Tyson Partnering With Israeli Biotech

Source: christianjournal.com

I thought GMO was bad news, this in my opinion is just as bad or worse. Not being a vegan, I enjoy a big juicy steak occasionally and the thought of eating something grown in a lab does not strike me as appealing. Tyson Foods has partnered up with a biotech company to develop meat in a lab.

The Israeli company, Future Meat Technologies is working on creating what they call cultured meat. This meat product is not from animals but is grown in a lab. The cultured meat requires less water and produced about 96% less greenhouse gases. It may seem like a win – win but some things can’t be replicated.

The future appears to be becoming an inhospitable place for humans. Workers are being replaced by robots, jobs requiring higher intelligence will being replaced by AI, police will be replaced by robocop or using ‘pre crime’ we will not need police and livestock is being replaced by chemical concoctions. Now I would be in favor of replacing politicians with something useful, maybe penny candy.

Perhaps this is the start of people eating soylent green.

Source: christianjournal.com