Every day people make choices for good or bad. No one takes neutral ground. The scriptures tells us an event which happened between two personalities in which a choice must be made. During the Crucifixion of Jesus,Pilate ask them whom they want to be released to them: Jesus on the one hand representing God almighty and Barabbas on the other hand representing the devil. The Jews made a choice for Barabbas, the robber representing theRead More →

I have a quiz for you : who was the first person to break the law and why? The The answer is very Simple, Moses, in anger, broke the tablets of the law that God had just given him. Just imagine, this man had just spent 40 days and nights in the terrifying presence of the Lord; no food, no water. Yet, even before he delivered the tablets, anger made him smash them to pieces.Read More →

Dear Brethren, What happens when we hear from God? Hearing from God requires a lot of sacrifices which has many benefits that far outweigh the cost. Let us look at what happens when we hear from Him and why it’s important we desire to hear from God; 1 IT BRINGS GROWTH IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD Is there any need for relationship without communication? Before, it is vital to listen and respond to God. Yes, we knowRead More →

What does it mean to show love to your neighbor? It means to treat them in ways you want others to treat you. The problem lies in the fact that people have self worth for themselves. Besides, many people do not know how they are meant to be treated. Some people also lack self respect for themselves. If you do not know how to treat your self right, you will not know how to treatRead More →

Dear beloved, you need to have an understanding of the church, the body which you belong. The church consist of all regenerated souls, each one redeemed by the blood of Christ and transformed by the Holy spirit. Without the holy spirit, there will be no purifying church, for the Holy spirit is the sanctifying power of the church, which is the body of Christ. Members of the body of Christ are expected to live a newRead More →

Man most times is a logical being he acts on whatever seems right to his reasoning and his senses. He makes judgement based on rational thinking. But Isiah 55:6-11 tells us that God’s ways are not our ways, neither are His thoughts our thoughts. The way God sees is different from the way we see. God sees the end from the beginning. While the disciples after Pentecost saw Paul as a major threats to theRead More →

Job 5:26-27 and Psalm 90:10 You can plainly see that these verses clearly defines that, it is Gods will or desire for every person to live at least 70 – 80 years upon the earth. In other words, every man is appointed the same number of years to live on earth which is clearly shown in God’s word a minimum of 70-80 years. Psalm 90:10 says “the days of your years are three score yearsRead More →

There is a word that most overweight people dislike, it is a word that turns people off and makes their mind switch to another channel to avoid thinking about it. Unfortunately it is a key part to weight reduction and something that when done correctly can be the cause of your success. The word is…………….. Exercise! Now stay with me here, switch your mind back on to what I am saying stay, in this sameRead More →

My dear friend in Christ, what goes on in your mind has a very great power to influence your future. The scripture says in Proverbs 4;23, “keep they heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life”. Also in proverbs 23;7 says ” for as he thinketh in his heart so he is”. From the foregoing it is apparent that our thoughts are very powerful creative force. Look at Lucifer, heRead More →

Our Father has promised us His presence. Jesus promised never to leave nor forsake us. And Indeed, the Godhead are faithful to their promise and have given us the holy spirit of promise to abide in us. But do we consciously carry his presence given to us, do we consciously seek to fellowship with the presence. Act 17;27 records that God is not far from us. Therefore,the only reason we don’t feel his presence isRead More →

Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James, and Salome, took sweet spices to the tomb of Jesus so they might come and anoint Jesus body on the first day of the week very early in the morning at the rising of the sun. “who will roll away the stone for us at the door of the tomb”? To them, there was an obstacle to achieving the desire of their hearts. This thought must haveRead More →