Fukushima to Begin Dumping Radiation

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TEPCO has plans to dump the radiated water used to cool the deactivate plant directly into the ocean. They have been storing the water in holding tanks since the incident but the tanks are almost at capacity.

The initial wave of radiation has already been affecting fish and sea life as far away as Canada’s west coast. It surely has affected all sea life but in the US, the government has been working to suppress the danger. Shortly after the catastrophe, the Obama administration had the level of toxic radiation exposure raised by a factor of 1,000. According to scientists any radiation exposure is hazardous. Radiation from cesium and strontium have very long half lives and once a person is exposed, the radiation will continue to cause damage for the person’s life.

The largest problem is that the radiation can not be avoided. The only possible way of minimizing human exposure is to contain the radiation. TEPCO plans to do the exact opposite. By dumping the radio active water in to the ocean will increase the amount of exposure as well an exacerbate the damage.

If this incident is actually an extinction level event (ELE), it might explain why the governments of the world and the news media are working to minimize the dangers. If they were to report that it is unable to be contained and multitudes of people will perish, this would cause global panic. It might lead to a revolt that might cause those whom out right lied to be targeted by the ones affected.

EMFs Affects on Humans

Mobile phones Antennas with circles like radiation

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EMFs are electric, magnetic and radio frequency fields. They come in varying frequencies and are emitted by all devices that are powered by electricity. EMFs are invisible and they are all around us, if you live by overhead powerlines, cell towers radio / TV stations or a step down transformer, you are being exposed to even more fields. The step down transformer is usually located in a residential yard, what they are for is to take the high voltage, step down the voltage and distribute the lower voltage to homes.

EMFs are emitted from cell phones, it is advisable to keep the phone as far away as possible from your body even when not in use. EMFs do have a thermal effect on body cells but the increase in temperature is usually very minimal so as not to be noticed. The problem is with the biological effect the fields have on the cells.

Studies have shown that small levels of magnetic fields, such as 60 Hz can have drastic effects on cancer cells in a culture. They also suppress the body’s metabolism. At levels over 160 nT (nanotesla), sperm production is affected and male fertility declined by about 50% between 1973 and 2013. Also pregnant women exposed to magnetic fields can increase their chances of a miscarriage.

Paul Heroux, a professor of toxicology and health effects of electromagnetism, found that magnetic fields hinders the energy generating functions of ATP synthase. ATP synthase is an enzyme that is responsible for the conversion of ADP to ATP.

Source: wikipedia.org

“The formation of ATP from ADP and Pi is energetically unfavorable and would normally proceed in the reverse direction. In order to drive this reaction forward, ATP synthase couples ATP synthesis during cellular respiration to an electrochemical gradient created by the difference in proton (H+) concentration across the mitochondrial membrane in eukaryotes or the plasma membrane in bacteria. During photosynthesis in plants, ATP is synthesized by ATP synthase using a proton gradient created in the thylakoid lumen through the thylakoid membrane and into the chloroplast stroma.”
Source: wikipedia.org

The energy created by ATP synthase passes as a stream of proton through a water channel, magnetic fields reduces this current. The reduction of current can promote chronic disease and infertility. According to Heroux

“When you impair the flow of protons to ATP synthase, you increase mitochondrial membrane polarization … If you increase the polarization of the mitochondria by 14 percent, you will have a 70 percent increase in the reactive oxygen species coming out of complex one, which is the leading edge of the oxidative phosphorylation chain.

Essentially, my explanation is that by physical action on water, you can change the transparency of the most critical enzyme in the human body, modulate the amount of ATP, increase the escape of electrons from complex one; thereby explaining practically all of the observations related to EMF. Of course, the moment ATP is perturbed in a cell, there are calcium signals being emitted all over the place, because calcium is possibly the most critical intracellular messenger.”

Smart Meter Overcharges Leads to Class Action Suit

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When smart meters first appeared there were many rumors about how they were going to save the end users money as the utility company could more accurately read the meter. They mentioned how some bills had to be calculated on an extrapolated guess as the meter was in a location where it could not be read when the meter person was there. They also touted the new meter as a way for the user to set up a plan to use high energy consuming appliances during times when the rate was lower.

As people are becoming more knowledgeable about how the meters work, they discovered that the meters are actually overcharging. The meter not only tallies the amount of electricity used by the customer but it includes the amount of electricity required by the meter to transmit data and monitor smart appliances. The meters communicate with a surveillance computer, this computer needs to be replaced about every 5 to 6 years. The cost of this computer is apportioned to the customer’s utility bill. The analog meters which were replaced only measured that actual electricity used by the customer.

Initially when the meters were being replaced, some customers objected and tried to prevent the utility workers from coming onto their property. The utility workers called the police and the homeowners were coerced into having the meters replaced. Other homeowners whose meter were replaced without their knowledge called the utility company to try to get their old meter back. They were told that they would have to pay for the reinstallation and they would incur a monthly charge because the utility would have to pay for a meter reader to come to their house for their bill to be processed.

On July 19, a civil action suit was filed against the Central Maine Power Company (CMP) citing the increase in the customer’s bills due to the allocation of the cost for the surveillance computer. CMP provides service to 624,000 customer and 97,000 customer’s bills have risen by 50% or more. 200,000 other customers have been overcharged up to 50%. The suit is looking for CMP to reimburse the monies overcharged.

There are many other issues known about the health hazards of these meters. It is highly suggested that people research the implications these meters have on privacy issues as well as the biological effects the constant radiation emitted from them have on your well being.

Japan to Build Road With Radioactive Dirt

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Japan has been working to find a way to clean up the damage left by the 2011 disaster. Up till now their efforts have been to say the least lacking. It is understandable that the clean up is no small task and there is no viable way to neutralize the nuclear waste but every since the incident, Japan has refused help from other countries.

Their new idea to get rid of the contaminated soil is to use it to build new roadways. This idea is so far fetched, reports from 2017 found that the radiation levels at the site were as high as 530 sieverts per hour. A level of 5 sieverts per hour is proven deadly to humans within a few months, a level of 10 sieverts per hour will kill you within a few weeks. The soil within a few mile radius of the plant will likely have levels of 5 or 10 sieverts.

Fukushima Radiation Monitors Malfunctioning

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After the fateful meltdown, about 3,000 radiation monitors were installed. Since that time, they have experienced nearly 4,000 glitches with the monitors.

Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority plans on removing about 80% of them by 2020. Some local authorities as well as residents are in opposition to the removal. It is believed that the agency is removing them as a cost cutting effort but the authority says that the monitors to be removed are in areas where the radiation levels have fallen and the monitors are not needed.

The monitors were installed in kindergartens and schools. The residents feel that there is still a need for these monitors so they can track the amount of radiation their children are exposed to. Radiation levels changed daily due to wind direction and atmospheric changes. It is reasonable to believe that even though the radiation levels may have decreased there is still a need for monitoring the daily levels.