Bitcoin Reaching Near $8,000 Again

           A few days ago bitcoin had reached 8,000 and then it had dropped down a bit. I thought it was going to keep going down and now it’s just a bit under 8,000. I think it was around this amount yesterday. I guess it was because according to coinmarketcap it went down by 0.83% in the last 24 hours.

     Right now it’s at around 7,952 so that’s pretty good. I’m wondering if it will start to shoot up more. It looks a bit promising so I will hope for the best. I’m just surprised that It broke past 6,000 and has stayed higher. I will check tomorrow and we’ll see if it goes even higher and breaks 8,000 again. I think this year might be a good year for bitcoin so I’m going to stay positive and we’ll see over time.

Why Traders Say Volume Is Crypto Price Indicator of Choice

When it comes to analyzing markets, developing your own trading style can be the difference between a successful trade or financial pain.

Traders utilize a variety of indicators in order to add layers of confirmation to their bias in order to get the most accurate results. But what if you could only choose one indicator to use for the cryptocurrency market, what would it be and why?

A poll recently conducted by CoinDesk Markets revealed that volume was the indicator of choice for 39 percent of respondents, while the Relative Strength Index (RSI) came in second place at 29 percent of the total vote.

The poll elicited some great responses for alternatives such as Elliott wave theory, divergences and the stochastic oscillator, which are useful in their own right but are highly dependent upon an individual’s technical charting style and experience.

We reached out to some prominent cryptocurrency traders and chartists to see what they thought was the one indicator they couldn’t live without.

Matt Thompson, Director of Business Development and Operations at Coinigy had this to say regarding his top pick for analyzing the crypto markets: “Volume is hands down the most important aspect outside of price.”

“Even for many other technical indicators, volume can serve as confirmation or rejection of a given hypothesis,” he continued.

Per definition, volume is meant to describe the total number of shares or contracts over a given period and is usually expressed in a bar chart. Professional traders and chartists use volume to great advantage, following the mantra that if the price falls along with volume, it generally marks a point of exhaustion, signaling a reversal will happen soon.

While conversely, a rise in price with a drop in total volume presents a stronger case for the bears as they drag prices for a lower bid, usually upon meeting a key resistance zone.

Crypto Twitter chartist Josh Rager agrees with that sentiment. “I think volume is a good indicator. Higher price and low volume usually lead to a drop in price,” he said.

“TheCryptoDog,” a prominent Twitter personality and chartist, also backed volume as a “crucial” element in his technical analysis, telling CoinDesk:

“Volume speaks to the sincerity of the price action it is tied to. Volume for me is imperative.”

Putting it to Practice

So, what does using volume look like in practice?

In the chart above, we can see the bitcoin price on Coinbase on December 8. The day’s trading closed mid-candle (during a price movement) at a time when volume was shooting up. If the volume is bullish and moving higher, but the price is dropping, it’s usually is a tell that traders hoping the price will rise are in danger of being trapped and are forced to sell for lower than they entered.

Price action thus turned until another decision was made two days later when on December 10 prices attempted to forge ahead beyond the $3,585 resistance level and were beaten back. A modest showing from the bears plunged bitcoin into a lower channel between $3,257 and then below $3,129 on December 12.

It has since rallied from its low position back to levels not seen in over a week with the backing of strong bullish volume.

A Useful Tool

Volume does have its faults for all its merit, however.

For example, volume on crypto exchanges might not actually represent that buyers will follow-through with an intended purchase. Volume can be faked with what’s known as “wash trading,” a term that refers to when traders put in orders for other traders to see, but withdraw them before they are filled.

It is true that particular exchanges have been caught up in a scandal surrounding true volume being displayed incorrectly, thereby manipulating traders into entering an unprofitable and risky trade.

Traders like Rager, however, believe bitcoin is a rarity among cryptocurrencies in that its market has real liquidity. “I think bitcoin is different,  there is so much liquidity compared to other cryptos,” he said.

Still, there is validity in analyzing bitcoin’s association with total volume on the charts, not least because they provide an additional signal to add to your bias, but because it can signal interest in the asset class as a whole, represented in grandaddy bitcoin’s demand – just be sure to select an exchange that can be cleared of any wrongdoing.

As “TheCryptoDog” puts it:

“If volume diverges from a trend, e.g. price continues to rise while volume falls off, then I start to think, ‘Perhaps this trend is weakening.’”

Disclosure: The author USDT at the time of writing.

River image via Shutterstock; charts by Trading View

Why Traders Say Volume Is Crypto Price Indicator of Choice


Your Plan


Your Plan

Here’s a remix of my song YOUR PLAN which has been magically reworked and enhanced by my songwriting partner and Broken Oceanteam mate DAVID FAR
He added Cello, War drums and some subtle guitar parts, which has really enhanced the whole feel of this simplistic but haunting track. David’s production skills are always worth a mention as they just finish everything off beautifully.
The picture is one of my rare hand drawn pieces.


Close now, If only
You shared, the life
Look down, disown me
Wait then, go now

Take back, the harsh words
Rethink, your plans
Headstrong, but restless
Fake smile, a clown

Into the fires,
That burned my lies
Fake dreams and conscience
All, justified

You were a bad little habit
Right from, the very start
Lunged forward and stained my heart
Did you think to stop, and change

Into the fires, that burned my lies
Fake dreams and conscience
All, justified
Maybe your eyes, they show pain.
Maybe your eyes, they show pain.

I hope you enjoyed this track! Thanks for listening, voting and commenting! Your support means so much to me!


Music, Lyrics and Artwork by Darren Claxton – Copyright (c) 2018
Remixed and Produced by David Far for ‘Broken Ocean Productions’ Copyright (c) 2018

It’s nice to be important But it’s important to be nice.

Decentralized Twitter alternatives – and BlockPress


Blockchain-based social media … is here, but still not … there. It requires work. I will list only a few where I made a profile, fund it and started to post.

Just for the record, all these websites are blockchain-based and if you wish to participate, send a message, or sign a memo you have to fund your own stake.

In the long run, this is ok, not much spam to start with, for the beginner can be a bit awkward. Also, all messages are permanent, so no censorship whatsoever.

I am using both websites to promote my blog posts, I started with the Whaleshares first. I hope people there will like it. We don’t know, if we don’t try.


Screenshot_2018-10-19 Memo - aschatria's Profile.png

Based on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. 10 cents USD is enough to start. The average action costs 0.2 cents, which I find ok and rather cheap.
After you fund your wallet with some change you can start communicating and sending messages.
The website is not perfect, but it looks decent enough.
Alexa global rank falls on deep 277 219 place.

? Blockpress

Screenshot_2018-10-19 BlockPress Decentralized Social Network and Communities Powered by Bitcoin Cash and IPFS.png

This is a Twitter cloner built upon Bitcoin Cash blockchain, and a principle is pretty much the same. Fund your wallet, edit profile and start networking.
This website looks far better than the previous one, but assimilating a complete look of Twitter does look a bit strange.
Alexa global rank ranks it on 2 671 324 place.

If you want a few cents to try these website you can easily use Bitcoin faucet, download a smartphone wallet and fund your wallet for free. You will find all necessary instructions on the Memo.Cash.

Cover image attribution

Love, joy and perpetual happiness to all good people. Thank you for visiting my blog

I write for Whaleshares | Trybe | Scorum | Steemit | Memo.Cash | BlockPress | Minds
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Web site:
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Crypto-stuff detected #2 ENG/HUN

Hello dear reader!

I start a series of articles, about crypto-related stuffs, what i find on Steemhunt, on a producthunt platform, where i’m a member, and i can dig cool stuffs. If i’m a boring person, i write to “my top5 hunt today”, or something like this. But isn’t top5, it is the topCRYPTO.

Of course, you can do it yourself on Steemhunt, there’s hundreds of products each day, but if you are interested about crypto, you can enjoy my digest, doesn’t need to spend hours there!

This article is more teaser, less review, and this is a kind-of-pilot-article, so i may need some upgrade at time, in my next articles.


Új cikksorozatot indítok, a Steemhunt oldalon talált kriptopénz-témához kapcsolódó dolgokról. Projektek, appok, webszolgáltatások, minden, ami a kriptóhoz kapcsolódik. Nem napi top5-ként, hanem topKRIPTÓként.


Fiat-crypto gateway app. This is an IOs and Android app, with which you can create a personal account, and purchase BTC or ETH. And you can charge your credit or debit card!Its exciting, and if you think about it, and possibilities of developing, this can be a very popular app in the future.

Photo #1 from Dunaremete, Hungary by kriptonik made on 2018-10-17 11:06 for Sola


A tömeges elfogadottság egyik legnagyobb akadályát személy szerint abban látom, hogy bonyolult hozzájutni a kriptopénzekhez. Persze mondhatod, hogy letöltesz egy walletet, aztán a kinyomtatott qr-kóddal elsétálsz egy bitcoin-ATMhez, de legyünk őszinték, a magyar állampolgárok többségének nincs atm sétatávolságban. Marad a regisztráció a brókerekhez, tőzsdékre. KYC, hosszadalmas verifikáció, töltsd le, küldd ki, telefonos kód. Bonyolult, na, főleg annak, aki nem akar belemélyedni, csak használni.

Erre próbál megoldást nyújtani ez az app. Komolyabb review most nem lesz, ugyanis nem töltöttem le, majd talán a következő telefonomra, ez már örülök, ha működik, nem terhelem tovább.

A marketing szöveg alapján egy egy wallet program, amely kezelni tudja a bank- és hitelkártyákat is, és ELMÉLETILEG közvetlenül tudsz oda-vissza váltani kriptót és fiat pénzt.

Ha esetleg te kipróbáltad, és van személyes tapasztalatod vele, oszd meg velünk bátran!


We know stablecoins, pegged to fiat. Why could be a stablecoin, pegged to a precious stones called emeralds? The pure emerald worth much more than the diamond, and i’m pretty sure, much more then the same weight of usd 🙂 Yes, its really good reason to make a stablecoin what based on this.

Photo #2 from Dunaremete, Hungary by kriptonik made on 2018-10-17 11:06 for Sola


Ezt nagyon nem ragoznám. Van dollárhoz rögzített stablecoin, időszerű, hogy egyéb drága eszközhöz rögzített is legyen. Mivel a drágakövek jobban tartják az értéküket, mint a dollár (vagy bármely egyéb fiat), talán ez stabilabb is. Mondjuk azt majdnem biztosra veszem, hogy ha helyzet van, nem fogok elutazni Kolumbiába, hogy kivegyem a széfből a drágaköveimet…


Wow, a simple builder for not-coder people with graphic interface! You can make your own dapps on Ethereum blockchain, without any programming skills, and more: you can deploy your smart contract to blockchain instantly!

In cryptoverse we need more user, more accepting place, and daily-use, simple apps. Mass adoption, you know. Maybe you’re going to do the breaktrough-app, with this tool…

Photo #3 from Dunaremete, Hungary by kriptonik made on 2018-10-17 11:06 for Sola


Ez egy igazi nagyágyú. Kódolási, programozási ismeretek nélkül, tulajdonképpen egy űrlapon bepipálva a kívánt extrákat, létrehozhatod a saját dapp-odat, okosszerződésedet, amelyet azonnal el is helyezhetsz az ethereum blokkláncon.

Ez nagyjából azt jelenti, hogy a jövőben egy-egy app létrehozásához elég lesz az ötlet, nem kell programozási képzettség. Ha belegondolsz, ötletgazdából sokkal több van, mint programozóból, így használható, értelmes appból is több lesz, mint manapság. Értelmetlenből is, nyilván, de hát mindenki ki tudja válogatni magának, ami tetszik és beválik neki. Ki tudja, talán pont te csinálod meg, azt, amelyik az áttörést jelenti a tömeges elterjedéshez 🙂

Diversifying my interest or spreading too thin



Being a part of many websites is always challenging and the biggest problem is not to spread too thin.

Others told me it is not, but others are probably less needed than me around my place. They can easily spend an entire day writing, playing and doing whatever for no one to ask them anything.
I would say that time schedule is the biggest issue here because I have to decide where to be and how much time to spend on a certain assignment.

There is also one problem, and that is that my family kind of doesn’t get that this is a job, they never did, so instead of doing it in the peace, I have to constantly argue and explain. In the last few months, I am literary in the rollercoaster of a constant debate, nagging and annoyance. They are supportive and all that, but when they need something they don’t care.

I could succumb to their demands, personal needs and just give up on all of this, but seriously, why should I?

I listed all the websites I am on currently in my footer. I could say a few things about an each just to share some opinion about them.

Social websites

? Twitter | The advertising social network, it is good as it is bad. I am using it and just recently I purged all following to start reading people I am interested in.
? Reddit | I am not really active there, but for my personal blog it could be good to start something there.
? Youtube | I am planning about this and have new materials.
? Github | in migration…
? Discord | Currently making a new server…
? Telegram | Nice communication tool.
? Medium | Nothing, this platform is dormant for me.
? Quora | Beside surfing, I did almost nothing. The page is solid and offers a lot of info.

Crypto websites

? Steemit | Daily blogging platform, but with 3 accounts in a toll and a few borrowed I still make zero to nothing. Still, I am hoping to see better days in here.
? Whaleshares | This is my new island. I am here to stay.
? Scorum | I have no idea what I am doing there. I will try but can’t promise much.
? Weku | So far so good, we are waiting for the market value…
? Minds | Value for 1k view is kind of low, maybe it improves with the time.
? Stish.Io | I visit this time from time.
? Trybe | I have a profile and still did not post anything, in the next few days I will.
? Smoke.Io | Sidedish to Whaleshares. I started to write.

When I look all of this I think I should keep Twitter, Reddit, Youtube and my blog ( either Hub or Labs), and work on webs until I can precisely estimate which one is the best for me.
I intend to put more muscle into the Whaleshares, socialize on Weku, do slowly the rest and continue Steemit as it is.

Love, joy and perpetual happiness to all good people. Thank you for visiting my blog

FIND ME as @aschatria on Steemit | Weku | Stish.Io | Smoke.Io | Minds
Interest: Whaleshares | Scorum | Trybe
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Web site:
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Discord: aschatria#1254

Steem is Looking a Little Bearish These Days

Looking at the top 100 coins and tokens on Coin Market Cap this afternoon (+10 GMT), I’m witnessing a sea of green. Out of the top 100 market caps, all but 7 of them are posting advances. Steem is one of the loosers showing a -0.69% loss. Steem’s current value is at about $1.56. The market is looking good for mostly everyone except for those tied up in Steem. Steem began it’s decline nearly a month ago slipping from a high of just over $3.00 to today’s price.

I began my power down last week but now wish I would have done it sooner. There is no telling where it will go. Hopefully back up, but with such an unfriendly environment happening over there, the social climate is not favorable.

Maybe they should change their name to SteemSpat!


7-day Steem price trend.



The End?

Is this our last chance for an effective bounce?

To be honest I pretty much believe we are in a bear market and all of this looks and feels a lot like 2014 to me. As such I would not be surprised if we will see many more lower lows and as long as we stay above 1k, everything is fine long term to me.

That said, there seems to be chance that the market may turn around just about now.

Lasst Chance2.JPG

We also some positive indication from the RSI and at least the histogram of the MACD looks like there is some potential to the upside.

However even IF we bounce and rally, this does not mean the bear market is over. IN fact I would be looking for short opportunities around 11k and 15k.

But I do think that a breakthrough of the downtrend is a possibility given how oversold the market is currently.

Most analyst however seem to expect the prices to go down direktly from here, but what the consensus things the market is doing, usually is what the market does not do.

Is this our last chance for an effective bounce?

To be honest I pretty much believe we are in a bear market and all of this looks and feels a lot like 2014 to me. As such I would not be surprised if we will see many more lower lows and as long as we stay above 1k, everything is fine long term to me.

That said, there seems to be chance that the market may turn around just about now.


We also some positive indication from the RSI and at least the histogram of the MACD looks like there is some potential to the upside.

However even IF we bounce and rally, this does not mean the bear market is over. IN fact I would be looking for short opportunities around 11k and 15k.

But I do think that a breakthrough of the downtrend is a possibility given how oversold the market is currently.

Most analyst however seem to expect the prices to go down directly from here, but what the consensus things the market is doing, usually is what the market does not do.

Bitcoin’s value is driven by human emotion, not code. Thoughts?

In the past week, Bitcoin took a dramatic tumble after its historic 1,400pc rally. The digital currency eventually rebounded only hours later but it left Bitcoin investors reeling with fears that the bubble had finally burst.

While data scientists, software developers and financial engineers are busy at work on more complex algorithmic trading platforms to better predict – and optimise – this volatility, they may be looking in the wrong place. Software code and computer science might provide part of the answers but the rest can be found through a surprising source: the humanities.

Bitcoin, like any currency, is really just an expression of mutual trust in cultural norms and practices. It is a feat of our collective imaginations that we can all agree on our varied currency narratives. I trust that my five goats are going to be worth your five shells, for example.

Cyber currency enthusiasts continue to argue that blockchain technology obviates the need for messy and outdated conceits such as trust in institutional banking and trading clearing houses.

And yet, while Bitcoin security may be predicated on mathematics, Bitcoin value is an intrinsically social calculation. Consequently, humanities continue to be our best way of teasing out the nuances in ideas around shared cultural understandings and beliefs.

So where can we turn when we want to better understand the radically changing notions of value that exist in this new wave of crypto assets? The investor Bob Miller, of Miller Value Partners in Baltimore, is betting big on philosophy. He just made a $75m gift to the philosophy department at Johns Hopkins University, believing that a strong humanities faculty will give our society smarter thinkers.

When our shared understanding of worth undergoes a fundamental structural shift, algorithmic modelling is not going to give us any insights. Only the humanities can help us gain perspective around our changing norms, networks and social institutions.

The idea that the humanities provide some of the essential building blocks to financial and business success strikes us as radical in the midst of a preoccupation with an algorithmic understanding of the world. Yet it was not so long ago when it was commonplace for leaders in finance, media, or policy to have a background in the humanities.

For instance, Ken Chenault, former chief executive of American Express, cited his in-depth study of history as a touchstone for his leadership and managerial acumen; Carly Fiorina, president and chief executive of Hewlett Packard from 1999 to 2005, described her undergraduate major in medieval history as the perfect foundation for understanding the hi-tech world; the investor Carl Icahn’s senior thesis in philosophy at Princeton was titled, The Problem of Formulating an Adequate Explication of the Empiricist Criterion of Meaning; and Steven Schwartzman, chief executive of the private equity firm Blackstone, chose an interdisciplinary major at Yale that he described as “psychology, sociology, anthropology, and biology, which is really sort of the study of the human being”.

It used to be assumed that a better understanding of culture and shared worlds – the cyberpunk world from which Bitcoin emerged, for example – would create better investment and business decisions.

Today we rush far too quickly into an understanding based on aggregation and quantification. And yet when Bitcoin takes its investors on a wild ride, it’s a uniquely human phenomenon.

Without tapping into the human sciences, we will never really come close to understanding why it happened and what it all means.

Sam Broye


Hi good people of stishit, am Emeka Segun a Nigerian, I love sports, am an enthusiasts. Love to meet unique people, am an admirer, calm. Am into electrical installations, comedy,sports, Internet, etc.. Entertainment is my keyword. Cryptocurrency to me has brought humanity back together via social platform compared to non crypto platform. Steemthat on the other hand is a great platform though now the growth is moving gradual but soonest its gonna pave way beyond expectations, with the steemish token, just like the SBD on steemit. Great innovation I think…. God bless the developers..

Best Crypto Deals – Get a 1/1millionth stake in these Top 100 coins for less than $500



xresch / Pixabay

Don’t know where I heard it,, but the idea of buying 1 millionth of a coin’s market cap while the coin is inexpensive and riding it up sounds like a good idea.

The problem is no one knows what the next coin to moon (as people call a coin’s rapid rise) is.

Here’s a list of the top 100 coins from Coinmarketcap where 1 millionth of market cap is less than $500.

(accurate as of 1/23/2018 21:55:40 EST)

I’m only showing those that have gains in the last 24 hours.


Rank Name Market Cap Price Volume (24h) Change (24h) $/millthMCap
99 TNB Time New Bank $234,852,454 $0.14 $77,275,200 32.28% $234.85
69 CNX Cryptonex $365,143,376 $8.10 $488,953 25.29% $365.14
98 PLR Pillar $239,072,379 $1.05 $767,192 7.79% $239.07
53 HSR Hshare $498,618,151 $11.72 $110,859,000 5.14% $498.62
81 ENG Enigma $312,655,046 $4.18 $7,719,440 3.89% $312.66
65 FCT Factom $406,846,631 $46.52 $9,150,080 3.29% $406.85
68 AION Aion $371,319,442 $4.76 $11,389,600 2.06% $371.32
100 GAME GameCredits $232,661,330 $3.62 $3,226,040 1.70% $232.66
67 POWR Power Ledger $371,610,817 $1.02 $58,177,400 1.58% $371.61
97 PAY TenX $242,536,887 $2.32 $9,816,470 1.49% $242.54
64 SMART SmartCash $415,983,717 $0.67 $939,905 0.44% $415.98
71 AE Aeternity $357,747,010 $1.54 $2,428,310 0.17% $357.75
66 SALT SALT $392,600,265 $7.49 $10,776,600 0.11% $392.60


Get bonus 50 VIU coin for sign-up

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Investors Want Philippines Government to Allow Freedom

Investors in the Philippines want the government to ease concerns on cryptocurrencies

The exponential growth of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space, in general, have struck a chord amongst Philippine investors that they are asking the government monetary policymakers to address the concern about the blockchain technology.

Francis Arjonillo, the President of the First Metro Investment Corp. (FMIC) has asked the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), the government’s central bank, to have a policy that address’ the surge in cryptocurrency investing.

Pushing for more assurance of cryptocurrency, Francis Arjonillo has said that it is a huge threat to the money system and the ability for banks to control money. He is also concerned about security and hacking of crypto wallets and woants these issues addressed before banks start to embrace the technology.

The BSP said it is working with the Securities and Exchange Commission to draft a new rule on cryptocurrencies like when used to investment. So far the BSP has approved two currency exchanges to operate in the country, Rebittance and Betur, also known as