Gaisano Grand Mall, Calbayog City, Samar, Philippines [Video]

For over two years we watched the progress of our new mall being constructed. The compiled video was a culmination of nearly two years of videos. I’m surprised with myself that I actually organized them all in one place for future use. Finally the mall opens and we get to take a look around on the inside. Handyman will obviously be my favorite store while Greenwich Pizza might become a favorite lunch spot. McDonalds has opened since this video was taken.

We Were Adopted by a Fat Cat!

My wife and I stay in a condominum complex while living here on Guam and because my wife talks to animals, they all tend to congregate at this very spot on Earth. Well, they don’t actually talk to her, but she’s been known to carry on a conversation now and then. She’s always been drawn to animals and they are to her also. If any of you are familiar with Ellie Mae Clampett from the 1960’s hit show Beverly Hillbillies, my wife would be the Filipina version of her.

“Ellie Mae” from the hit TV series “Beverly Hillbillies”

Anyway, when we first moved in to our unit, she felt sorry for the handful of pigeons that hang-out around the complex so she began feeding them in the morning with our previous days leftover rice. They now will sit on the building’s overhang just after sunrise where they can actually view my wife through the kitchen window. And there they will patiently wait for her to exit the condo. When she does, they will all fly down to the parking lot and wait for her. It has become a routine and is interesting to watch, to say the least. I think though that the building manager is becoming a little concerned since the handful of birds has now grown to over 30. Oops!

Patiently awaiting their next meal!

On another wildlife front, there are a couple of stray cats that live here in our complex. One of them is totally wild and local resident “Charlie” feeds her outside his door everyday. Now she just camps out there outside his condo. Then there is this other cat, who is super friendly, who also makes his normal rounds around the complex to see what the residents might offer. I’ll say this… he never goes hungry!  Recently when Typhoon Mangkhut was upon us, we felt concerned so we took him in to give him shelter from the wind and rains. We had already determined that he must have once belonged to a resident of the condo complex who abandoned him when they moved. He is definitly not timid or shy and he is litter-box oriented. He has also been neutered.  It was an easy decision to let ‘him’ adopt us. And he did!

Anyway, because we now are part-time owners of a large and friendly male cat (with a “Garfield” attitude), my wife decided to name him. Of all the names she could have come up with, she decided on “Fat Boy,” which obviously fits him because he weighs in at 16 lbs! He comes and goes when he wants and we are basically just the front door operators. He will show up early on a hot day to take a long afternoon nap. Some evenings he might want to come inside when it is raining and he will sleep all night long. He sleeps so so soundly he snores on occasion. He knows he has never had it so good.

“Fat Boy”

Because he comes and goes at will (and sometimes at my wife’s will), he needs to be called home on occasion, and he heeds the call most of the time. But I’ve learned that I need to be somewhat cautious and careful when calling him. One day when standing on my balcony, I called out “Hey Fat Boy” before I noticed a few of our ‘larger’ residents walking around on the grounds and in the parking lot. When I realized all eyes turned to me, it was a little embarrasing. How will I ever live this down I’m not sure. If only they could learn that I was calling the cat, and not harrassing them, things would be okay. I told my wife she can call out for the cat from now on. And in the future, to please run all name checks through me for approval!  “Fat Boy” don’t seem to be bothered much by it though.

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Blog Identity Intervention Underway

For Dissemination to Stishit Membership…please bear with me while I make some blogging/identity changes.

While some folks might experience a “mid-life crisis,” I have been experiencing an online identity crisis. I originally started out here as “Retired in Samar” because of my long-time blog of the same name. Since I have decided to enjoy living on two separate Pacific islands, I felt the need to re-name the blog (the purist in me told me to do it!). So I have changed the name of the blog from “Retired in Samar” to “Living in the Pacific.” During the process, it has been a test of patience while making it all happen, from acquiring a new domain name, to new hosting, blog configurment and re-organization, new email accounts, and fb page changes… all in the name of SEO (identity) management. Sorry for the identity confusion during the process as I am now truely ‘Living in the Pacific.” You can visit my permanent blog at “Living in the Pacific” or my associated YouTube channel.   My Steemit account however will remain under the old title (@retiredinsamar) as Steemit account names cannot be changed. #expats #philippines #guam

Typhoon Preparedness Priorities

Some days you must pay the piper when living in a tropical paradise, and today is that day for us here on the island of Guam in the Western Pacific. This afternoon, we are literally hunkered down while Typhoon Mangkhut passes just to our north across the Marianas Island chain. The eye of the typhoon is just under 100 km to our north and thankfully, this typhoon has weakend slightly as it makes its approach towards Guam. Just a few more hours and we will be on the downside of it all. So far though, things have not been that rough and we still have power (knocking on wood). Mostly gusty winds and rain. By tomorrow afternoon, we will be back in paradise and will await for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at us next.