Superman Definitely Roams Track And Field Sports.

How often do we see athletes or sportsmen and sportswomen depicts superheroes stunt on track or field of play just to be victorious? Athletes now go airborne if need be, doing the Superman, to get their goals. Such is a young college lad who took to the air in college competition at the weekend.

The 2019 Southeastern Conference(SEC) Outdoor Track and Field Championships in the United States of America is an annual inter-college competition currently being held at Fayetteville, Ark. This year’s championship will be remembered for a particular athlete who made the headlines for his superman’s launch to claim the top honour ahead of others.

See the race here;

Infinite Tucker, a 20-year-old 400 meter hurdles runner for Texas A&M, the Aggies, won the track race in an extraordinary fashion on Saturday, going full airborne over the finish line to claim the gold medal ahead of teammate, Robert Grant(Aggies), both runners were neck-to-neck going into the home stretch when Tucker pulled the stunt, apart from the rough landing, Tucker did got off the ground real smooth like a Clark Kent would, things we do for glory huh!

It wasn’t the 1st time sports lovers will see a Superman-like dive in a tournament, soccer followers witnessed a certain flying Dutchman in the 2014 FIFA World cup hosted by Brazil. Robin Van Persie scored an incredible, jaw-dropping, flying header, to equalized his team’s 1 nil deficit, in what was a remarkable 5-1 comeback victory over the defending champion, Spain.

Another sport that sees a whole lot of flying athlete is Cricket, Cricketers go full airborne in an impressive manner to make a catch, and Africa did have one, retired Batsman, Jonathan ‘Jonky’ Rhodes. Rhodes was known in many quarters as the South African Superman, his athletism and incredible leap stood him out in his days. Sports like the NFL, Rugby, NBA all have flying athletes in abundance.

I have always thought Van Persie would make a good Clark Kent because of his flying header, now, a young Infinite Tucker is also thrown into the picture. Tucker might give any of Henry Cavill, Brandon Routh, Dylan Sprayberry and Christopher Reeve a run for their money as Clark Kent. So, for lovers of DC’s Superman, your fictional flying hero maybe closer to you than you think, just a season’s ticket of any of your choice’s sporting event, if you are lucky, you might witness a flying hero.

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image sources SupermanVan Persie and Jonky Rhodes

Ending my meme piece on an appreciative note, thank you all for your time.

Hilarious outtake: what if God could reply?


This is a comical reply to one writer from another writing page whose funny post inspired me to write this. Questions are by the author and the answers are my imaginary constructs of God’s thoughts. Of course nothing of this is serious, but still… This God in my sketch is a universal creator, unrelated to any religion in particular, besides my own.

Questions/ Answers

Why am I always last in the queue when the goodies are being handed out?
– Because you are generous enough to put other people’s needs in front of your own.

Why am I always the last to know about the latest good thing?
– You were too busy doing the latest good thing…

Why can’t I ever be the lucky one who gets the big prize?
– Because you received the gazillion small ones, and it wouldn’t be fair…

Why am I always the one who gets the smallest donut in the canteen?
– Because the sugar is bad for the health and an angel decided to spare you a bit…

Why does the adjacent queue in the supermarket always go faster than the one I’m in?
– Because the devil is testing your patience …

Why are the special offers always finished by the time I get there?
– The expiration date was reached …

Why is the store always out of that special treat I had set my heart on?
– They have learned it causes cancer…

Why does it always rain on me when I don’t have a coat?
– I experiment if your hair will grow back again.

Why do I get all the dirty jobs at work?
– You work with the lazy people…

Why is it always my car which gets dumped on by the seagulls?
– Because animals feel at home with you… I didn’t know it disturbs you, my bad, I will reprogram them to ‘love’ another soul. Is your mother in law good choice?

Why does it always rain just after I have washed my car?
– I’m jealous…

Why can’t I seem to catch a break?
– You will…

Why is it always me who gets dumped on by the big, bad world?
– Hmm, I am trying to fix that for the millenniums, unfortunately … people have the free will.

Love, joy and perpetual happiness to all good people. Thank you for visiting my blog

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Typhoon Preparedness Priorities

Some days you must pay the piper when living in a tropical paradise, and today is that day for us here on the island of Guam in the Western Pacific. This afternoon, we are literally hunkered down while Typhoon Mangkhut passes just to our north across the Marianas Island chain. The eye of the typhoon is just under 100 km to our north and thankfully, this typhoon has weakend slightly as it makes its approach towards Guam. Just a few more hours and we will be on the downside of it all. So far though, things have not been that rough and we still have power (knocking on wood). Mostly gusty winds and rain. By tomorrow afternoon, we will be back in paradise and will await for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at us next.