Bitcoin Reaching Near $8,000 Again

     blank      A few days ago bitcoin had reached 8,000 and then it had dropped down a bit. I thought it was going to keep going down and now it’s just a bit under 8,000. I think it was around this amount yesterday. I guess it was because according to coinmarketcap it went down by 0.83% in the last 24 hours.

     Right now it’s at around 7,952 so that’s pretty good. I’m wondering if it will start to shoot up more. It looks a bit promising so I will hope for the best. I’m just surprised that It broke past 6,000 and has stayed higher. I will check tomorrow and we’ll see if it goes even higher and breaks 8,000 again. I think this year might be a good year for bitcoin so I’m going to stay positive and we’ll see over time.


What Crypto do you have?



With so many new and old crypocurrencies around I was just wondering what everyone has? 

I have invested zero of my own money as I’m just a Songwriter and Musician  

All the assets I have accumulated have been through my music posts on Steemit and Whaleshares.

Darren Claxton on Whaleshares 

I generally trade a few thousand BTS per week from my blockchain posts, but haven’t cashed out into my Fiat currency of GBP since starting out I this crypto world I’m January 2018.

You can check out my Steemit post here… 

Darren Claxton on Steemit 

I’m mostly holding Stish, Bitshares assets and Steem and some various alt coins through airdrops. 

I would love some Saturn coins. 

Thanks for reading. 



New York Financial Regulators Grant BitLicense to Bitcoin ATM Operator


The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) has granted a virtual currency license, or BitLicense, to Cottonwood Vending LLC, according to an official tweet on Jan. 31.

Cottonwood Vending is a Bitcoin (BTC) ATM operator with terminals in New York City and the surrounding area. According to the tweet, the granting of such licenses “continues to advance responsible innovation in New York’s fintech industry.”

Bitcoin ATMs, or BTMs, are touchscreen kiosks that enable users to deposit cash and either buy Bitcoin, or to scan their mobile wallet, sell their crypto, and withdraw cash. Sales and purchases sync automatically to users’ mobile wallets.

In November 2018, NYDFS granted a Bitlicense to another BTM operator, Coinsource. NYDFS said in a press release that its decision followed a comprehensive and thorough review of Coinsource’s application and subjects the firm to significant regulatory conditions.

BitLicenses were introduced by NYDFS in July of 2014 by Benjamin Lawsky, New York’s first Superintendent of Financial Services. The acquisition of such a license is seen by many in the cryptocurrency and blockchain spheres as a necessary step to conducting business in the state.

Firms that receive such a license are subject to certain anti-money laundering (AML) standards and counter-terrorism financing standards. Other requirements include background checks on all employees, and records of transactions must be kept for 10 years.

Various companies in the crypto space have sought and received BitLicenses from NYDFS. In July 2018, global crypto payments processor BitPay was granted a BitLicense. At the time, BitPay CEO Stephen Pair said:

“New York state has one of the strictest policies around businesses involved in cryptocurrency and working through the approval processes to obtain a License was important to BitPay. We believe this hard work will pay off as New York presents significant business opportunities for BitPay.”



Coinbase President: Despite Bitcoin Price Crashes, 2018 was an Innovative Year

bitcoin price

Crypto players from around the globe are chiming in on the direction of the Bitcoin price in 2019. Will it continue to see price crashes? Or will the current recovery continue? Better yet, has the industry had a good year and will it continue to have significance in the new year?

Earlier in the week, we heard from bears, like Erik Finman who called Bitcoin “dead;” and we heard from Spencer Bogart, a Bitcoin bull, who not only said BTC will continue to rise, but that 2018, contrary to popular belief, has been one of the best years for the cryptocurrency.

Today, word surfaced that the President of Coinbase, Asiff Hirji, believes something similar to Bogart.

2018: A Good Year for BTC, Despite Bitcoin Price Crashes

Despite the crashes experienced in 2018 (such as the bearish run that sent the Bitcoin price to a low of $3,200), Asiff Hirji believes BTC is recovering.

In his interview with CNBC’s Fast Money, Hirji said this recovery isn’t surprising and that it’s likely to continue into 2019. That’s a statement in complete opposition of the thoughts of Erik Finman. “Some things are never as good as they seem,” said the Coinbase President, “and never as bad as they seem.”

During the interview, Hirji spoke on the performance of the crypto market in the last year. According to Hirji, there’s been more innovation this year in the market. “We’ve never had as much innovation as we have today,” Hirji explained, citing, for instance, how cryptocurrencies are getting more visible.

>> Facebook Cryptocurrency: Is the Tech Giant Developing a Stablecoin?

Spencer Bogart, also during a Fast Money interview, spoke on something similar, calling 2018 a “fantastic year” for BTC, despite the Bitcoin price crashes. Speaking also on innovation, Bogart said this year is the first time we have scaled the digital currency “with a lightening network,” making transactions quick and cheap.

Bitcoin Price

At the time of writing, the BTC price is $3,905.13.

Bitcoin price
Source: CoinMarketCap

The Takeaway

It’s vital to take comments such as Asiff Hirji’s into consideration. While it’s easy to oust BTC from your mind due to the recent Bitcoin price crashes, we must also recognize the good that occurred during the year, such as an increase in innovation.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured Image: Depositphotos/Piter2121

Autonio Welcomes Stan Larimer to Our Advisory Board


Facebook Cryptocurrency: Is the Tech Giant Developing a Stablecoin?

Facebook Cryptocurrency

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is reportedly developing a cryptocurrency that will let users send money via its WhatsApp messaging app. The new cryptocurrency would launch first in India—a country with over 200 million Whatsapp users and the world’s leader in sending money home.

Facebook Cryptocurrency

According to Bloomberg, the company is creating a stablecoin, a digital currency that is pegged to a fiat currency—often the US dollar. These types of cryptocurrencies are supposed to be less volatile than regular cryptos.

Though not nearly at a launch stage, sources say that Facebook is currently working on the strategy “including a plan for custody assets, or regular currencies that would be held to protect the value of the stablecoin.”

First Blockchain, Now Crypto?

The company has been very hush-hush about its blockchain initiatives. However, what is known is that Facebook has already hired 40 members for its blockchain team. A spokesperson gave little away but confirmed the company’s plans to move in this direction:

“Like many other companies, Facebook is exploring ways to leverage the power of blockchain technology […] This new small team is exploring many different applications. We don’t have anything further to share.”

The company also hinted at movements into the financial sector when it hired David Marcus to lead its Messenger app team in 2014. Marcus was the former president of PayPal. He then moved to lead the blockchain initiatives team in May of this year.

>> Bitcoin Cash (BCH) vs. Bitcoin SV (BSV): The Race Continues


There has been a surge in popularity for stablecoins this year. The most high-profile stablecoin is also the pioneering one—Tether. Surrounded by controversy, Tether’s refusal to be audited has led to questions over each token being backed by one US dollar, as purported by its creators.

However, Facebook has 2.5 billion global users and more than $40 billion in annual revenue. It may just have everything it takes to develop a stablecoin that works. If it is successful in this venture it would be the first large technology company to launch such a project.

Featured Image: Depositphotos/© Mactrunk

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Latest news from the Steemit scam

Latest news from the Steemit scam

1: More and more bugs on the website and with the API these last days.
2: No more validated account for one month. If you want to join Steemit with a free account, forget this. People who wants to create an account will have to pay. Steemit needs more real money?
3: As soon as you earn some STEEMS/VESTS rewards, steemit decreases the amount of delegated STEEMS/VESTS.. You can see at Steemit needs more real money?
4: The last annoouncement at One thing is interesting: “Steem should become even more decentralized”. Great! It shows we are right to tell Steemit is not a real blockchain and I think it will NEVER be the case.
5: Steemit goes on to delegate amounts to accounts left months ago.. Why? They really think that their members will go back? How they can be notified they have received these delegated amounts? Members stopiing to use Steemit will never go back to this poor stupid ‘social network’ haunted by some teams of abusers flagger trolls harassing people and destroying accounts for pointless and unjustified reasons.



Bitcoin Price Tumbles Further: New Low for the Coin

Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin price is tumbling further today, dashing any hopes of a rally that some felt was certain thanks to current extreme oversold conditions.

The world’s largest coin by market cap is currently selling for $3,301.60 USD according to But earlier today, it fell to $3,200, representing a 15-month low for Bitcoin and not helping bulls’ hopes for a revival.

This is the lowest level since September 2017.

Bitcoin Price Drop

In the last four weeks alone, Bitcoin has dropped 49% in price. Surely, sellers are exhausted, and Bitcoin is set to turn around. Earlier this week, BTC began moving upwards towards $3,633, but it did not last. The coin’s failure to produce a worthy bounce back despite being extremely oversold indicates that the bears are winning this war and negative sentiment is strong. A 200-week moving average support of $3,170 has been established and now heading below it may be a real possibility for Bitcoin.

Others Follow

Across the market, the sentiment is once again bearish. Bitcoin Cash’s recent forks Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash are both two of the biggest losers, with declines of approximately 11% and 14% respectively.

It seems the hashrate war between these two coins is doing neither of them any favors. The hard fork happened on November 15th, and the contentious split has caused both coins to lose more than they have gained.

Elsewhere, Stellar is down 7.5%, and EOS is down 5%. Ethereum is down 4.5%.

>> You Can Earn Bitcoin (BTC) While Shopping with the Lolli App


What’s causing the market-wide sell-off?

Notably, investors are worried over the fate of a Bitcoin ETF gaining US approval in February. Also the uncertainty of whether or not (or when) this bear sentiment will end, leaves investors’ prospects for short-term Bitcoin price gains at a paltry level.

However, some are calling this period one of the “best buying opportunities.” At its current prices, rating agency Weiss is a firm believer that Bitcoin will turn around and now is the time to buy.

Featured Image: Depositphotos/© vectorfusionart

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You Can Earn Bitcoin (BTC) While Shopping with the Lolli App

Lolli app

Do you shop frequently at Sephora? Lululemon? Walmart? If you do, a new in-browser app has emerged and wants to give you Bitcoin (BTC). CoinDesk just reported that the app called Lolli just added Sephora to their list of retailers.

Earn Bitcoin (BTC) While Shopping

Lolli gives shoppers cash back after they make purchases at their list of partnered retailers. The Bitcoin rewards startup told CoinDesk that it recently won over Sephora by data. Around 30 percent of Lolli’s active users are women.

“We’ve gone back to a lot of these retailers that previously were not interested but now are coming on-board,” Lolli CEO Alex Adelman told CoinDesk. “One of the biggest ones that just joined us is Sephora, which adds an entire suite of retailers in the beauty category.”

Lolli is also partnered with Sephora’s biggest competitor, Ulta. These retailers pay Lolli for customer referrals in fiat currency, which in turn is converted into Bitcoin for rewards in the app. Many crypto-based startup companies have faced vast layoffs this year, due to the bear market. However, Lolli has only six employees and is gaining some traction.

>> Crypto Users Increased to 35 Million in 2018: What Will 2019 Bring?

Adelman told CoinDesk that Ulta is a huge retailer for the startup company. The tech CEO also claims that men and women alike were consistently requesting Sephora. To earn rewards on Sephora or Ulta, users just have to install the app in their Chrome browser and shop normally. So far, Adelman claims 60 percent of Lolli users become repeat shoppers.

Lolli is currently partnered with 500+ popular retailers. You can earn Bitcoin (BTC) through Lolli by shopping online with these major retailers: Barnes & Noble, Overstock, FinishLine, Michaels, Toms, Macy’s, Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, Lululemon, Groupon, and VRBO.

The Bitcoin startup was launched back in September of 2018, and it has raised $2.35 million so far. On average, Lolli pays out $10 per purchase in BTC.

Featured Image: Depositphotos/© [email protected]

Autonio Welcomes Stan Larimer to Our Advisory Board

More weird things with the steemit scam!

More weird things with the steemit scam!

More weird things with the #steemit #scam!
Look at this picture:


or look it here:

@steem is delegating to hundreds and hundreds of accounts and most of them are no more used! has left her account 3 months ago!!
Why delegating SP to inactive accounts????
Doing this is not useful, is a waste of time, energy and steems with miners working and PAID for nothing….

And more!!
This was posted on the the Anonymous Steemit Victims Defence League webpage:

More and more members are reporting the sociopath trolls like berniesanders: & and about the weird behaviour of some whales: 



It’s proven: Steemit is a SCAM!

blankSome days ago, I was surprised: I did not receive anymore rewards but because Steemit behaviour is complex, chaotic and unpredictable, I did not care about that on the first time.

Until I saw one of my posts on   It was displayed I’ll receive my rewards in 29 minutes. So, I waited and I saw the rewards were RESET TO ZERO and I did not receive the rewards in my wallet!!! WOW!!!!

Since this day, I have investigated with my other accounts: ALL WERE NEVER PAID!!!

One more time (like I reported in my previous post here), there is no information in the accounts and post some details showing that my rewards will not be paid.

So, what does it mean?:

1: Steemit is ‘blocking/freezing’ some accounts, a sort of filter or censorchip. It’s not honest. Robbing people means Steemit is a SCAM.

2: It means that ALL what we do on Steemit is closely monitored and this is made before the datas are transferred into the blockchain. One more time, it shows that Steemit is centralized. It’s not a real blochain.

More later about this scam? I go on to investigate 😉

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Crypto-stuff detected #4 ENG/HUN – Earn tokens while play vol2

Be a pirate, play fun arcade games for Dash, fight with unicorns against dinosaurs, build a civilization, breed pigs instead of kitties!

My series of articles, about crypto-related stuffs, what i find while discover the cryptoverse! If you are interested about crypto, you can enjoy my digest!

This article is more teaser, less review, and this is a kind-of-a-pilot-article, so i may need some upgrade at time.


Cikksorozat, kriptopénz-témához kapcsolódó dolgokról, amelyeket a kriptoverzum felfedezése közben találok. Projektek, appok, játékok, webszolgáltatások, minden, ami a kriptóhoz kapcsolódik.


The gamers are unstoppable, and the game-industry knows this. We have many new or newish games, based on blockchains, and not just those that available for money, then in which you can earn money!


A játékipar pontosan tudja, hogy a játékosok megállíthatatlanok, és folyamatosan szállítja is nekik a napi betevőt. Sok játék tűnik fel blokkláncokon is, amelyek között van, ahol fizetnek neked a játékért, akár saját tokennel, akár bitcoinnal.



ETH-based collectible trading card game. I like this type of game 🙂 Pirates, pvp battles in Arena, for the beginning is available a tutorial and practice match. What is interesting in this game, is that, we don’t know, maybe at time hit the mainstream, and some cryptocollectibles would be really expensive (you can sell it for a tons of money). Or not. But the game and fun is sure 😀



Ethereum alapú gyűjtögetős kártyajáték, ezúttal kalózos kiadásban. Multiplayer lehetőség, ahol összemérheted az erődet, szerencsédet más kalózokkal, a gyakorláshoz tét-nélküli próbameccsek AI ellen. Jól hangzik, főleg, ha valaki szereti a kalózos életérzést. Az előnye és egyben a hátránya is ugyanaz, mint a többi hasonló játéknak. Fizetned kell a “kezdőcsomagért”, viszont ha nagy karriert fut be a későbbiekben a játék, nagy pénzt lehet szakítani vele. Bármi is történik, a játékélmény az viszont adott 🙂



Promotion games of the Dash cryptocurrency, i think, they doesn’t want to make a simple faucet, so they made this 🙂 Short, easy and funny games if you have just a few minutes to take a break or relax, and you can earn Dash. So yes, you need a Dash wallet, to collect the gigantic prizes 😀



A Dash kriptopénz promóciós játékoldala, rövid kis játékokkal, amelyekkel kriptopénzt nyerhetsz, értelemszerűen Dash-t. Elegáns változata a sima faucet-nek, és tökéletes választás, ha csak egy kis szünetet tartanál a munkában.


Rumble Legends

Crazy idea and insane graphics in a game, where you can Fight. With. Unicorns. Against. Dinosaurs 😀 And the best, you don’t have to pay, but you can earn ethereum! Check it and enjoy!



Ethereumot tudsz nyerni egy játékban, ahol unikornisokkal harcolhatsz a dinoszauruszok ellen! Nem szeretnék erről többet mondani, az a legegyszerűbb, ha megnézed a saját szemeddel 😀



A Civilization-like strategic game on ETH-blockchain, i guess, this need a little more time 😉3D graphics, large ingame world, pvp battles. If you like the strategic games, try it!



Civilization-klón stratégiai játék az ETH-blokkláncon. Nem teljesen tiszta, hogy hogyan tudsz ezzel pénzt keresni, de ha amúgy szereted a stratégiai játékokat, érdemes kipróbálni. Én pont nem szeretem ezt a típust, inkább amolyan Red Alert “rajongó” vagyok, de nem tűnik rossznak ez sem.



If you don’t like kitties, or you are just a simple farmer guy like me, you can breed pigs on ethereum-chain 😀 They call them cryptons, cute mysterious creatures, but hey, i know, these are pigs 🙂

So you have to think about bacon, ham, spicy sausage, roast meat… isn’t that better than the cat game? 😀



Cryptokitties helyett kriptodisznók 🙂 Pontosan, itt látható az egyik első blokkláncos játék és a Farmville szagosabbik felének a szerelemgyereke, és bár nagyon gondosan nem sertésnek hívják őket, akinek van szeme, az látja, hogy miről van szó. Adhatod, veheted, tenyészheted a jószágot, az időjárás viszontagságaitól mentesen 🙂 Gondolj közben a szalonnára 😀


More about the Steemit SCAM

For ONE day:
414.352 MVESTS delegated


So many VESTS delegated in ONE day!?!? Do you think they are created by ‘miners’, by posting, commenting, trading or brought by REAL money?

#Steemit goes on to create VESTS. More and more people are leaving this SCAM. With the HardF***ing20 less and less people are interested by this bugged pathetic ‘social network’. Sociopath trolls flaggers are reported.

The Anonymous Steemit Victims Defence League has updated their webpage:


Decentralized Twitter alternatives – and BlockPress



Blockchain-based social media … is here, but still not … there. It requires work. I will list only a few where I made a profile, fund it and started to post.

Just for the record, all these websites are blockchain-based and if you wish to participate, send a message, or sign a memo you have to fund your own stake.

In the long run, this is ok, not much spam to start with, for the beginner can be a bit awkward. Also, all messages are permanent, so no censorship whatsoever.

I am using both websites to promote my blog posts, I started with the Whaleshares first. I hope people there will like it. We don’t know, if we don’t try.


Screenshot_2018-10-19 Memo - aschatria's Profile.png

Based on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. 10 cents USD is enough to start. The average action costs 0.2 cents, which I find ok and rather cheap.
After you fund your wallet with some change you can start communicating and sending messages.
The website is not perfect, but it looks decent enough.
Alexa global rank falls on deep 277 219 place.

? Blockpress

Screenshot_2018-10-19 BlockPress Decentralized Social Network and Communities Powered by Bitcoin Cash and IPFS.png

This is a Twitter cloner built upon Bitcoin Cash blockchain, and a principle is pretty much the same. Fund your wallet, edit profile and start networking.
This website looks far better than the previous one, but assimilating a complete look of Twitter does look a bit strange.
Alexa global rank ranks it on 2 671 324 place.

If you want a few cents to try these website you can easily use Bitcoin faucet, download a smartphone wallet and fund your wallet for free. You will find all necessary instructions on the Memo.Cash.

Cover image attribution



Love, joy and perpetual happiness to all good people. Thank you for visiting my blog

I write for Whaleshares | Trybe | Scorum | Steemit | Memo.Cash | BlockPress | Minds
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Social: ~~Twitter~~ | You?
Promo: Spectrocoin
Web site:
Contact: [email protected]
Discord: aschatria#1254


Find Your Self Buying Stish

Hot Crypto ICO

There are tons of lists online talking about bitcoin and ether and litecoin. There are even more talking about hot crypto ico. Some of these people have even made videos talking about a hot crypto ico. I have watched many and laughed as some have no idea at all about what they are talking about. Being a hot crypto ico isn’t just about how much funding you raise and how fast you raised the funding. To make the hot crypto ico list there should be many other consideration in our opinion.

Let’s Look At A Few Things You Should Look At To See If The Hot Crypto ICO you are looking at is hot or not!

There are tons of projects out there and many are promising you the moon and a free space ride to mars. While blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is pretty awesome there is a bunch of hype in the space today even after the big rise and crash of cryptocurrency in 2018. Yes in 2017 many cryptocurrency went crazy and pricing drove to new heights as the media and average people from around the world for the first time actually purchased crypto or digital currency for the first time. Many having only heard of the new digital money just weeks before trying to learn all about cryptocurrency and the hot crypto ico’s to get in on the ground floor. Were there many millionaires made? Yes, but let’s be real I was not one of them. Most people did not get in early enough and many got caught with their pants down!

In this article we will reveal a few things you need to look out for when looking at hot crypto ico’s to bet on. Let look at a quick list and then go over each one together.

  • Brand Awareness
  • Team Awareness
  • Problems Solved
  • Is it doable
  • Developments
  • Financial Plans.

Many will argue that this list is not in the right order. This might be true for people who are looking for a sure bet. Far too often people will rule out high quality token ico projects too early because it might be missing one of the things on my list early on in their inspection if the ICO. The above list is not in any special order on purpose. Each project ICO should be examined in its entirety and then a decision should be made whether the ico is hot or not.

hot crypto ico

Let Us Now Examine Each Component To Determine The Hot Crypto ICO

  • Brand Awareness is important. Far too often many of these cryptos are choosing very confusing names of domain names for their project that is very hard to spell or remember. Often they are using a brand name for their project that is completely different than the brand name for their crypto and this is a bad sign. When everything is too confusing it might not be the hot crypto ico that it appears to be right now. Many people will look at a hot crypto ico several times before deciding to pull the trigger on getting in. Having a difficult brand or the brand associations are wacky will make it a challenge. We know from personal experience that having to rebrand anything about your project after the fact is a challenge. Many people with excellent ideas get started and perhaps are too creative and overlook the basics with branding. Don’t jump ship on a hot crypto ICO just over branding issues but it is something to consider.


  • Many hot crypto ico guides will tell you to look at the team. Ok that is a great idea kind of. Many people involved in cryptocurrency love their anonymity. Some will use fake names and fame photos because in their country being a part of a cryptocurrency can get them life in prison or a firing squad. Some governments mainly do to how much control the large banking giants have over the world economy have made laws that are not friendly to crypto. Sometimes this means that people must hide their real identity from their jobs and government for fear of death or loss of economic position. This is a shame but is true. Many hot ico projects had just fake names and fake people all together and were running scams. Do some serious research and make sure that at least some of the people are real people and are not complete ghosts online. No online presence is a red flag most times. However, there are some great projects that are anonymous that I support and invest in so if I said never ever go with an unknown team I would be a hypocrite.  Even if a project has a great team, how do you really even know that? C’mon man, unless this is what you do for a living then there is no way to tell who all of these people are and whether they are a good team or a bad team really. In the real world most of the dirty coding work is done by a handful of people. This is like 90% of the hard part really. There might be 100 people overall involved to make the 100% completed project. Hot Crypto ICO teams is kind of a myth. People can buy prestige and pr firms to pump up their image. Don’t be fooled!


  • Knowing if there is even a problem to solve is essential to knowing how much value the ico project really brings to the table. Some people are good at spinning stories and telling tall tales. These same expert writers might have you convinced that if we do not do something about a certain problem right now the whole earth is going to be destroyed. The problem exists but the level of detriment  to society is often conflated. But this caused people to panic and make rash decisions which is great. Hey, who doesn’t need a little extra fear and stress in their life right? A hot crypto ico will have a well defined problem that you can clearly see needs to be solved. However, this may or may not be resolved best with blockchain technology or crypto currency. Keep this in mind. You will see on most people’s list that a hot crypto ico will solve  a problem. If it doesn’t solve a problem don’t invest!

This is total BS. Solving a problem certainly helps but there are tons of video games being built around crypto that suck. The games graphics are terrible, the names are bad, they are being developed poorly to say the least and crypto is being added in. Which there are some gaming applications where crypto would actually do best but adding to an existing game might be better verses developing a crap game and adding crypto to it. Find a game like plants vs zombies 2 and talk them into building 3 and powering it with crypto! All of that in game currency, can be spent on other games or traded for other crypto and then you can get paid to play games for real! Watch Sony add crypto to games in the future. The market would allow people who want to buy in game currency to buy from other users not just the Game Maker! This is why it might not ever fly in real world games unless the real world game maker was smart enough to own the exchange and charge fees like coinbase or changelly!

  • Is it doable? This is a great question. So some hot crypto ico projects will have great ideas but the technology is nowhere near ready to do what they want to do. So the answer is no. It can’t be done until some other major technological advancement happens then it is likely never going to happen. Think about the this for a second. If you could have bought a newspaper business 20 years ago you might have made money for 2 more years before the internet really took over and newspaper were lost. If you knew smartphone were really coming or kindle readers then why not build your business around a digital model?

They could not predict the future well enough to know the future would be a ton of fake news and entertainment only news broadcasts. They never would have thought that almost all media is owned by a few large corporations. That the technology that was supposed to free people’s minds and allow them to learn anything at a moments noticed would actually end up causing the collapse of the whole newspaper, television, radio, industry collapse. What I’m getting at is that a ton of people could have looked at some of the tech companies like amazon and many did and they said it wasn’t doable.  Many said facebook would never overtake myspace! People said bing would compete with google. But is it doable? Really can what the project says it wants to accomplish be done? If it can be done then it is likely a good project and you have insight like no one else has ever had.

  • If the ideas are just all on paper and there is nothing at all to show that they are working on a project you might should reconsider. Anyone can setup a free github account or bitbucket account. There should be something there. Even if the activity isn’t much there should be one in existence. For me the day of buying that hot crypto ico with a big idea that solves the world’s problems and makes me feel all gooey is over. I will hopefully not be scammed again…. To be scammed means a company or individual had the intent to scam you. There are scammers out there that exist. Many scams are not actually scams though. Often people or companies put out a ton of effort and just ultimately fail. Most businesses fail actually according to leading business stats.

The success rate of hot crypto ico projects has yet to be seen but I’m going to guess that it is in the 10-20% range of success. If you are scared of failure you will never try and if you never fail you will never succeed! Never risk more money than you are comfortable losing in any hot crypto ico period. Just don’t fall for it. Even if you could be  gazillionaire one day don’t waste all of your money on the next hot crypto ico. No matter how great the idea is and how doable the goals are the actual plans could not work. The key people could quit the project. The project could be wonderful but ahead of its time or not marketed well. There are many reasons a hot crypto ico fails. One reason is likely under funding and mismanagement of the financials not a deliberate act to scam anyone.

  • Financials might be the key to determining if an ico will truly catch fire and be a hot crypto ico. I would say that we here at Stish need to invest around 50 cents of every dollar earned on marketing until the natural growth of membership can overcome the marketing ROI and even then there will always be a steady need for marketing as some people will leave, pass away, get bored, be placed in jail, get married, have kids, etc and need to be replaced. Knowing how a company plans to spend the money raised from the TOKEN EVENT or TOKEN ICO is critical I think to whether you should spend one penny! If there is no plan there is no investment of my money period. I can overlook almost everything else but I know that a proper plan needs to be in place or it can’t be implemented. There are many successful token ico projects that have been kind enough to help us save some time with Stish and share some things they learned. For this we are very thankful as it will save us money and time.

Do your due diligence and understand how much currency supply is being sold, given away, added to a rewards pool, given to owners or founders, given to advisers etc. You want to know how much of the crypto is being sold of the total supply and here is why…. If there is a currency that is being sold for let’s say 0.01 USD or 1 cent per cryptocurrency and they only plan to sell 1000 then they will not raise enough funds to do anything really productive. Many people laughed when I said I wanted to raise close to 3 Million USD. The difference between them and me is that I understand the costs that it will take to be a successful token and brand for the long haul. We at Stish understand what our costs will be to scale to the desired 100,000 Minimum Users one day. We know that just to reach our first 10,000 members can cost as much as $5 per person. We also know that the average person will spend $10 to buy some Stish to help fund the development.

If you have read the whole guide you know that we know that sometimes no matter how well you plan things don’t go as planned.

We have been able to adapt and overcome like a super hero. We are almost 100% self funded and that has been awesome. We have to give up less of the currency in order to raise the funding needed to take the platform to new heights. By owning more of the currency we can be certain that we can help shape the community plus as needed in the future sell some more Stish, only if needed, and raise capital for future demands or development. We have Stish set aside just for this and once the currency is trading well and the markets are comfortable we could perhaps sell some Stish to cover those unplanned moments that actually happen in real life.

There are many tokens and hot crypto ico projects that you can get involved in. All of them have there positives and negatives. Most will take years to really show any return on investment. Some might be so hot that they jump up fast  and you can monitor these and take action as needed. Blockchain technology and crypto currency isn’t always the best solution for every problem.

We have our own currency and platform and we would love for you to consider us in your hot crypto token news or portfolio.

Find Your Self Buying Stish

This article is an opinion piece and should not be taken a professional, trading or investment advice. You should seek the services of a competent professional. An ICO refers to an Initial Coin Offering. This might be illegal to participate in depending on your country of origin.


A probant experiment with the Steemit SCAM!

I wanted to make a test with this scam. So, I created a lot of accounts, more than twenty. My strategy was: Using a ‘stealth mode’ by minimizing the interactions and see what will happen.

So, I chose to NOT post but only COMMENT. Each of my accounts will upvote and comment every other comments of all the other accounts. No AUTO upvote because of the sociopath flaggers trolls.
Each of my accounts cannot comment more than one time a day (because of the trolls flaggers who flag people posting or commenting more than x times a day..).
A sort of undernet, a net inside the net.

There is the result:

1: I earn rewards when I comment. I earn rewards when I upvote. I earn rewards when my other accounts upvote my comments. And this, with all my accounts. So I have a question: From where these rewards (STEEMS) are coming??? I never invested some real money in this scam.
As I have posted previously, STEEMS are ‘created’ when foolish people spends some REAL MONEY into this scam. But it’s not enough. VESTS (parts of STEEMS) are allocated (delegations) to all the new members. All these rewards I have received cannot be ‘paid’ with the REAL MONEY invested in this scam. One more time, it shows the STEEMS are permanently created. It explains also why after more than 2 years, STEEMIT has still NO VALUE and most exchangers do not want to deal with this FAKE cryptocurrency.

2: Some days ago, the admin @steem has UNdelegated around 10 of my accounts! WOOOWWW!!! It looks like the admin does not like members earning rewards without spending real money in his scam. It looks more and more like the old famous scam DXGold.

3: Despite my stealth strategy, 2 of my accounts were targeted by 2 trolls flaggers. One is a permanent troll bot. The account targeted by this bot is DEAD. Thanks to this sociopath. They don’t like what you post/comment, so they destroy your account… what a pity!

That’s all folks!


Crypto-stuff detected #3 ENG/HUN – Earn tokens during the game

Eat people as a zombie, be a war-rider, do pump&dump, and earn real BTC in a MMORPG!

I start a series of articles, about crypto-related stuffs, what i find on Steemhunt, on a producthunt platform, where i’m a member, and i can dig cool stuffs. If i’m a boring person, i write to “my top5 hunt today”, or something like this. But isn’t top5, it is the topCRYPTO.

Of course, you can do it yourself on Steemhunt, there’s hundreds of products each day, but if you are interested about crypto, you can enjoy my digest, doesn’t need to spend hours there!

This article is more teaser, less review, and this is a kind-of-a-pilot-article, so i may need some upgrade at time.


Új cikksorozatot indítok, a Steemhunt oldalon talált kriptopénz-témához kapcsolódó dolgokról. Projektek, appok, webszolgáltatások, minden, ami a kriptóhoz kapcsolódik. Nem napi top5-ként, hanem topKRIPTÓként.


The gamers are unstoppable, and the game-industry knows this. We have many new or newish games, based on blockchains, and not just those that available for money, then in which you can earn money!


A játékipar pontosan tudja, hogy a játékosok megállíthatatlanok, és folyamatosan szállítja is nekik a napi betevőt. Sok játék tűnik fel blokkláncokon is, amelyek között van, ahol fizetnek neked a játékért, akár saját tokennel, akár bitcoinnal.Játssz zombiként, robbantsd fel a riválisok járműveit egy sivatagos, posztapokaliptikus Földön, vagy játssz online szerepjátékkal, ahol a cég btc-vel jutalmaz a teljesítményedért!


It seems funny 😀 In the bored games you are faced alone with the enemy, just with your weapons, and you try to protect your brain, against the zombies. But not in this one! Be you the zombie! Discover new perspectives, meet new people, and eat them!

Photo #1 from Dunaremete, Hungary by kriptonik made on 2018-10-18 13:12 for Sola

In this game you can earn the ERC-20 ZOB token, what currently you can convert 0.0005 ETH/1 ZOB on exchange.


Zombihorroros játék apró csavarral, itt zombit alakítasz, nem túlélőt 🙂 Nem olyan unalmas, mint a 12 egy tucat zombivírusos játékok, amelyekből több, mint elég született az elmúlt évtizedben. Fedezz fel új perspektívákat, találkozz új emberekkel, aztán fald fel őket!A játékon belül egy ERC-20 tokent, a ZOB-ot kapod, amelyet aztán Ethereumra válthatsz.


A Mad Max inspired MMO game, in the post-apocalyptic future, where’s no money anymore, except BENZENE, the last cryptocurrency, “and all people are killing each other for it”. Strong start 🙂 If you liked the Carmageddon series, i think, you should make a try 😉

I dont find nothing about the benzene, so i dont know, its worth something or not, but the game is cool.

Photo #2 from Dunaremete, Hungary by kriptonik made on 2018-10-18 13:12 for Sola


A Carmageddon és a Mad Max szerelemgyerekeként jött világra ez a játék, ahol a sivár, sivatagos jövőben az utolsó megmaradt kriptovalutát, a BENZENE-t hajszolva nyírják egymást a játékosok. Ezek szerint a btc a jövőben elveszti a dominanciáját a kriptoverzumban 😀

Magáról a tokenről nem tudok többet, szóval könnyen előfordulhat, hogy semmit sem ér (na de majd a jövőben!), viszont a játék elég király!


A collectible, pimpable (is there such a word at all?) card game, based on EOS blockchain. For this you need some eos in your wallet, and you can’t earn directly coins, but like in Crytokitties, the ingame items are tradeable.

Photo #3 from Dunaremete, Hungary by kriptonik made on 2018-10-18 13:12 for Sola

And the Hamster-Neo is priceless 😀


Először azt hittem, valamilyen tőzsdeszimulátor lesz, ahol shitcoinokat kell dédelgetnünk, miközben cilinderben szivarozva kacagunk a dumpolt kisbefektetők jajszaván. De nem az. Klasszikus gyűjtögetős kártyajáték az EOS blokkláncon, párviadalokat játszhatsz a pakliddal, amely lapjait mindenféle megvásárolható tárggyal turbózhatod, így javítva az esélyeidet.

A kulcsszó itt a megvásárolható, ez ugyanis nem fizet neked a játékért (sőt, eos kell ahhoz, hogy játssz), viszont ha átveszi a Crytokitties helyét, egy-egy komolyabb lap elképzelhetetlen összegekért fog gazdát cserélni, abban biztos vagyok.


Average MMORPG, but you can receive real BTC from the developer company GMO, based on your rank and missions! The company have own btc-mining operation for rewards, so maybe your old dream comes true, you can earn money during play games 🙂

Photo #4 from Dunaremete, Hungary by kriptonik made on 2018-10-18 13:12 for Sola


Ez egy ingyenes, klasszikus online szerepjáték Androidra és IOs-re, egy karaktert alakítasz, akivel le kell zúznod az ellenfeleidet. A játék nem blokkláncon fut, viszont a fejlesztők bitcoinnal jutalmazzák a teljesítményed. Ehhez a saját bányász-szekciójukat is létrehozták, hogy legyen miből finanszírozni a kifizetéseket. Ez mindenesetre előremutató hozzáállás, ha felül tudsz emelkedni az erősen rajzfilmes (értsd cuki animés) grafikán, érdemes tenni vele egy próbát.

Crypto-stuff detected #1 ENG/HUN

Hello dear reader!

I start a series of articles, about crypto-related stuffs, what i find on Steemhunt, on a producthunt platform, where i’m a member, and i can dig cool stuffs. If i’m a boring person, i write to “my top5 hunt today”, or something like this. But isn’t top5, it is the topCRYPTO :)This article is more teaser, less review, and this is a pilot-article, so i may need some upgrade at time 😉


Új cikksorozatot indítok, a Steemhunt oldalon talált kriptopénz-témához kapcsolódó dolgokról. Projektek, appok, webszolgáltatások, minden, ami a kriptóhoz kapcsolódik. Nem napi top5-ként, hanem topKRIPTÓként 🙂


Etherquest by TheManualBot

A blockchain-based game, where you can play and earn money. Sounds cool 🙂 And it is a battle arena, so pretty sure, you will not be kitties to meet 😉


Blokklánc alapú böngészős (?) rpg(?), ahol a játékkal tokeneket, azaz pénzt kereshetsz. Mivel az online játékipar ténylegesen ipar, és ehhez mérhető a benne forgó pénz mennyisége is, szerintem érdemes próbát tenni vele, ha szeretsz játszani.


Viberate by Edje

Quote: “Viberate provides a comprehensive and curated database of Events, Artists, Venues, Promoters and Agencies. Kinda the LinkedIn++ of the music industry. VIB tokens can be earned by contributions: adding artists, venues and events.”

Hm, are you a partyface or partyface? ?


Egy átfogó adatbázis különböző zenei rendezvényekről, zenészekről, helyszínekről, promóciókról és zenei ügynökségekről. Tulajdonképpen egy muzsikus-linkedin ? A platformon való aktivitásért VIB tokent kapsz. Ez az aktivitás konkrétan adatfeltöltést is jelent az adatbázisba, tehát ha felteszel egy bulihelyszínt, azzal pénzt kereshetsz. Ez elég jól hangzik.


CryptoGamersCommunity by Barineka

Hm, since the Cryptokitties has started, we know, the gaming industry is HUGE. There is no different in case of blockchain-games neither. And who know, which game will be the next big deal? Maybe you make a warrior in a simple rpg, and then 2-3 years later, you can sell it for thousands of bucks ?

This community seems good starting point, if you want to learn more about the crypto-games.



A Cryptokitties játék óta tudjuk, hogy nagy pénzek mozognak a gémer-iparban, és ez alól a blokklánc-alapú játékok sem kivételek. Talán pont múlt havi hír, hogy közel 70 MILLIÓ forintért kelt el az egyik macska a játékon belül. Nem rossz pénz egy kis tamagocsizásért, azt gondolom.

Ilyenkor ott motoszkál a gondolat az emberben, hogy vajon melyik játék lesz a következő nagy durranás? Van sok fizetős, van több ingyenes, és van olyan is, amelyikben tokeneket kereshetsz játék közben. Ezekről jön egy külön gyűjtemény is a közeljövőben ? Ha komolyabban el szeretnél merülni ebben a világban, ez a közösségi oldal jó kiindulópont lehet. Aztán ha három év múlva eladod az egyik nevelgetett karaktered többtízmillióért, csak írj nekem, megmondom, hol tudsz meghívni egy sörre ?



Bitcoin Dominance Reaches 58% – Ethereum Continues to Drop



Bitcoin dominance has reached its highest point this year, currently it’s sitting at a whopping 58% of the total cryptocurrency market capitalization. While many altcoins are currently deep in the red, Bitcoin is holding on to positions above $6000. Bitcoin might be one of the few coins able to retain most of its value, that doesn’t mean we’re out of the bear market just yet.

Read more


Selling My Music for Cryptocurrency

Selling My Music For Stish and Crypto-Currencies


I’m steadily understanding the Stish protocol and how it will help to support me and my music in the future. With the popularity of Cryptocurrencies and impending doom of the once fruitful money cow that are the record labels, I’d like to offer my EP for sale here on Steemthat.


SteemThat and Stish have gotten me very excited regarding the future development of my creative musical world. How great is it that we can sell something that others really love to listen to for a digital currency which can then be traded or sold? Musicoin is already doing that but it’s early days for this radical shift in digital sales and streaming. Stish would be a preferable method for me to help this platform grow and blossom!

My music is now selling steadily on Steemit with my fans paying in STEEM or SBD through the direct download links that I create with each post. This is a very exciting time for me and many other quality musicians on the blockchains. I understand that, some users will obviously just go and download it for free, which is rather annoying but, I need to speculate to accumulate and I’m willing to take that chance. Music is my life, passion and therapy, and I write most days. I have so much more musical creations to produce and release here on SteemThat, Steemit, Dsound and Musicoin which will positivly promote and develop a good following, hence, enabling me to realise my dreams of musical success and self-actualisation. I wrote a post here on my Steemthat blog yesterday with direct download Dropbox links to my music. You won’t even need a Dropbox account to download! so what are you waiting for?


Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment on my plans.








Enam hari menuju London Cryptocurrency show steemit


Enam hari ke pertunjukan Cryptocurrency London

Saya mendukung penuh pertunjukan Cryptocurrency London yang diadakan di ibukota Inggris London.
Acara ini sangat membantu untuk mengembangkan steemit di seluruh dunia.
Acara ini juga didukung penuh oleh beberapa tokoh penting di steemit terutama aplikasi witnes Creator esteem @ good-karma
Dan ada beberapa tokoh lain yang berpartisipasi dalam hal ini dan memberikan dukungan penuh ….

Enam hari menuju London Cryptocurrency show

Saya mendukung penuh acara London Cryptocurrency Show yang diadakan di ibukota Inggris, London
Acara ini sangat membantu untuk mengembangkan steemit keseluruh dunia.
Acara Penyanyi also di Dukung Penuh Oleh beberapa tokoh Penting Yang ADA di steemit terutama Seorang witnes Pencipta Aplikasi esteem @ baik-karma
Dan ADA beberapa tokoh lainnya Yang Ikut berpartisipasi Dalam hal ini kami Dan memberikan Dukungan Penuh ….


Bitocoin Mining for Beginners

Hey there guys.

I know many of you who wants to tap into the bitcoin momentum are wondering what is Bitcoin Mining.

I got you covered with this detailed video on how to start bitcoin mining.



I hope you enjoy watching this video.


Bitcoin’s value is driven by human emotion, not code. Thoughts?

In the past week, Bitcoin took a dramatic tumble after its historic 1,400pc rally. The digital currency eventually rebounded only hours later but it left Bitcoin investors reeling with fears that the bubble had finally burst.

While data scientists, software developers and financial engineers are busy at work on more complex algorithmic trading platforms to better predict – and optimise – this volatility, they may be looking in the wrong place. Software code and computer science might provide part of the answers but the rest can be found through a surprising source: the humanities.

Bitcoin, like any currency, is really just an expression of mutual trust in cultural norms and practices. It is a feat of our collective imaginations that we can all agree on our varied currency narratives. I trust that my five goats are going to be worth your five shells, for example.

Cyber currency enthusiasts continue to argue that blockchain technology obviates the need for messy and outdated conceits such as trust in institutional banking and trading clearing houses.

And yet, while Bitcoin security may be predicated on mathematics, Bitcoin value is an intrinsically social calculation. Consequently, humanities continue to be our best way of teasing out the nuances in ideas around shared cultural understandings and beliefs.

So where can we turn when we want to better understand the radically changing notions of value that exist in this new wave of crypto assets? The investor Bob Miller, of Miller Value Partners in Baltimore, is betting big on philosophy. He just made a $75m gift to the philosophy department at Johns Hopkins University, believing that a strong humanities faculty will give our society smarter thinkers.

When our shared understanding of worth undergoes a fundamental structural shift, algorithmic modelling is not going to give us any insights. Only the humanities can help us gain perspective around our changing norms, networks and social institutions.

The idea that the humanities provide some of the essential building blocks to financial and business success strikes us as radical in the midst of a preoccupation with an algorithmic understanding of the world. Yet it was not so long ago when it was commonplace for leaders in finance, media, or policy to have a background in the humanities.

For instance, Ken Chenault, former chief executive of American Express, cited his in-depth study of history as a touchstone for his leadership and managerial acumen; Carly Fiorina, president and chief executive of Hewlett Packard from 1999 to 2005, described her undergraduate major in medieval history as the perfect foundation for understanding the hi-tech world; the investor Carl Icahn’s senior thesis in philosophy at Princeton was titled, The Problem of Formulating an Adequate Explication of the Empiricist Criterion of Meaning; and Steven Schwartzman, chief executive of the private equity firm Blackstone, chose an interdisciplinary major at Yale that he described as “psychology, sociology, anthropology, and biology, which is really sort of the study of the human being”.

It used to be assumed that a better understanding of culture and shared worlds – the cyberpunk world from which Bitcoin emerged, for example – would create better investment and business decisions.

Today we rush far too quickly into an understanding based on aggregation and quantification. And yet when Bitcoin takes its investors on a wild ride, it’s a uniquely human phenomenon.

Without tapping into the human sciences, we will never really come close to understanding why it happened and what it all means.

Sam Broye

10 invitations for the LVTmining


 Apparently I have the opportunity to give to 10 people an invitation for the LVTMining:

Invitation: Each LivesOne account will have 10 invitation quotation to invite friends to sign up

The Symbiosism Economy Foundation Is Introducing LVT Mining Through Mining Browser!

A collaboration between LivesOne and Maxthon browser

LivesOne Whitepaper
If you are interested click on the link above and follow the instructions  ^_^


Top 10 Crypto Gainers for 2018-01-24


Mediamodifier / Pixabay

Here are the top gainers of the Top 100 coins (by market cap) on Coinmarketcap.
as of 1/24/2018 22:37:43 EST

Note that Steem is the second highest gainer today!

Top 100 Rank Name Market Cap Price Volume (24h) Change (24h)
41 IOST IOStoken $777,055,940 $0.11 $762,731,000 174.40%
24 STEEM Steem $1,685,815,132 $6.80 $327,265,000 59.80%
79 PART Particl $357,742,990 $40.43 $9,795,680 57.45%
59 ELF aelf $502,852,500 $2.01 $201,124,000 43.03%
61 AE Aeternity $493,733,097 $2.12 $3,748,090 37.41%
47 HSR Hshare $681,101,409 $16.01 $183,491,000 32.36%
69 ZCL ZClassic $436,301,523 $137.80 $10,023,400 31.41%
66 BTM Bytom $446,507,943 $0.45 $36,037,600 30.62%
32 BTS BitShares $1,128,042,724 $0.43 $66,623,800 30.51%
55 GBYTE Byteball Bytes $554,008,302 $858.63 $1,464,290 23.69%

Best Crypto Deals – Get a 1/1millionth stake in these Top 100 coins for less than $500




xresch / Pixabay

Don’t know where I heard it,, but the idea of buying 1 millionth of a coin’s market cap while the coin is inexpensive and riding it up sounds like a good idea.

The problem is no one knows what the next coin to moon (as people call a coin’s rapid rise) is.

Here’s a list of the top 100 coins from Coinmarketcap where 1 millionth of market cap is less than $500.

(accurate as of 1/23/2018 21:55:40 EST)

I’m only showing those that have gains in the last 24 hours.


Rank Name Market Cap Price Volume (24h) Change (24h) $/millthMCap
99 TNB Time New Bank $234,852,454 $0.14 $77,275,200 32.28% $234.85
69 CNX Cryptonex $365,143,376 $8.10 $488,953 25.29% $365.14
98 PLR Pillar $239,072,379 $1.05 $767,192 7.79% $239.07
53 HSR Hshare $498,618,151 $11.72 $110,859,000 5.14% $498.62
81 ENG Enigma $312,655,046 $4.18 $7,719,440 3.89% $312.66
65 FCT Factom $406,846,631 $46.52 $9,150,080 3.29% $406.85
68 AION Aion $371,319,442 $4.76 $11,389,600 2.06% $371.32
100 GAME GameCredits $232,661,330 $3.62 $3,226,040 1.70% $232.66
67 POWR Power Ledger $371,610,817 $1.02 $58,177,400 1.58% $371.61
97 PAY TenX $242,536,887 $2.32 $9,816,470 1.49% $242.54
64 SMART SmartCash $415,983,717 $0.67 $939,905 0.44% $415.98
71 AE Aeternity $357,747,010 $1.54 $2,428,310 0.17% $357.75
66 SALT SALT $392,600,265 $7.49 $10,776,600 0.11% $392.60



Get bonus 50 VIU coin for sign-up

World first decentralized video sharing platform just like youtube but deference it share coin with it’s user just for watching video- like -share-comment and for follow.

Right now they Give you 50 VIU coin freely!  Now 1 VIU Coin= 0.06 USD where starting price only $0.02! So it’s already increase 3X!  WOW!!


                                      Click here to Join Now

 Minimum Withdraw From Viuly is 100 VIU Coins.
But there’s only one condition that your account must  be rank of Junior!





How to Rank On Viuly

This is a very common asking but the answer is easy must follow this

  1. like-share-comment and follow other channel
  2. upload  good video content
  3. donate VIU other
  4. show more activity here. by this you get   jr.rank in very quick time










Bitcoin $31 Million Hack



On Tuesday, the company behind Tether announced that the exchange was attacked and tokens from the Tether Treasury wallet were sent to an unauthorized bitcoin address. Tether is a cryptocurrency used by bitcoin exchanges to facilitate trades with fiat currencies. Tether has a market capitalization of $675 million and is ranked as the world’s 20th most valuable virtual currency. The tokens are pegged to fiat currencies allowing users to store and transfer globally and instantly. The company behind Tether said that the tokens are 100% backed by fiat currencies.

Bitcoin’s value took a hit, about $500 but it rebounded later in the day. Bitcoin reached a high of $8,339 in New York trading. So it appears that the hack, although significant, was short term. The hack did fuel the claims that cryptocurrencies maybe too insecure to be consider for use as a mainstream financial trading instrument.


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