crypto3.0 light speed to the moon and back instant

Crypto3.0 Light Speed The Death Of Currencies As We Know Them Today!

Cloud Banks Will Be The Wave Of The Future And Crypto3.0 Light Speed Will Be At It’s Core. Crypto3.0 Light Speed Is A Super Crypto Currency Infrastructure Built Off Of Futuristic Technologies That Have Yet To Be Developed. As Soon As They Are Developed Crypto3.0 Light Speed is determined to have the ground breaking team of experts waiting to develop Cloud Banks That Unify All Crypto3.0 Light Speed Based Crypto Currencies.

Each Digital Currency That Builds Off Of Crypto3.0 Light Speed Will Remain Decentralized Just Like They Are Today But Will Be Truly Immutable Via Quantum Cryptography that has yet to be developed but has been conceptualized on paper. With Every Known BlockChain Becoming More And More Vulnerable To Hacks And Theft Many Block Chains Will Turn To Crypto3.0 Light Speed. As They Transition Their Code And Nuke Their Old Files Everyone That Has The Tokens And Wishes To Trade Them Whether Buying Or Selling Will Be Able To Do So Instantly Much Like Credit Card Processors Operate Today.

Miners, Validators, Witnesses Will Not Be Needed. There will be zero need for keeping redundant database files of the whole blockchain because the whole blockchain will always exist instantly everywhere a quantum computer is connected to the Cloud Banks. Nothing can be created without instantaneously creating the exact same instance everywhere. There is no need for Miners to validate blocks for days. There is no need for witnesses to validate anything. The speed of light is uninterruptible without instant notification and nuking of the instance. Whether the instance be a smart contract or simple data. Quantum Computing will cause most crypto currencies to either self destruct or radically change their base code. We hope that Crypto3.0 Light Speed will be the foundation of the future along with Cloud Banks which are similar to wallets of today!

The Wave Of The Future Is A Light Wave Away. 

Not Sure What Quantum Computing Is? Wiki has a great simple explanation – .

Check Out The Article From Yale If You Are Not Convinced :

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