Gratitude Sunday~ 12/29/19

Gratitude check today!

“Gratitude makes sense of our past through acceptance while bringing peace for today toward envisioning and creating our tomorrow.”

Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for bliss as it ignites the fire of joy within our soul. It is the fairest blossom springing from the center of our spirit… and during the moments, when our own light extinguishes, it is rekindled by another’s spark. Throughout our own past, we have a cause to deeply think with a loving appreciation of all those who have lit our flame within us.

Gratefulness felt and thankfulness expressed is the beginning of gratitude as it completes thankfulness and concludes gratefulness. Thankfulness may consist of mere words, but gratitude completes the moments with action. Just as well as bliss cannot be consumed, earned, owned, worn or traveled to. Bliss is spiritually experiencing every moment of your livelihood lovingly, joyfully, and graciously with others beyond yourself.

So rise up with thanks, to those who have sacrificed for you, supported you, provided for you, served you, benefited you, given you, entertained you, and died for you.

CHEERS~ to your great life, great day and success continuing… 

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Encouragement Wednesday~ 12/25/19

Encouragement will take you further… take risks for your bliss, for your success, and for your satisfaction! Keep moving forward without regret while focusing on the good stuff, so aim toward feeling much better, doing much better, and enjoying much more.

“Don’t allow your setbacks to upset you but rather motivate you to upgrade you… in your thinking, planning, and endeavoring.”

You have within your pieces of good news worth sharing with the world. The good news begins with how great you can be beyond measure! How much you can love beyond imagination! What you can accomplish beyond expectation! And what your potential is beyond belief.

Surround yourself with those who support you, encourage you, love you, enjoy you, and respectfully challenges you for the betterment of your future. All that you need to succeed is ready for you to utilize within you!

“Encouraging words shared in private during a time of any undesired outcome is worth more than the praise of success of the desired outcomes shared in public.”

Stay on point as you’re meant to succeed and enjoy your life’s journey! Continue with faith that everything will work out for the best. CHEERS~ to your success continuing…

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Encouragement Wednesday~ 11/20/19

You can feel so much better, do so much better, enjoy so much more, and be all you can be. Don’t limit yourself to how greatly awesome you can be, how much more you can enjoy, and how much better you can have it! You have the power to accomplish, achieve, and receive all the good, great, and better you set out to attain. Empower on and trailblaze your own path beyond all of your challenges and obstacles.

I am sharing this bit of encouragement with you to assist you in boosting your motivation and determination to further your ideal success. To assist you in doing whatever is necessary to bring forth bliss and joy as the best version of yourself! So, focus on the good stuff and keep moving forward without regret! Stay on point as you’re meant to succeed and enjoy your life’s journey! “Trust the natural flow of life and embrace your genius!”

CHEERS~ to your success continuing…

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Self~Empowerment: Today’s Positive Statement- 11/08/19~

Today’s self-empowering statement to positively affect yourself:


“I appreciate benefiting from win-win situations with others! I enjoy experiencing adventures with those I love smiling, giggling, and laughing within awesome relationships and interactions! I continue to look forward to more of those situations, circumstances, and moments that are fun and memorable! I continue to attract and manifest more goodness into my days, weeks, and months…”

to continue a greater life!


Source: https://repeat-with-me-i-am-success.mn.co/posts/4266980

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