Fukushima Cover Up

Keeping cancers a secret is one way they are covering up the seriousness of the radiation. They are enforcing the cover up for economic reasons.

Some of the talking points:

*** The majority of 2 million inhabitants of Fukushima have been encouraged to accept living with radioactive contamination so to protect the economic and security interests.

*** Shiina Chieko, a resident of Fukushima stated that people have adopted denial as a way to cope with the present danger. She cited her sister-in-law ignoring her son’s continuous nosebleeds.

*** Yokota Asami returned to Fukushima in September of 2011. When she expresses her concerns over the radiation dangers she is met with derision. Her son has also been victimized. In his high school, he voiced his objection regarding eating local grown foods in their school lunches and he opted to avoid participating in any outdoors activities to lessen his exposure to the outdoor radiation. When the time came to his high school exam the principal told him that those whom take breaks won’t pass. He failed the exam, he asked to see the exam and found he had a score high enough to have passed.

*** Yokota Asami also stated that pediatricians tell their patients with thyroid cancer to keep it a secret.

*** Mrs. Asami’s statement have been collaborated by Mr. Okoshi whom is also a resident. His two daughters experienced miscarriages and Mr. Okoshi discovered that doctors are advising women living in the area to abort presumably to avoid miscarriages and defects.

Having followed this story since its inception, I noted that Hawaii (closest state to Fukushima) news has down played the radiation affects to the islands. Recently the news has penned articles to the contrary. Here’s a link to one –

— University of Hawaii research shows radiation in Hawaii soil 2016 as bad as 7 prefectures in Japan 2 weeks after Fukushima

Perhaps the cat is out of the bag.

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