and doesn’t represent the brand Stish but rather Steem. In an effort to bring the two website together and align their interests we are rebranding the website and will be calling it Stish It.

It is the first social rewards platform that is powered by Stish the crypto currency and is a beta testing ground for the micro token economy we are developing. Stish It will be what people do when they want to relax and chill and enjoy life. You can start using Stish it to earn rewards for high quality content created on the platform. You can make friends and comments and when you do you automatically share the Stish Credits with the Author plus earn some yourself. High quality content will engage users and create a rewards based micro crypto economy that is tokenized by the crypto currency Stish.