The SpaceX keeps on lifting rockets, but little the people know how many of them fell down or exploded. This is a video that shows teh finest examples. I personally think that the detailed reports of the incidents should be put in a written form and shared around to the people who wish to know more about this rocket business. Future is not far away and flying around the planet in the lower orbitRead More →

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has announced the first passenger for the first private SpaceX flight around the Moon to be – beyond a surprise – an insanely rich Japanese fashion designer and founder of Japan’s online fashion mall, Zozotown. Image source Now, everyone knew this is going to be some rich guy taking the first seat with an upfront payment because Musk couldn’t possibly acquire that much money to build a cutting edge carbon basedRead More →

The actual title of an article was ‘Tesla had a scandal-free week, and the stock gained 12 percent’ but in fair translation it would be Elon Musk not granting some pedestrians an opportunity to irk his flakes up the ‘zucking’ ceiling… I would like to say the dandruff, but then again, all those sassy libel cases..Didn’t that guy ‘fagottized’ Musk, just before the subject of the graphical imagery decided to go full Monty and demonizeRead More →

This form of artificial intelligence uses light refraction in lieu of processing numbers with algorithms. Back several decades ago, the cutting edge was a light computer. Mind that I read about this idea at a time before computers were ubiquitous. The prospects for a computer which is powered by light rather than electricity would theoretically run faster and cooler than one that used electrons. The light computer would have a light pump instead of aRead More →

Stanford scientists have developed a manganese hydrogen battery that is water based. There are many scientist working on a lower cost replacement for the current battery technology. The scientific community is working to deliver a way to store electricity that is economical and safe. As our society is growing more energy reliant. Energy from traditional sources is reaching a tipping point. Most of our energy is generated by non renewable source like coal or naturalRead More →

A nascent technology is researching encoding data into DNA. By encoding data bits into tiny molecules of DNA, they are hoping to fit entire data centers in a few flasks of DNA. They predict that it will be accomplished by the end of the decade. As the computer has evolved, there is a need for more storage. In the early years of computers, a few kilobytes were satisfactory to accomplish most programs. Today we theRead More →

San Francisco – The moon will get a 4G mobile phone network next year, 50 years after the first NASA astronaut landed on the lunar surface, the Daily Mail reported on Tuesday, February 27, 2018. Vodafone Germany, Nokia and Audi say they work together to support missions that allow rover (moonlight) to communicate with each other. If it continues, it will also allow high definition live streaming of the Moon landscape to Earth. This isRead More →

Source: This is a fun experiment you can do with your kids. It just takes some water, sugar and some food coloring. Fill a glass about 1/4 high with some water and add sugar to the water. Start with about a tablespoon and mix until the sugar dissolves. You may need to add more sugar until the water gets saturated with sugar. Once it has reached saturation, add a few drops of food coloring.Read More →

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp (NTT) has developed an eco-friendly battery. They claim the battery can be disposed of in soil without harming the environment. Conventional batteries contain zinc alloy, rare metals and other materials which are harmful to the environment. The eco-friendly battery contains fertilizer and natural elements which will not harm the soil. To test if the battery is environmentally friendly, they smashed the battery into small pieces and buried the pieces inRead More →

Scientist have discovered that some genes continue to function for a period after death, in fact some genes actually get more active. They believe they can use this discovery to determine a more accurate time of a person’s death. Human genes and their activity are defined by two types of code, DNA and RNA. DNA is the set of instructions, RNA is used to read the instructions and based on the instructions the RNA initiatesRead More →