Some days ago, I was surprised: I did not receive anymore rewards but because Steemit behaviour is complex, chaotic and unpredictable, I did not care about that on the first time. Until I saw one of my posts on https://busy.org/   It was displayed I’ll receive my rewards in 29 minutes. So, I waited and I saw the rewards were RESET TO ZERO and I did not receive the rewards in my wallet!!! WOW!!!! Since this day,Read More →


Just found on the Anonymous Steemit Victims Defence League webpage https://justpaste.it/1jpbl :One of the first best #Steemit fan https://steemit.com/@jerrybanfield stopped to post on Steemit and prevent people to join this #scam: https://steemit.com/@themarkymark/jerry-bandfield-sold-his-witness-account-and-is-now-producingRead More →

Be a pirate, play fun arcade games for Dash, fight with unicorns against dinosaurs, build a civilization, breed pigs instead of kitties! My series of articles, about crypto-related stuffs, what i find while discover the cryptoverse! If you are interested about crypto, you can enjoy my digest! This article is more teaser, less review, and this is a kind-of-a-pilot-article, so i may need some upgrade at time. HUN Cikksorozat, kriptopénz-témához kapcsolódó dolgokról, amelyeket a kriptoverzum felfedezéseRead More →

For ONE day: 414.352 MVESTS delegated So many VESTS delegated in ONE day!?!? Do you think they are created by ‘miners’, by posting, commenting, trading or brought by REAL money? #Steemit goes on to create VESTS. More and more people are leaving this SCAM. With the HardF***ing20 less and less people are interested by this bugged pathetic ‘social network’. Sociopath trolls flaggers are reported. https://steemit.com/report/@banjo/banjo-report-for-monday-december-18-2017 The Anonymous Steemit Victims Defence League has updated their webpage: Read More →

  Blockchain-based social media … is here, but still not … there. It requires work. I will list only a few where I made a profile, fund it and started to post. Just for the record, all these websites are blockchain-based and if you wish to participate, send a message, or sign a memo you have to fund your own stake. In the long run, this is ok, not much spam to start with, forRead More →

Find Your Self Buying Stish

There are tons of lists online talking about bitcoin and ether and litecoin. There are even more talking about hot crypto ico. Some of these people have even made videos talking about a hot crypto ico. I have watched many and laughed as some have no idea at all about what they are talking about. Being a hot crypto ico isn’t just about how much funding you raise and how fast you raised the funding.Read More →

I wanted to make a test with this scam. So, I created a lot of accounts, more than twenty. My strategy was: Using a ‘stealth mode’ by minimizing the interactions and see what will happen. So, I chose to NOT post but only COMMENT. Each of my accounts will upvote and comment every other comments of all the other accounts. No AUTO upvote because of the sociopath flaggers trolls. Each of my accounts cannot commentRead More →

Eat people as a zombie, be a war-rider, do pump&dump, and earn real BTC in a MMORPG! I start a series of articles, about crypto-related stuffs, what i find on Steemhunt, on a producthunt platform, where i’m a member, and i can dig cool stuffs. If i’m a boring person, i write to “my top5 hunt today”, or something like this. But isn’t top5, it is the topCRYPTO. Of course, you can do it yourselfRead More →

Hello dear reader! I start a series of articles, about crypto-related stuffs, what i find on Steemhunt, on a producthunt platform, where i’m a member, and i can dig cool stuffs. If i’m a boring person, i write to “my top5 hunt today”, or something like this. But isn’t top5, it is the topCRYPTO :)This article is more teaser, less review, and this is a pilot-article, so i may need some upgrade at time 😉Read More →

  Bitcoin dominance has reached its highest point this year, currently it’s sitting at a whopping 58% of the total cryptocurrency market capitalization. While many altcoins are currently deep in the red, Bitcoin is holding on to positions above $6000. Bitcoin might be one of the few coins able to retain most of its value, that doesn’t mean we’re out of the bear market just yet.Read More →

Selling My Music For Stish and Crypto-Currencies I’m steadily understanding the Stish protocol and how it will help to support me and my music in the future. With the popularity of Cryptocurrencies and impending doom of the once fruitful money cow that are the record labels, I’d like to offer my EP for sale here on Steemthat.   SteemThat and Stish have gotten me very excited regarding the future development of my creative musical world.Read More →

Enam hari ke pertunjukan Cryptocurrency London Saya mendukung penuh pertunjukan Cryptocurrency London yang diadakan di ibukota Inggris London. Acara ini sangat membantu untuk mengembangkan steemit di seluruh dunia. Acara ini juga didukung penuh oleh beberapa tokoh penting di steemit terutama aplikasi witnes Creator esteem @ good-karma Dan ada beberapa tokoh lain yang berpartisipasi dalam hal ini dan memberikan dukungan penuh …. Enam hari menuju London Cryptocurrency show Saya mendukung penuh acara London Cryptocurrency Show yangRead More →

Hello everyone I´m writting this post post because i have too much doubst about the steemish cryptocurrency concept.   first of all i will like to know if i can trade it by any other crypto currency on the market. if i can exchange it for steempower. if i can withraw it. if there is anyone who can help me i will appreciated.Read More →

In the past week, Bitcoin took a dramatic tumble after its historic 1,400pc rally. The digital currency eventually rebounded only hours later but it left Bitcoin investors reeling with fears that the bubble had finally burst. While data scientists, software developers and financial engineers are busy at work on more complex algorithmic trading platforms to better predict – and optimise – this volatility, they may be looking in the wrong place. Software code and computerRead More →

 Apparently I have the opportunity to give to 10 people an invitation for the LVTMining: Invitation: Each LivesOne account will have 10 invitation quotation to invite friends to sign up The Symbiosism Economy Foundation Is Introducing LVT Mining Through Mining Browser! A collaboration between LivesOne and Maxthon browser LivesOne Whitepaper https://lives.one/invite/register?code=hd41wG If you are interested click on the link above and follow the instructions  ^_^Read More →

Here are the top gainers of the Top 100 coins (by market cap) on Coinmarketcap. as of 1/24/2018 22:37:43 EST Note that Steem is the second highest gainer today! Top 100 Rank Name Market Cap Price Volume (24h) Change (24h) 41 IOST IOStoken $777,055,940 $0.11 $762,731,000 174.40% 24 STEEM Steem $1,685,815,132 $6.80 $327,265,000 59.80% 79 PART Particl $357,742,990 $40.43 $9,795,680 57.45% 59 ELF aelf $502,852,500 $2.01 $201,124,000 43.03% 61 AE Aeternity $493,733,097 $2.12 $3,748,090 37.41% 47Read More →

    Don’t know where I heard it,, but the idea of buying 1 millionth of a coin’s market cap while the coin is inexpensive and riding it up sounds like a good idea. The problem is no one knows what the next coin to moon (as people call a coin’s rapid rise) is. Here’s a list of the top 100 coins from Coinmarketcap where 1 millionth of market cap is less than $500. (accurateRead More →

World first decentralized video sharing platform just like youtube but deference it share coin with it’s user just for watching video- like -share-comment and for follow. Right now they Give you 50 VIU coin freely!  Now 1 VIU Coin= 0.06 USD where starting price only $0.02! So it’s already increase 3X!  WOW!!                                         Click here to Join NowRead More →

On Tuesday, the company behind Tether announced that the exchange was attacked and tokens from the Tether Treasury wallet were sent to an unauthorized bitcoin address. Tether is a cryptocurrency used by bitcoin exchanges to facilitate trades with fiat currencies. Tether has a market capitalization of $675 million and is ranked as the world’s 20th most valuable virtual currency. The tokens are pegged to fiat currencies allowing users to store and transfer globally and instantly.Read More →