Macron Asks For Mayor’s Help to Battle Drug Trafficking


Macron has admitted that they have lost the battle against drug trafficking occurring in the growing number of no-go zones.  He asked for the assistance of the mayors and the public to find solutions.

The mayors were expecting more from Macron, they were anticipating some concrete guidelines for resolving the growing problem but instead they found that Macron just put the problem on their backs.  Their expectations were probably based on the ambitious strategy that was initially proposed by the former minister, Jean-Louis Borloo.  These strategies were tried and failed to bear any results but at least there was a concrete plan.


Macron’s vague idea is to create a ‘society of vigilance’, an idea that sounds similar to the US idea of ‘if you see something, say something’.  He proposed that by 2020, there will be 1,300 additional police to cover the no-go zones.  These ‘no-go’ zones are referred to as sensitive areas.  In 2011 a report entitled ‘Suburbs of the Republic’ concluded that many French suburbs are becoming separate Islamic societies cut off from the French state and where Islamic law is rapidly displacing French civil law.

Macron realistically can’t be held totally responsible for the deterioration of France as he has only held his current position since 2017.  This problem was known from at least in 2011 when the ‘Suburbs of the Republic’ was penned.  Fancois Hollande was the president from 2012.  The issue with Macron, is he lax stance on immigration which is the main cause of the growing ‘no-go’ areas.  Also Macron apparently has no idea on how to being to rectify the problem.

Compulsory National Service for French Youth

It’s been about 20 years since France ended compulsory military service, but if macron has his way it maybe coming back. He has vowed to introduce obligatory national service for all young people. He wants it to include both men and women and the term of service will be at least 3 months.

A task force has been established to form ideas on how to implement the national service and they need to develop a plan by the end of April. Since the idea was first floated during macron’s campaign in March 2017, many comments have been made regarding what how long the tour of duty will be, what age groups will be affected, will enlistment be mandatory and will the military tour of duty be combined with a tour of civic service.

This new service will increase France’s defense budget by about 1.7 billion euros a year from 2019 to 2022 and from 2023 the increase will rise to 3 billion euros.

The powder keg is expanding, back about 5 years ago the hot spot was mainly the middle east. Now it has grown to Korea Vs US and Japan and the middle east remains a hot spot.