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My First Official Blog Post On Stish It

My First Blog Post, Again

I know it is hard to believe that I have yet to publish my first blog post here on Stish It.  Actually, I have written a couple of blog posts but for some reason I have not been able to get them published.  I am not sure if it was operator error or a program error.  I just know that a lot of time in thought and research went somewhere to never be seen again.  Well, it has been a few months since that happened so here is “My First Official Blog Post On Stish It, Again”!

Now, I have been using the social-portal, where you can do “microblogging“.  That actually fits more of what I do.  It allows me to easily promote other content creators and to quickly share videos from Youtube.  I like to promote old and new content creators as well as new products and websites I come across and works great, but sometimes I like to get a little long winded and there are times I feel a regular blog post would be better.

Microblogging doesn’t have the rules like Stish It puts on regular blogs.  Since this is my first official blog post on Stish It I figure we would talk about what is required to get your Blog post published. Thankfully Stish It has published the Rules for Blogging 

I copied the rules and re-posted them here but you can click the above Rules for Blogging and it will take you to the current rules.  Now let’s check my post and see what I am missing.  My answers are in bold italics.

Blogging on Stishit.

When submitting blog articles to Stishit, we are looking for a few things:

A Title – All blog posts must include a unique and descriptive blog title. Blog posts will not be published without a title.  I believe my blog post has a unique and descriptive blog title, My First Official Blog Post On Stish It.

Content – Blog content should be constructed with words that form sentences or, at a minimum, convey a thought. The veracity of the quality of a post will not stand if there is no content. No Content = No Rewards.  I believe my Blog has the type of content required.  I have words that form sentences and convey a thought.

Featured Image – All blog posts submitted to Stishit must include a featured image. Any post status without a featured image will be automatically set to “Draft” status.  I have provided a featured image and will add another image or two.

Category/Tag – Every blog post must include at least one Category and one Tag. Posts will not be published by default without these and will also be automatically set to “Draft” status.  I have added a Category.  I am using Stish It for the category.  I have provided 5 different tags, blog post, how to, marketing, microblog and stishit. 

Any blog post not in compliance with the guidelines above will not be eligible for rewards. Not Published = No Rewards.

On Stishit, we look for blog posts that add value to the Stishit community. Articles submitted to Stishit are subject to moderation for the reasons listed above. Good blog posts generally combine text, digital images, and links to other web pages, sources, or any media relevant to its topic. We reserve the right to reward members and to remove those rewards where necessary for clear abuses of the platform and rewards system. When in doubt you should always publish to the Social Portal where you will still be rewarded!  I believe my blog post adds value to the StishIt community.  It has text, a couple of digital images, a couple of links to other web pages and sources.  I think it should have no problem getting published but remember StishIt still has the final say as to what gets published and what doesn’t.

Following our quality blog posting guide on this page will help to ensure your blog posts receive the reward it deserves.

#Stradog in Gun Barrel City, Texas