Self~Empowerment: Today’s Positive Statement- 09/20/19~

Today’s self-empowering statement to positively affect yourself:


“I have the power to pave my own path, blaze my own trail, and determine for myself how I shall live my life! I am choosing to learn from my negative experiences to strengthen me, to better me, and to improve me! I am choosing to reflect on my positive experiences with gratitude to keep me forging forward for more of the same! I am empowering through my challenges, hardships, and difficulties…”

to continue a greater life!

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Inspiration Tuesday~ 07/23/19

Move forward for the better over the worse regardless of your past, and empower through as you deserve to continue. You know it could be worse, so remind yourself how much better you can enjoy it to be, have it as such, and do as you please to your heart’s content! Enjoy all that you can while positively affecting your life.

“The greater the challenge to overcome, the greater the accomplishment and or achievement!” Just sharing this bit of inspiration today to get your attitude, emotions, and perspective benefiting you in your ideal direction. Inspire yourself into action today just I am doing! Determine at what level and degree will your awesomeness be today while paving your own path. You deserve to continue for greater days, for greater weeks, and greater months for a great year.

Live beyond survival, thrive on love, and strive for joyful memories. Enjoy your interests, passions, and hobbies to help bring out the best version of yourself for greater successful outcomes. It’s your precious life, so leave your past behind for a better future you deserve… CHEERS~

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The significance of psychological wellness to the individual and society

The significance of psychological wellness to the individual and society

Psychological wellness objectives

In view of what was referenced in the primary scene, emotional well-being is worried about the arrangement of people, in treating them, and in keeping them from conduct mental imperfections in their different phases of advancement. In this manner, we should think about the person inside his family and keeping in mind that learning the school. Throughout everyday life, just as far as its relations with society in its comprehensiveness. Accordingly, the investigation of the individual, this gathering of powers that effect and impact them, will offer us the chance to get familiar with the state wherein these powers must be in connection to the development of the person in the most ideal style.

The significance of emotional wellness for the person

Emotional wellness is significant for the individual, in view of the accompanying contemplations:

1 – Understanding self: The person who appreciates psychological wellness is simply the person who concurs knows himself and knows their necessities and objectives.

2 – Compatibility: By this implies individual congruity with smugness and comprehension of himself as well as other people around him.

3 – Mental wellbeing makes the life of the individual free of strain and disturbance and continuous clashes, which makes him feel content with himself.

4 – psychological well-being makes the individual solid towards difficulty and emergencies and make his identity incorporated capacities perform in a rational and coordinated.

5 – Mental wellbeing makes the individual ready to control his feelings and feelings, and along these lines cause him to carry on the correct conduct and avoid the wrong conduct.

6 – a definitive objective of psychological well-being is to accomplish the biggest number of people inside the social condition.


Mindful Thursday~ 04/11/19

Here is today’s Mindful-Amusement to improve your self-awareness and improve your self-management, as your great life continues~

Don’t settle for less knowing there is more for you! More to better yourself for better moments of today, an appreciative yesterday, and ideal tomorrow. Self~love, because you deserve to be that much better, as the world needs you~

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Colleges Offer to Take Percentage of Future Income

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Colleges are offering an alternative to students whom don’t want loans to pay a percentage of future salaries.  This trend is likely to continue as more potential students are realizing that a diploma is not garnering the pay level it once did.  So called prestigious college / university names are not commanding the livable salaries they once did.

Now there is a different paradigm where knowledge is once again becoming king.  Up to now, the king was nepotism, having the right pedigree, having the right friends etc.  As the economic base sinks, people are coming to the realization that connections, networking etc. are not comparable to performance and the actual knowledge to make things work.

Family is important but to rely on these ties to succeed is a mistake.  The English royals tried to interbreed to keep the bloodline pure, all this accomplished was to create a race of inbreeds.  To expound, inbreeding is anathema to progress.  In short, human evolution is to isolate and inhibit the recessive trait and to promote the dominate trait.  This will provide the species the best chance of survival.  By going against the ‘Natural Law’ is to ask for failure.

Colleges / Universities are about to become passe, their usefulness has passed due to their greed.  Education is essential but at what cost.  The point where the economic cost exceeds its potential value has be breached.  Educators have exceeded their value and should be reigned in.  Tuition costs have exceeded the rate of inflation and the return has fallen so it is no longer economically viable to pursue a classical education.

The blatant audacity displayed by so called professors trying to dictate the thoughts of their students is deplorable.  Education is to elucidate the student’s ability to think rather than to control what they think.

I anticipate that higher learning centers will evolve into an online environment and the over bloated faculty will be left unemployed.  There is no way a thinking student would sacrifice their future earnings to a antiquated educator.

Teaching and Learning

          Teamwork Makes The Dream Work



I found a passion for teaching after delivering a drumming workshop nearly 10 years ago. So I decided to retrain and share my knowledge with others.

I hope you find my post a useful read and please feel free to use any of the resources that I’ve created, as I’ll be posting more over the next few days.

“It is the supreme art of the teacher

To awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”

Albert Einstein



Review your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle.



As a music specialist and tutor at a special educational needs school, my role is to teach the students rhythm and drumming techniques that will enable them to get the best use out of their instruments. I am responsible for their development as far as getting them ready to perform in a live performance at the end of the school term, for instance, the Christmas production or a special event in the school calendar.

In order to do this, I must build a strong professional relationship between myself and the students which enable them to feel confident and safe, overcoming the boundaries often faced by teachers in my field is also an important skill to learn as the behavioural, emotional and physical demands can become a real issue if they are not addressed early.

In order to carry out my roles and responsibilities in this position effectively, there are certain professional skills required.

These can be divided into 4 different categories

Teacher as a person:

 Confident in communication

 Flexible and patient

 Empathetic and engaging

 Approachable and humorous

Teacher as a classroom manager and organiser:

 Good behaviour management

 Consistent and fair

 Lesson control

 Time management

Teacher teaching:

 Passionate about the subject

 Allow for equal opportunities

 Fun and engaging lessons for all

 Student centered activities

Teacher monitoring student progress and potential:

 A good range of assessment methods

 Aware of student well being

 Realistic target setting

 Give written and verbal feedback where necessary

The Teacher Training Cycle



The teaching/training cycle provides a cohesive structure within which roles responsibilities and boundaries can be assessed and reflected upon. The structure of the cycle is very well balanced so the teacher is able to multi-task stages in a constantly developing way. This ensures that the teacher and students reflective growth of role, responsibilities and boundaries remains core to reaching an understanding of the aims and objectives relating to development and the course.

Roles, responsibilities and boundaries



Teacher Roles

• Deliver course content

• Become role model

• Design schemes of work

• Catering for different learning styles

• Implement and deliver

• Implement and deliver

• Plan and design

• Identify needs

Teacher Responsibilities

• Motivation skills

• Responsible for completed work

• Assessing and marking

• Classroom health and safety

• Attending meetings

• CPD and training

• Planning and design

• Assess and evaluate

• Assess and evaluate

• Identify needs

• Plan and design

Teacher Boundaries


Photo taken by me at Calke Abbey

Mutual respect

   •    Safeguarding issues

   •    Managing communication and 
        relationships in the establishment

   •    Setting boundaries and needs

   •    Implement deliver

   •    Identify needs

   •    Plan and design

   •    Implement and deliver

Identify needs



There are different procedures for identifying learning needs. Many times, in trying to identify the needs of students, a Teacher can find their selves going back to student records which contain personal details and learning needs with information on their preferred learning styles. Students’ gender, age, moral, social, cultural and spiritual backgrounds do vary, so are their reasons for the course. This is why as a teacher in my subject area I look at students’ motivation and behaviour closely in order to identify their needs.

Plan and design

cycle1 (1).png


From what I have learnt from my subject area and the School where I teach, planning and designing what is to be taught needs careful planning. Designing lesson objectives, creating different teaching methods and using media based tools really help the students with the overall learning experience which is in line with the organisation and evaluative procedures.




The stage of delivery for me as a special needs music teacher is vital. This is where, after all the planning and design is done, I have to deliver the content of the lesson to students successfully, as any failure here means the whole process is in jeopardy, which can ultimately cause behaviour issues.




Assessing students in my subject has to do with how well students have learnt a particular bespoke set of skills. My satisfaction therefore would be if my students have learnt what I intended them to learn during my teaching session. I assess this by asking them questions on the topic taught, giving out fun quizzes and encouraging them to make contributions in a group discussion. In doing this, one has to make sure that there are boundaries. Testing should be fair for all students, it should reflect capabilities as regards differentiation (if possible, a dyslexic student whose writing in scruffy and hard to understand should be given a laptop to use word to process his thoughts), testing should not be used to discriminate between and among students. Assessment should also be valid to the subject.








Evaluation of the teaching and learning process is successful when I record students’ progress, behaviour and performance with informal and formal assessment results, paying attention to the learning methods which most enhances students’ learning in order to adjust my present and future lesson plans for my subjects if need be.

“Competence is possessing skill and knowledge that allows us to do something successfully. It also describes the ability to apply prior experience to new situations with good effect. Our competency usually increases over time as we acquire more information and ability through inquiry, observation, and participation”. Author: Anon

To summarise all of the above factors would be to say that these roles, responsibilities and boundaries assist teachers in delivering and enabling learning not only as a teacher teaching, but as a classroom manager and organiser and when monitoring student progress and potential. The personal qualities and skills acquired with the use of a model such as the Teacher Training Cycle enables continuous improvement in their procedures through assessment and reflection, this also allows the teacher to overcome possible boundaries they may face; this in essence ensures that the learner has a positive learning experience which aids the development of knowledge and understanding in their chosen subject area.


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I hope you enjoyed reading my post and that you gained some knowledge about teaching and learning.




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