In The Fields of Rye

Walking in the fields of rye,
Ever reaching for the sky
In the winter, it will grow
Even with the winter snow
Blanketed around its base
It still feels the sun’s embrace
It will grow in poorer soil
Though the farmer will still toil
It can be made into a flour
Also a rye whiskey sour
Weeds won’t grow with Rye beside
Does not require the herbicide
Rye has lower gluten too
Rye flour may be right for you.


The Steel Artichoke

In the square they point me out:
There she goes, they say, it’s the artichoke lady.
They think I got that name because I dress in green
and wear my love locks all a-tangle,
letting them trail like ivy down my back.
Foolish boys.

My heart was an oyster, brating in its cloistered bed of joy;
it held a pearl, a perfect opalescent speck within the sea.
A cortex came, and pluck from depths no man
has seen, my Aztec heart carving it into a steaming stew.
The mist rose from the desert and in the sand a helmet lay,
spoils of war.
Now my heart is an artichoke, clothed in steel


Plummeting from the sky, In the fall; renewed
Cleansed of all the lies, this fall is all that’s true
I am the parting of the sky that grants you a view
I am love returned to the flower in bloom.
I am the drops in the garden manifested while you sleep
I am the promise in the sky that the iris can see
I am the river that fights its way onto the sea
When you are parched, you come back to me.
I am the clouds lined with gold and silver
I am the raging thunder of your river
I am the breeze that makes you quiver
I am nothing on my own, If not a giver.
I am the mirror reflecting the moon
I carry bottled messages “see you soon”
In your sorrow, I am the storm that looms
I am one with the heavens and one with you.
I am the rising of the tides
and the tears that fall from your eyes
I am the truth that remains in the parting of lies
I am your answered prayer descending from the skies.
I meet with the horizon seeking you evermore
I carry all your ships as they head back to the shore
I ebb and flow in the ocean; galore
I greet the sunrise with a kiss at its core.
I am your cleansing shower, the wet on your lips
I am falling gently between your hips
At the first light of morning, you are the one I kiss
I am the one you can’t help but miss.


I remember the days when the spirit wouldn’t hunger
When I crashed with the waves and I spoke like thunder
I remember feathers and wings; a part of my soul
Then passions consumed me and swallowed me whole
I remember my plummet from the heavens to the seas
and that there was a time without you or me
I remember creation and the fruit of its seed
When there was just truth, no need for a creed
I remember the time when darkness reigned
When the seeds of jealousy were fed in the rain
Now heaven cries almost every day
As it witnesses children become predator and prey
Yet through these sun-kissed trees, bleeds a holy light
There is still a tomorrow and a will to fight
Could it be that the apple was taken from the tree
So I’d be reminded that without you, there could be no me?

A Poem – Somehow True –


This poem was written some time ago and has now been transformed into a song.




It tells a story of relationship struggles, heartache and heart warming make ups and break ups within the strained relationship I once found myself involved with.


Somehow True

Did I once see your eyes?
fell apart then realised
plans we made, then changed again
just the same, rejuvenate

Won’t you take me home?
keep me safe and warm
safe and warm

Stories old and stories new
the lies you told, but somehow true

Count the cost of a lover’s loss
sunny skies, I love your eyes
lost but found, I hit the ground
all is still, I had my fill

Won’t you take me home
keep me safe and warm
safe and warm

Stories old and stories new
the lies to told, but somehow true

Won’t you take me home
keep me safe and warm
safe and warm

Did I once see your eyes?
fell apart then realised
plans we made, then changed again
just the same, rejuvenate rejuvenate.



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 © 2018 Darren Claxton


Thank You!

The Sun Sets

Upon The Golden Sand

We SIt Together

Hand in Hand

We Gently Embrace

& Look Into Each Other’s Eyes

i Wonder If U Are

An Angel in Disguise

U Hold Me

Like There’s No Tomorrow

i Suddenly Forget

The Past Sorrow

i Kiss Ur Soft Lips

& U Kiss Mine

i Never Knew

Loving Someone Could Be This Fine

U Pick Me Up

& Carry Me to Our Room

Oh How A Love Can Blossom

& A Heart Can Bloom

Ur Touch is So Gentle

But Ur Hands So Strong

How Could A Love Like This

Ever Go Wrong?

My Heart is Beating

200 Times A Minute

Becoz My Love

U Are in It

The Sound of Ur Heartbeat

All Through The Night

We Fall Asleep in Each Other’s Arms

& Wake to The Morning Light

i Look Into Ur Eyes

& This is When

i Say “Thank You!”

For Teaching Me to Love Again!!!