Exciting Times!! My Brand New 5 Track EP is out now! ‘Never Grow Old’ by Darren Claxton on Bandcamp!

Hi Music Fans!

The digital age has been truly revolutionary, and as a musician I’ve found it to be a priceless outlet for my music. So without further adieu, MY EP is out NOW!!!
You can get it exclusively on Bandcamp


Here’s the track listing and links where you can read more about each song.


Track 1 – Was It Right
Track 2 – Slowed By Notes
Track 3 – Dragonfly
Track 4 – Lights
Track 5 – Never Grow Old

You Can Download ‘Never Grow Old’ Here At Bandcamp

The cover photo for the EP is of me and my son talking by a wishing well. This beautiful moment inspired the track ‘Dragonfly’ we sat and soaked up the atmosphere a while before he asked ‘Daddy, what are those pennies in there?’ I answered gently with ‘Those are peoples wishes son’

There will also be a rare opportunity to own a copy of the ‘Never Grow Old’ EP on CD which will be signed by yours truly. There’s only a very limited number of copies available, because they’re rather costly to produce! I can send these via Airmail if needs be, in a secured padded envelope, so they can reach you across the globe!

I really really appreciate the support of this amazing community @steemit and @dsound @dtube and @discord.
@prc gets a special mention for his ongoing championing of my music!
To ALL of my @helpie family for just being brilliant human beans and keeping me positive!!!
I’d also like to that the rest of this community that listen, comment, up-vote and share my music. And of course @mspwaves and @sma for letting me crash their radio shows and jam occasionally!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and for your continuos support of my music!