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Hello Sinner, here I come, sad news bringing
from The Shire high above.
Will share more about the folks under the Throne,
but how stuff works, please don’t ask me so.

I’m a Voice of Them, thankfully written,
I can tell you, Thy was not smitten.
I’m a Mirage of Them, not at all hidden,
I can tell you The Boss is not a kitten.

No bounty high up there, only a lingering shock,
as instead of the Void, Dimension or Court,
is it a punishment, or is it not? – I do not know,
instead I guess this is a joke.

News froze silence under the thundering Throne,
when was the last time a sparkle hit the Stone?
From all the Appraisal Wheels the finger is on me,
-If Thy say so, I should then speak!

Half of a day you will be white,
another half you will be black,
to the Heaven’s surprise granted the light,
you’re forever to be a color changing cat.

As written in the stone, Word to The Throne,
Them said Their part, no face to see frown.
A secret desire as you please,
Thy see them all, an immortality then is.

Chained, The First One sprite with his grudge,
burst out in resentment – Well, that’s just not right!
Me Second left tripping with the finger in an ear –
Signal lost, please what Thy said, Aw! poor lil me…

To all the Being, a cause of their fright,
Thin Shadow arrived, a clerk carrying Book of life.
Humble servant… – whisper tapping my shoulder,
-Thousand apologies, mind to check again…?

I’ve no celestial aptitude, or bowed eyes in a tow,
who seeks disdain of aura, go check the level below!
So a bit louder, whilst cracking Skys apart,
making sure it’s clear to ones out of sight.

**Word by word, this is a Letter,
What anyone feels, doesn’t really matter.
Half of a day white, half of day black,
Thy grant the light forever to be a cat.**

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No neutral ground

Every day people make choices for good or bad. No one takes neutral ground. The scriptures tells us an event which happened between two personalities in which a choice must be made. During the Crucifixion of Jesus,Pilate ask them whom they want to be released to them: Jesus on the one hand representing God almighty and Barabbas on the other hand representing the devil.

The Jews made a choice for Barabbas, the robber representing the devil. They soon forgot the scripture in John 10:10 that says <q>the thief commeth not, but to steal kill and destroy, i have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly</q>

The implication of this action is that when you reject Jesus, you automatically ask for the thief to come in different ways. The truth is that many have rejected Jesus. No one stands on a neutral ground because Jesus died for the whole world. Rejecting Jesus is voting for Barabbas which  is embracing a thief. Consequently, you become a child of a thief or a friend of a thief and eventually will become  thief.

You cannot be neutral, you must make a choice between Jesus and the devil, the thief. Your  choice goes a long way in determining whether you will enjoy salvation and Gods belessing or you recieve condemnation and curses.

Don’t Let Anger get the best of you

I have a quiz for you : who was the first person to break the law and why? The The answer is very Simple, Moses, in anger, broke the tablets of the law that God had just given him. Just imagine, this man had just spent 40 days and nights in the terrifying presence of the Lord; no food, no water. Yet, even before he delivered the tablets, anger made him smash them to pieces. It cost him another 40days and nights to get a replacement for the tablets of the Law.

You will recall that it was this same anger that made him commit the murder that got him banished from Egypt at the age of 40. Yet, at age 80, anger was still controlling him. You will recall that later on during the Journey to the promised land, Moses got God very Upset when he struck the rock in anger, against Gods instruction that speak to the Rock. Anger formed a pattern in the life of Moses. This time, God made it plain that Moses would never get to the Promised Land.

What Lesson do you earn from this? No matter how much time you spend in the presence of God fasting and praying, no matter God’s plan and assignment for you in life, no matter how much sacrifice you have made in your service to God, no matter how close you are to your goal in life sin, in this case, anger, can block you from reaching your goal or promised Land in life.

Dear #Steemitchurch, i appeal to you, do an honest and thorough examination of your self: do you have anger in anyways? it is not allowed! Get rid of it fast Do not allow anger to deter you from reaching your promised land in your marriage,career, walk with God and any other area of your life. Remember, anger can make a man lose his senses and do things he would normally not do.

The book of Galatians 5:22-23 talks about temperance, meekness, gentleness and other qualities that will make you prayerfully overcome anger.

What Happens When we hear from God

Dear Brethren,

What happens when we hear from God? Hearing from God requires a lot of sacrifices which has many benefits that far outweigh the cost. Let us look at what happens when we hear from Him and why it’s important we desire to hear from God;

1 IT BRINGS GROWTH IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD Is there any need for relationship without communication? Before, it is vital to listen and respond to God.

Yes, we know God speaks in multiple ways, but His voice is always very clear to those who are in relationship with Him. God is not just lording over us, God understands our make up. This means that man is a spirit, having a soul and living in a body. The soul of man is made up of his will and emotion. Since God created man with emotions, He knows he (man) deserves to be loved. Therefore, God opens up an avenue for a relationship with man.

For you to be in relationship with God, you must be in one with Jesus. If you’re not in that relationship it means something is missing. It’s impprtant you become a friend to Jesus so you can hear God speak.

John 15:15

From now on I call you not servants; for the servant knows not what his lord does: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you

When a man hears & listens from God, it helps him make a sound decision not going blind. There are many Brethren who arent sure of their stand in life. They are still confused on the issues of life, not knowing which way to follow. We have all been there before.

Decisions are compulsory in the day to day living of everyone. Not hearing from God could makes it so difficult and so worrisome especially on how to handle certain issues.Sometimes, I hear of believers visiting palm readers to help them see the future, they seems to forget God is the only One that can see what happens in the next 100 years to come. Whenever, I hear such stories of christians jumping from one pole to the other looking for help, I feel so sad.

Steemians, when we hear God’s voice on issues concerning our lives, it makes decision making so easy and stress free. Men may criticize you, it does not matter. You could even get mocked by everyone around, don’t feel sad, but stand firm on it. At the end of the day, people will know you’re operating in a higher level

1Samuel 23:1-5

Then they told David, saying, “Behold, the Philistines are fighting against Keilah and are plundering the threshing floors.”
2 So David inquired of the Lord, saying, “Shall I go and [a]attack these Philistines?” And the Lord said to David, “Go and [b]attack the Philistines and deliver Keilah.”
3 But David’s men said to him, “Behold, we are afraid here in Judah. How much more then if we go to Keilah against the ranks of the Philistines?”
4 Then David inquired of the Lord once more. And the Lord answered him and said, “Arise, go down to Keilah, for I will give the Philistines into your hand.”
5 So David and his men went to Keilah and fought with the Philistines; and he led away their livestock and struck them with a great slaughter. Thus David delivered the inhabitants of Keilah.

3 IT HELPS YOU AVIOD CERTAIN INCIDENCE: I have seen this happen all the time. When you are sensitive to God’s signal, you will be able to avoid certain incidence in your life cause the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord.

Many a time, the Lord has spoken to many not to embark on certain journeys in life and that saved their souls. Do not be a casualty to something you could have avoided if you’d have listened to God. Get closer so that you can hear from Him.

1 Samuel 23:10-13

Then said David, O LORD God of Israel, your servant has certainly heard that Saul seeks to come to Keilah, to destroy the city for my sake.
11 Will the men of Keilah deliver me up into his hand? Will Saul come down, as your servant has heard? O LORD God of Israel, I beseech you, tell your servant. And the LORD said, He will come down.
12 Then said David, will the men of Keilah deliver me and my men into the hand of Saul? And the LORD said, They will deliver you up.
13 Then David and his men, who were about six hundred, arose and departed out to Keilah, and went wherever they could go. And it was told Saul that David was escaped from Keilah; and he decided not to go there.

4 IT MAKES US SMARTER THAN OUR ENEMIES: Jehoshaphat King of Judah and the entire nation were made wiser than their enemies because they heard from the Lord concerning their issues. This can make your enemies wonder how you get your information because you will always outsmart them.


Hear my testimony:

After, I finished school, I went to my uncle’s house to look for a job. I got one that doesn’t pay so well, but I needed a start so I took up the job while I kept searching for a better offer.

I applied to an oil servicing firm as a secretary and was called for an interview. We were many that had the interview, but I was amongst those selected for the job. The pay was so fantastic, I was happy and couldn’t wait to quit my current job and start up with something better. We were told to get ready and resign from our places of work.

During this period, I was very active in church. I was the HOD of the choir department and also head of a house fellowship close to my uncle’s house, but then, I got another offer to leave that particular town to somewhere else. Giving my role in the church and the oil servicing firm which pays way higher than the second offer, I didn’t want to leave. I was sure God wanted to me stay! Everyone advised me to stay, but the pastor of my church said something to me, he said “Amaka did you talk to God about it?” Of course, he’d want me to stay, but insist I seek God’s opinion.

So, I decided to pray and talk to God about it for one week. On the last day of my prayers, I had a dream, where my elder brother told me not to stay in that town. He said “take his money for transportation and accept the second offer” I woke up and It was a dream. Immediately, I changed my direction and left for the second offer. I was so sure of what I saw in my dream. Remember, the first choice was much better and more comfortable for me, anyone could easily go for the first choice, but I had to follow God’s instruction so I left.

After 3 months into my new job, I decided to call some of the people that we got the first job together. I wanted to know how they were coping with the job and I got the shocker of my life. They told me there was never any job, and that the company folded up before it could even start. This is my eighth year into that second offer that didn’t look pleasant at that time. What if I didn’t seek the face of the God?

When God directs a man, His instructions lead to an accurate direction. Driections from God delivers from destruction; leads to perfect construction of our lives and destiny. God has also promised to instruct us if only we could listen.

Psalm 32:8

I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you shall go: I will guide you with my eye.

6 IT SHOWS WE ARE HIS CHILDREN:My dad gives me instructions on what to do even as an adult. There is nothing that I want to embark on that I don’t seek his guidance and you wanna know why? It’s because his instructions has really worked for me. Every father gives instructions to his children and this is not different between us and God. If we acknowledge God as our Father, we will definitely hear from Him.

7 IT MAKES OUR JOURNEY SWEET: Relationship is sweeter when there is a free flow of communication, when no one is hindered from expressing himself. If God speaks back to you as you speak to Him daily, you will enjoy your walk with Him just like Enoch did and he went to heaven in sweet communication with God.

Treat your neighbors right

What does it mean to show love to your neighbor? It means to treat them in ways you want others to treat you. The problem lies in the fact that people have self worth for themselves. Besides, many people do not know how they are meant to be treated. Some people also lack self respect for themselves. If you do not know how to treat your self right, you will not know how to treat your neighbor right.

The Bible encourages us to treat our neighbors right because that is what God expects from us (Zechariah 8:17).God wants us to love him before we can achieve that, we have to love our neighbors (1 John 4:20). If we cannot love our neighbors with whom we see with both eyes, how can we then claim that we love God.

A man had received his salary and went to dump it at the feet of his pastor, one day the pastor came to visit him and saw his whole family in abject poverty. He had to return the monies he had collected and encouraged him to take care of his family better first.

Which neighbors of yours have you treated badly?

Locate them today and make peace with them


Holy Spirit in the Church

Dear beloved, you need to have an understanding of the church, the body which you belong. The church consist of all regenerated souls, each one redeemed by the blood of Christ and transformed by the Holy spirit. Without the holy spirit, there will be no purifying church, for the Holy spirit is the sanctifying power of the church, which is the body of Christ.

Members of the body of Christ are expected to live a new life in Christ which is sustainable by the enabling power of the holy spirit. Therefore there is no subject that is of greater significance above the person and work of the holy spirit in the body of Christ.

If you are a member of the leadership of the church of Christ, you need to cooperate wit the body of Christ to solve the problems of individual members of the local assembly. That is the reason the holy spirit must be the best companion of everyone in the position of leadership . The Mission of the church is to prepare and make the body rapturable according to Ephesians 5:25-27. The church must look unto Christ and not unto person.

And for the members of the body of Christ to be glorious without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, then the Holy Spirit must be allowed to do the works of purification in a believer’s life, in preparation in preparation for the rapture. Are you a member of the body of Christ.

His ways are not our ways

Man most times is a logical being he acts on whatever seems right to his reasoning and his senses. He makes judgement based on rational thinking. But Isiah 55:6-11 tells us that God’s ways are not our ways, neither are His thoughts our thoughts. The way God sees is different from the way we see.

God sees the end from the beginning. While the disciples after Pentecost saw Paul as a major threats to the church, God looked at him and saw an apostle who will not carry the gospel to the Gentile nations but also one who would later write half of the new testament.

Examine yourself and the people around you. Have you wrongly judged them? Have you condemned someone who God is not yet done with? The Pharisees could see no better than a harlot in Mary Magdalene but Jesus saw differently. Later she would be the first person to witness the resurrection of the risen Lord.

This goes to prove that mans reasoning cannot be trusted. We must not judged by the sight as 2 Corinthians 5:7 has reminded us that we walk y faith and not by sight. We must be men and women who can accurately discern the judgement of God, choosing not to judge based on our senses, no matter how convincing the physical evidences may seem, but to trust the spirit of the Lord within us to guide our decisions.

Let us choose to be different from the world, let us make decisions discarding physical evidences and only hearken to the voice of the holy spirit within us.

Very soon, you will join us

There is a word that most overweight people dislike, it is a word that turns people off and makes their mind switch to another channel to avoid thinking about it. Unfortunately it is a key part to weight reduction and something that when done correctly can be the cause of your success. The word is…………….. Exercise! Now stay with me here, switch your mind back on to what I am saying stay, in this same frame. The reason most overweight people do not like the ‘E’ word is because they have set up in their mind that in equals pain and like most people they will do anything to avoid pain. There is a better way and you can find the better way when you begin to understand that there are different ‘types’ of exercise (hey, don’t disappear – stay with me now) At the lowest level there are 2 forms of exercise, these are; · Aerobic and · Anaerobic Aerobic exercise causes your heart and muscles to work very hard, pumping blood round your body at a high rate to get the oxygen to the muscles in order for them to keep working. A side effect of this is that it produces acid in your muscles, lactic acid to be precise. It is this lactic acid that causes you muscles to stiffen up after you have finished, causing you pain. Lactic acid also stays in your system for a long time as your body finds it hard to break it down. If your body cannot break the acid down it wraps it up and stores it as fat! The main type of aerobic exercise that people do on a regular basis is running, yes this helps build fitness but if you want to reduce your weight you can only concentrate on building fitness once you get down to a sufficient weight. What you should concentrate on to start with is reducing your weight and nothing else, fitness comes later. This is where anaerobic exercise comes in. Anaerobic exercise causes the heart to work harder than normal which still pushes the blood and oxygen around the body but does not work the muscles as hard and therefore does not create lactic acid. Further more anaerobic exercise helps in releasing stored fat and acid and helps it into the waste system so that the body can get rid of it. Remember you cannot ‘burn’ off your weight. The phrase ‘burning off calories’ is a myth! The weight you get rid of has to leave your body somehow and it is through your waste system that this happens. So, what is the best form of anaerobic exercise? I hear you ask Well, as the title of this article suggests it is walking. My suggestion to you is that you walk for 1 ½ hours at least 3 times per week and that should be broken down into the following; · 15 minutes warm up walking at a pace slightly faster than your normal walking pace · 60 minutes walking at a high pace that gets your heart pumping · 15 minutes warm down walking at your normal walking pace. If you cannot manage that to start with find your own level and start there and slowly build up to this level. Remember the warm up and warm down though as this is vital. Enjoy your walking. Yours truly, Graham Nicholls

Power of the mind

My dear friend in Christ, what goes on in your mind has a very great power to influence your future. The scripture says in Proverbs 4;23, “keep they heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life”. Also in proverbs 23;7 says ” for as he thinketh in his heart so he is”. From the foregoing it is apparent that our thoughts are very powerful creative force.

Look at Lucifer, he thought in his heart to be like God and immediately God reacted swiftly because God knows the power of thoughts and that with time his thoughts will become his experience.

Consider Job, a very successful man indeed but look at his secret thoughts of fear of calamity, God allowed the devil to make secret thought of Job his experience.

Beloved, remember that we are created in image and likeness of God and so whatever is conceivable is achievable. Fill yourself always with positive thoughts and eschew every negative thinking for it is a true saying that a man will become what he thinks most of the times.

In the morning when you wake up from sleep what goes on in your mind? Is it always fear of the unknown? is it worrying about how the day will be? or are you having a positive thought that your day would be great? when you are about going to bed, what are your last thoughts before you fall asleep?

Are they positive or negative? Note that your thoughts can make you or mar you. fear and worry are powerful weapons of the enemy and these weapons only operate in our minds .

So remove fear and worry not, have a positive thinking about life and about what you want to achieve and God, nature, and humans will cooperate to bring it it into reality, what you always think about.

Carry His presence

Our Father has promised us His presence. Jesus promised never to leave nor forsake us. And Indeed, the Godhead are faithful to their promise and have given us the holy spirit of promise to abide in us. But do we consciously carry his presence given to us, do we consciously seek to fellowship with the presence.

Act 17;27 records that God is not far from us. Therefore,the only reason we don’t feel his presence is because we fail to acknowledge him. It is possible to carry God everywhere you go. You don’t have to limit fellowship with God to your morning and evening prayer times. God desires that we remain in fellowship with him every second, every minute and every hour of the day. That is why Paul prayed in 2 Corinthians 13:14 that we experience the communion of the Holy Ghost.

God is not far from us. We have the Holy spirit residing with us, but we have to consciously decide to carry his presence with us and never leave his presence like Cain did (Genesis 4:16) because of His sin