For over two years we watched the progress of our new mall being constructed. The compiled video was a culmination of nearly two years of videos. I’m surprised with myself that I actually organized them all in one place for future use. Finally the mall opens and we get to take a look around on the inside. Handyman will obviously be my favorite store while Greenwich Pizza might become a favorite lunch spot. McDonalds hasRead More →

retiredinsamar (55) in philippines Addressing Mendicancy In a country that boasts a population of over 101 million people, of which over 25% of the population lives below the poverty line (based upon a monthly per capita income of P10,534), it is not a big surprise to see beggars in the streets of nearly all cities and villages throughout the Philippines. Actually, it should be expected. While there is an existing national law that prohibits theRead More →

A while back, I was interviewed by Expat Focus, an online magazine for “Anyone Moving or Living Abroad.” That published interview follows: Randy – Retired in Samar Who are you? My name is Randy and I was born and raised in Illinios but, our family roots have long since been transplanted in Texas. I spent over 20 years with the U.S. Navy, some time thereafter with the National Weather Service, and eventually wound up myRead More →

Filipino Time – Unplugged! I am thoroughly convinced that there are a complete set of Murphy’s Laws… Filipino version, that are in play. Just as sure as the world turns, Murphy could just as well been of Irish-Filipino descent, because the perceived perversity of the universe will just as easily catch up with you here in the Philippines as it will anywhere. In the Philippines, “timing” is everything and is also nothing. It is aRead More →

I’m having A Mango Moment, and I’m not talking smoothie! Stipners or “Rengs” Prior to beginning a new construction project I had designed, I met up with a local contractor to discuss the building of a retaining wall on our new lot which adjoins our current lot. A deep footing and retaining wall needs to be constructed so we can elevate the lot with about4 to 5 feet of fill dirt to be able toRead More →

  Living in the tropics, my choice of footwear is always flip-flops. I can walk in the rain, swim in the ocean, ride my motorcycle, go shopping for groceries… you get the point. It gets a bit awkward though when you show up for a wedding or at the Bureau of Immigration wearing them. There is almost nothing that can’t be done wearing flip-flops. Ask any filipino. I see people in the Philippines everyday doingRead More →

My Very Own Personal Beachfront Golf Driving Range… that I cannot use. ? As many of my Blog readers know, we shipped our entire household to the Philippines when we retired. Golf clubs included. Because we live on the island of Samar, and the closest golf course to us would be in Tacloban, Leyte, some 3 1/2 hours away, I have not had much of any opportunity to do any golfing. None! The Golf CourseRead More →

Have You Ever Been to Manila? – There is so much to explore. Visit Manila. Manila may be one of the more easily misunderstood capitals in the world where ultra modern meets nostalgia. Some might learn that it’s in close proximity to the gorgeous island getaways of the Philippines, and be surprised to learn that it’s a big city. Others might be aware of its reputation for casino resorts and be surprised to learn thatRead More →

I just finished reading a post on sub/reddit titled “What is exactly wrong with locals here?” and I must admit, based upon the thread comments, the OP of this article really struck a chord – with some readers that agreed with him and others who adamantly defended against everything he said. Below I have inserted his reddit post verbatim as a testament that all expats do not see living in the Philippines in the sameRead More →

     The Veil and the Cord. Every now and again, we get invited to a local wedding. Over the years, we’ve attended weddings that range from really simple to the really lavish. One thing I have learned is that even a poor family can throw a lavish wedding, so be fooled not.  There are an assortment of Filipino wedding traditions but a majority of them are drawn from the Catholic religion. And because approximatelyRead More →

Let Me Introduce Myself  To Stishit. I found my Philippines paradise! I always wanted to live on a tropical island. I’m not sure why but it could have all began while growing up watching the well-known American television series “Gilligan’s Island” which was a comedy about 7 people who took a small boat cruise out of California, becoming shipwrecked on a small deserted island in the Pacific. This show captured my imagination as a boyRead More →

I Got Burned Out Doing Nothing… So I Moved to Another Tropical Island! Life in the Tropics – It’s All Good. More than a year has passed since my wife and I re-established a new homestead in Guam. And you know what they say… “How time flies when you’re having fun!” It must be true because it only seems like we just arrived a few weeks ago. This last December 2017 we went back homeRead More →

Investors in the Philippines want the government to ease concerns on cryptocurrencies The exponential growth of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space, in general, have struck a chord amongst Philippine investors that they are asking the government monetary policymakers to address the concern about the blockchain technology. Francis Arjonillo, the President of the First Metro Investment Corp. (FMIC) has asked the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), the government’s central bank, to have a policy that address’Read More →