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Setting Up A Steemish Etherium Wallet With Meta Mask And Chrome

If you have chrome and want to have your own Stish wallet it is super easy to do this with META MASK plugin/extension …. Meta Mask is a fox looking creature that you can click and it acts like a lite weight wallet in your browser. It is my favorite way to make transaction fast but does take some learning about it more if you are not familiar. Another great place it Read all of the helpful pop-ups and you will be enlightened. This can be used with meta mask also!

First Steemish Sent 100

Easy access to the Stish Ethereum Account Info:

Steemish Contract Address… 0xE743b591A9fbF593Ff2214c4B3B7c9Bf1122431A

Steemish is traded Under The Symbol: Stish

You can see it here –

If it is your first time using Meta Mask don’t be afraid. It was a little confusing for me at first too. You will automatically have account one which will have an Ethereum deposit address. You can edit your wallet address account names so that you can easily keep track of them. Steemish/Stish Is Brand New So You Will Need To Click On Tokens And Then The Button Add Token… You will need to add the following contract address: 0xE743b591A9fbF593Ff2214c4B3B7c9Bf1122431A

The above contract address starts with 0x just like a wallet address. This is where all of the details about the cryptocurrency are stored on the blockchain! Pretty cool right. With ERC20 Tokens Generally You Do Not Want To Send Ethereum or Other Digital Currency To The Contract Address. Doing So Will Cause You To Lose Your Funds. This Contract Is Not Able To Be Edited Once Created Without A Hardfork And Vote From The Advisors. Not An Easy Process On Purpose.

After You Have Added Above Address Then You Will Need to Add tThe Name Steemish.
Then Click Add. Now Your Meta Mask Ethereum Wallet Can Except Steemish Ethereum Tokens!

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