Farmers Moving to Using Flowers Instead of Pesticides


Farmers are beginning to seek alternate ways to protect their crops. Pesticide use is at an all time high and their side effects are being noticed.

One side effect is that the nutrient levels are decreasing and it is becoming difficult to grow any crops without supplementing the soil with amendments and fertilizer. Another side effect is that pesticides are being introduced into our food chain. The ill effects are not completely known but it is evident that the outcome will not be good.

Nature has provided us with the tools to battle the parasitic insects and much of this was already know. But since big agra has taken over most of the family farms, they have put these methods on the shelf and developed new methods that puts all the emphasis on plant yield and no emphasis on the health of the land.

The project to study the effectiveness of using plants to battle the garden pest uses flowers that are known to attract natural predators of the parasitic insects. Farmers are planting strips of bright wildflowers among the crops. The flowers work by attracting predatory insects to reduce the parasitic ones.