Robot to Help Your Green Thumb


People who want plants in their house but don’t have the time to give them attention have a new tool.  Plants are good for cleansing the air as they take in what people exhale and they exhale what people breathe in.  Having plants around the house is always a good idea but the problem is deciding where to place the plant so it has adequate sunlight, most people don’t have the time or want to spend time to move the plants around every day.  Some old ideas were to put the plants on a cart so they could easily move the cart.

Vincross, a startup has come up with a robotic plant holder that can autonomously move your plants to the sunnier spots in the room.  The bot can accommodate up to a medium sized plant.  It has sensors, motors, a camera and spider like legs so it can sense the light and move towards the strongest lit area.  It is controlled by a linux based operating system.

In addition to keeping the plant in the light, it also acts as a water sensor.  The robot will bob up and down when it detects that the plant is dry.  An added feature for the owner’s entertainment, the robot will do a dance when it detects that the plant is watered and is getting adequate sunlight.