The Second Time is the Charm


With the recent uptick in her political activity, rumors are surfacing that Hillary is laying the ground work for another run for president.  For a few months after her defeat she remained relatively quiet, recently she has voiced her opinion on the highly controversial border issue and the resigning of Justice Kennedy.

Her grandstanding for the plight of the immigrant families separated at the border has raised some $1.5 million.  Her support of this cause should be a good example of how she will handle her campaign if she does run in 2020.  She has long been an advocate of building a border fence and ‘zero tolerance’ immigration measures but to gain a footing she will change her ideology.

She has teamed up with a group called onward together to possibly stymie any justice appointment made by Trump.  The group’s mission statement is ‘To protect the federal judiciary and stop Trump from hijacking the courts’.


Recently her and Bill lowered them selves to fly on a commercial airline.  I can’t recall them ever taking a flight with the unwashed masses.  One thought came to mind was that this maybe her way of trying to make her seem that she is just like the little people and be more likely to gain the votes of the commoner.