Trump has revoked the security clearance of former CIA director John Brennan. Trump said Brennan was complicit in creating a divided and chaotic environment within the agency. Brennan has been hyper critical of the Trump administration. He has called for Trump’s impeachment most recently regarding the Helsinki summit. He joined NBC News as a senior national security and intelligence analyst and he has used this platform to voice his derision for the President. He hasRead More →

Mark Roberts is running for Oregon’s second congressional district. Responding to a tweet from Turning Points USA, about the few aids Melania has compared to Michelle, he tweeted back what Twitter users are decrying as tasteless and deplorable. Charlie Kirk ✔ @charliekirk11 · 30 Jul Did you know: There are thirty-nine fewer staffers dedicated to The First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) than under Obama There are only five staffers dedicated to Melania TrumpRead More →

From the Washington Post: “More than 90 American Muslims, nearly all of them Democrats, are running for public office across the country this year. Many are young and politically inexperienced, and most are long shots. But they represent a collective gamble: that voters are so disgusted by America’s least popular president on record that they’re willing to elect members of America’s least popular religious minority group. Although their number seems small, the candidacies mark anRead More →

By now, we have all heard of the major upset of Joe Crowley by upstart Ocasio-Cortez.  Cortez running as a democratic socialist defeated Crowley by stacking her platform with every major talking point, promising to flip the current policies and solving every problem the US has. Here are some of the major bullet points.  I would elaborate on them but one can see that she is proposing to rectify every problem being experienced by everyRead More →

Scott Wallace, a democrat congressional candidate proposes to tax parents whom have more than 2 kids.  He considers these parents irresponsible breeders. He has a long history of being a population control zealot and he has donated over $7 million to population control groups.  Between 1997 and 2003, he donated $420,000 to Zero Population Growth, now called Population Connection.  In 2010, he donated $20,000 to the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State EconomyRead More →

Politics overall is so debased that now incumbents are stooping to dancing for votes.  This is the evolution of the swamp.  When this country was founded, politicians were elected based on their patriotism and ability to intelligently move the country on a path of prosperity.  Politics was not considered a full time job and the first politicians were not salaried or compensated with expense accounts and bribes. As the political arena evolved, so did theRead More →

Two House Republicans are seeking to file impeachment documents against Rosenstein as early as Monday.  At issue is Rosenstein whom oversees Mueller’s probe into the alleged Russian collusion has repeatedly ignored requests from congressional Republicans for access to documents pertaining to the investigation.  Another salient issue is his attempt to provide protection for Strzok. It has been confirmed that Representative Meadows was in possession of the impeachment documents while Rosenstein was announcing the indictments ofRead More →

There are many conflicting stories coming out about Trump’s position on NATO.  Some are saying that he has threatened to put out of NATO, some are saying that Trump demanded that other member nations allocations will be increased and others are denying that Trump made any such claims. Some things are obvious without anyone needed to verify it.  One is that only 5 members are living up to the agreement to pay 2% of theirRead More →

With the recent uptick in her political activity, rumors are surfacing that Hillary is laying the ground work for another run for president.  For a few months after her defeat she remained relatively quiet, recently she has voiced her opinion on the highly controversial border issue and the resigning of Justice Kennedy. Her grandstanding for the plight of the immigrant families separated at the border has raised some $1.5 million.  Her support of this causeRead More →

Joseph de Maistre was a 18th century French philosopher.  He coined the quote which has been reverberated by more well known people like Alexis de Tocqueville and Abraham Lincoln.  The quote I am referring to is ‘Every nation gets the government it deserves’. He also stated ‘All grandeur, all power, all subordination to authority rests on the executioner:  he is the horror and the bond of human association.  Remove this incomprehensible agent from the worldRead More →

The political game plan is spin.  Feinstein failed to win the primary, she garnered 37% of the votes while her opponent, de Leon garnered 54%.  In California, the top two vote getters advance to the general election, de Leon and Feinstein were the top two.  Since they both are running as democrats, an executive board gets an opportunity to endorse one of them. The executive board procedure is to have the candidates register to appearRead More →

Age is not the issue, there are many so called leaders whom are much younger which should be replaced.  She had the audacity to call herself a ‘legislative virtuoso’.  She told Rolling Stone that calls for someone younger to lead the democrats after the midterm was a sexist remark.  This shows how out of touch this person is, her sex is not at issue. It is obvious that she has no clue on how herRead More →

MP Iqra Khalid announced that the Trudeau government has invested $23 million into its multiculturalism program.  Two of the recipients are The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) and Islamic Relief.  Both of these organizations have affiliations to radical Islam groups.  Khalid has been an outspoken advocate of the multiculturalism program.  She made this announcement in front of a small group of mostly Muslims with little fanfare.  There was no main stream media in attendance. Read More →

Before I begin, I must state that I found nothing to verify if Rep. Jim Jordan is culpable for the alleged failure to report the abuse of Ohio State athletes by Dr. Richard Strauss. Rod Rosenstein was lambasted by Jim Jordan during the House Judiciary Committee hearing.  Jordan was pressing Rosenstein on turning over political sensitive documents from the Mueller investigation, Rosenstein refused. Source: It was obvious that Rosenstein was upset by the exchange. Read More →

It is curious why those whom so vehemently protest against guns surround themselves with gun toting security.  Hogg the supposed survivor of the Parkland shooting, was in NY to promote his book.  He is accompanied by a security detail. This is not to place any emphasis on him as he is insignificant, but they all start out this way.  They push an agenda funded by likes of Soros that incite people.  Primarily, the agenda isRead More →

The rising star among the democratic party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez whom won a primary election of entrenched Joe Crowley.  She touts herself as a ‘girl from the Bronx’ and is laying out the image that she is one of the working class.  This image has launched her successful win as the voters are seeking a change in the power structure. She claimed that “I wasn’t born to a wealthy or powerful family.  I was born inRead More →

Maxine Waters has kicked a hornet’s nest when she called for inciting the public to stalk any of Trump’s cabinet to physical harass them.  Even the leaders of the democrat party have started to distance themselves from her stance.  It was probably due to the potential blowback they would face if the public saw this as a despicable suggestion. Now a petition has been started to call for the expulsion of Waters.   This maybe theRead More →

After her victory over Sanford in the primary election, she was involved in a strange motor vehicle accident which left her hospitalized.  The car Arrington was a passenger in was struck by another vehicle which was heading the wrong way.  The driver of the other vehicle was killed in the collision. It seems odd that soon after her victory, she is a victim of an accident where a wrong way driver slams into the vehicleRead More →

After just reading about California senator Feinstein introducing a rogue bill to make felonies committed by immigrants with children, this new story broke concerning another California politician inciting people to harass anyone affiliate with Trump. Maxine Waters, a democratic representative who has been in office since 2013, has been an outspoken advocate of impeaching Trump.  She has followed the sage advise of not letting a crisis go to waste like Feinstein.  She got on herRead More →

Senator Feinstein has introduced a bill which legal experts believe would allow adults whom commit any type of felony in the US to avoid punishment.  The bill would only apply to adults whom have children, this is obviously her attempt to politicize the immigration fiasco.  As another politician said “never let a good crisis go to waste”. According to attorney Gabriel Malor, this bill would provide that “an agent or officer of a designated agencyRead More →

With news of the participation of many agents as well as leaders of the FBI being complicit in the failed manipulation of the US election process, it may behoove one to educate themselves on the actual purpose of the FBI.  Is this arm of the federal assigned to the task of steering whom is elected? According to, their mission is to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States.  AmRead More →

This response from Inspector General Horowitz is better than a Freudian Slip.  As humans we are prone to expressing what we hold as true by body language.  This fact has been known for a long time.  Ask any card player or negotiator the value of reading body language. It is a human characteristic that is hard to suppress.  Even if we are capable of suppressing our beliefs verbally, many of us display ‘tells’ that contradictRead More →

Since  the OIG report surfaced, more is being leaked to the public about the chicanery going on behind the closed doors of the FBI.  Based on Strzok being escorted out of the FBI building on Friday, the investigation maybe bearing fruit. Rest assured the public at large is waiting to see some results as it has been a long time since many have already been convicted in the public’s eye but none have been convicted. Read More →

This picture was leaked this weekend and has gone viral.  The photo is a disturbing shot of Obama dressed up like satan.  It was uploaded on instagram by Annemarie Hope, with the caption ‘Class and Grace, You are my favorite’. A search of Annemarie shows her to be an artist known for illustrating satanic churches.  Soon after it was posted, for unknown reasons she deleted the post.  She was questioned by her followers as toRead More →

Since 2013, the BRICS have been working to duplicate the Western financial infrastructure and other countries have been moving away from the overbearing western systems.  Two countries that have been stalwart in their support of the US seem to be falling by the wayside.   The first country had a relationship with the US to denominate the sale of oil in US currency.  In return, Saudi Arabia would receive military support from the US.  ThisRead More →

Cypriot banks are auditing accounts of their Russians depositors. According to sources, the massive crackdown is due to pressure from Washington. The lenders are now requiring Russian customers to confirm earnings and tax payments. They are requiring documentation from bank statements, estate documents, title deeds of business ownership and details of their business activities. Prior to the crackdown, they were only required to produce a passport and utility bills. They have given their customers aRead More →

Japan told the World Trade Organization (WTO) it will take steps to retaliate against the US. Initially they said they would abide with the tariffs on steel and aluminum. They are considering tariffs on US goods worth $451 million, an amount equal to the US placed tariffs. They failed to set a firm date on when they planned to impose the tariffs. This might be seen as a ploy to start negotiations to get theRead More →

The Shanghai oil future contracts have gained 12% since the announcement of the US withdrawal from the Iran deal. It was to be expected as the majority of countries expressed their opposition to the US’s withdrawal. The International Energy Exchange (INE) futures increased by 250,000 lots, a record and doubled the volume posted the day before. The volume from the prior day was before the formal announcement of the withdrawal. It is yet to beRead More →

Venezuela’s petro has been experiencing a rough time since its inception, now a Russian financial institution is stepping in to lend a hand. Evrofincance Mosnarbank which Venezuela has a 49% stake and the remainder is backed by two major banks in Russia. The petro was created by Maduro as an attempt to circumvent US sanctions. Maduro said it would be backed by Venezuela’s oil and diamond resources. Soon after the US prohibited trade in theRead More →

A source inside the White House told the Daily Caller that once Trump was informed about Kerry’s lobbying to keep the Iran nuclear deal alive, Trump’s mind was made up to withdraw from the deal. Since the inception, Trump was of the opinion that the deal was unfair but he was on the fence as to pulling the plug, until John Kerry’s lobbying. Trump twitted “The United States does not need John Kerry’s possibly illegalRead More →

Trump has denigrated this deal from its inception, now he pulled the plug. In his normal fashion, he left a door open for negotiations. It has become well known that he begins the negotiations making unrealistic demands only to reach an agreement by conceding the most egregious of the demands. Mnuchin followed with the announcement that “Sanctions will be reimposed subject to certain 90 day and 180 day wind down periods. At the conclusion ofRead More →

Comedian Wolf has lost the support of the White House Correspondents Association after her performance at this weekend’s correspondent’s dinner. After her attack on Sarah Sanders and Kellyanne Conway, the association initially attempted to show support for the comedian but due to the public outrage, they ultimately reversed their position. After the details of her monologue were made public, people responded with outrage. Not so much in defense of Trump but mostly in defense ofRead More →

McCabe’s lawyer Michael Bromwich said that they were planning on suing the Trump administration for wrongful termination and defamation. He will use the more than $500,000 raised through a go fund me campaign to bolster his legal defense fund. Comey, McCabe’s former supervisor appeared on CNN. He said he likes McCabe “very much as a person but sometimes even good people do things they shouldn’t do”. It has been a very humorous week watching allRead More →

All her antics are coming home to roost, her speaking fee which use to be in the $250,000 or more range now are in the $25,000 range. In my opinion, that is too high. In all honesty, if you were forced to listen to her would you pay? She recently was offered $25,000 from Rutgers. The event will be hosted by the Rutgers Eagleton Institute of Politics and it is sold out. It is unfathomableRead More →

According to Mike Allen of Axios, up and coming democrats are working to dethrone pelosi. They may have finally realized that she is a major liability to the party’s future. A quote from the article: “Top Democrats tell me that if they take back the House in November, a restoration of Speaker Nancy Pelosi is no longer guaranteed. In fact, some well-wired House Democrats predict she will be forced aside after the election and replacedRead More →

Trump hinted that the US may rejoin the TPP free trade agreement but it is contingent on a ‘much better deal’ for the US. The initial agreement would cost a ‘tremendous’ number of jobs being lost in the US and Trump deems that a very bad deal. This announcement took place a joint news conference with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Friday. Trump discussed the trade relationship between the US and China. He emphasizedRead More →

Earlier today I did a post on steemit outlining mccabe’s stepping down but since then I came across further information. According to an article from, mccabe’s actions came after FBI Director Christopher Wray read the four page memo that has been floating around congress. We still are in the dark as to what is contained in this memo but rumor has it that it exposes abuses at the highest levels of the DOJRead More →

A former Secret Service agent who worked under obama has declared that the details contained within the FISA abuse memo will completely erase the legacy of the former president. The memo is circulating on capitol hill and is described by those whom have seen it as so devastating that it could end special counsel mueller’s Russia probe instantaneously. The memo names and shames those whom have sought to deliberately undermine and obstruct Trump’s presidency. DonRead More →

Arkansas has convened a grand jury to indict bill and hillary as well as employees of the clinton foundation. Cory Hiland, a US attorney has a grand jury in place and the hope is that he will not being ‘playing ball’ as so many before him. He has re-opened the clinton foundation investigation that was closed down by loretta lynch and james comey. A report out today concerns the first indictment tied to the clintonRead More →

Joe Arpaio the beleaguered former Sheriff of Arizona has thrown in his hat for the senate seat which is being vacated by jeff flake. Arpaio is not a stranger to derisive battles having been a staunch supporter of ending illegal immigration for 24 years while holding the Sheriff position. He has shown himself as a tough firebrand and a no nonsense figure. He has meet strong opposition from the past democratically controlled administrations but heRead More →

President Trump unveiled a plan to shrink two national monuments as a move for states’ rights.  This will revert lands now controlled by the government to land designated as public use.  Trump referred the act of creating monuments as a federal land grab. The natural resources defense council countered the plan by telling Trump “We’ll see Trump in court”.  They argued that the Antiquities Act doesn’t permit the president to roll back land protections.  TheRead More →