Japan Display to Reduce Apple’s Dependency

Source: j-display.com

Japan Display Inc. is planning to double its automotive display sales within five years to reduce the dependency on Apple as well as other smart phone manufacturers.

The company has a hard row to hoe as for the year ending March they posted a $2.23 billion loss. The loss resulted from the slowdown in smartphone screen sales. The company is hoping to exploit the growing market for displays in cars.

New cars are coming equipped with screens as the car consumers are becoming enamored by features like navigation and entertainment screens. The demand for smart phones and tablets is weakening so the move to produce screens for autos may shore up their future sales.

Japan Display already controls 19% share of the automotive screens. Their closest competitor is South Korea’s LG Display which garners about 14.1% share.

iPhone Source Code Leaked

Source code for a key component of the iPhone’s operating system was posted on GitHub. It is for the iOS 9.3 version of iBoot, this is responsible for the booting of the OS. A user going by the handle ‘ZioShiba’ posted the code, the code has been found to be legitimate and after Apple filed a copyright takedown request, the code has been removed.

Hackers could use the code to locate flaws or buts that could allw them to crack or decrypt the phone. They could also use the information to mimic iOS on non-Apple devices.

Source: rt.com