Mindful Thursday~ 08/15/19

“Be such a powerful loving presence that even in your absence you positively affect change for the better.”

Use today’s Mindful-Amusement share of knowledge to help yourself for the better! You deserve a better mental lifestyle, so cultivate self~love within because you deserve to be, live, and enjoy that much better beyond negative belief.

Nourish your mentality good by releasing your bothersome thoughts and allowing the negativity to fade. Think of the good you have within and the blessings you possess. Believe there is so much more for you beyond your physical reach and mental belief! Focus your attention on better experiences occurring throughout your future. Better yourself for better moments of today, for an appreciative yesterday, and for your ideal tomorrow.

The world needs your awesomeness, your positive impact, and loving difference for a beneficial change! Make the best of who you REALLY are! You would greatly benefit from the best version of you. Inspire your aspirations and mindfully do all that positively affects your life for the better, and for all who live within your world. You deserve to better your existence through memorable experiences to continue a greater life that you deserve.

CHEERS~ to your bliss and success continuing…


Inspiration Tuesday~ 08/13/19

I am sharing this bit of inspiration today to assist in bettering your attitude, emotions, and perspective to benefit you in your ideal direction. To assist you in determining at what level and degree will your awesomeness be today as you continue on your own path. To assist you in living beyond survival, thriving on love, and striving for joyful memories. You deserve to continue for greater days, for greater weeks, and greater months for a great year. It’s your precious life, so leave your past behind for a better future you deserve!

Inspire yourself into action today just as I am doing! Live through your interests, passions, and hobbies to help bring out the best version of yourself for greater successful outcomes. You know it could be worse, so remind yourself how much better you can enjoy it to be and to have it as such until your heart’s content! Enjoy all that you can while positively affecting your life. Move forward for the better over the worse regardless of your past, and empower through as you deserve to continue.

CHEERS~ to the fulfillment of your aspirations as your success continues…

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Gratitude Sunday~ 08/11/19

“Move forward with an attitude of gratitude and you’ll surely receive more worth your gratefulness at a higher emotional altitude.”

Gratitude check today! This reminder of gratitude here is to mindfully assist you beyond me. You’ve given thanks, expressed appreciation, and have felt grateful for much of your past. There is no doubt that you have so much more to look forward to beyond today! So, what are you thankful for and grateful for? Not just for today, but of this past week this month and of this year! Remind yourself to look forward to more of the same!

When you’re in a grateful loving present state within your own life, then you’ll surely attract others similarly in a state of emotional good, as the saying goes, “Like attracts like!” So, continue positively emphasizing on thriving on the good stuff! Empower your will to design your future and empower love to create your circumstances and situations. Make the best of the gifted present time frame because it matters to you.

Enjoy your blessings within and all that you have. Until next time, positively look ahead to a noteworthy future as you continue thriving~

CHEERS~ to your great life, great day and success continuing…

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Self Help Friday~ 06/21/19

Here is a little something of self-help today to assist you for the better over the worse, so, friendly remind yourself to move forward with a better quality self version of you to greatly benefit! You deserve greater moments for greater days! Keep empowering through until satisfaction is achieved. Strive confidently for all that you desire in your future. A better quality version of you can go beyond survival mode to thrive.

You know you deserve to succeed, so bliss out with your awesome self! Move forward on a foundation of better beliefs for better results from better thoughts. Be the better version of yourself with a better attitude and better outlook for a better future! You can also positively affect loved ones and those you appreciate along your way for greater benefit.

CHEERS~ to a better you for better moments of today toward a better tomorrow!


Self~Empowerment: Today’s Positive Statement- 06/19/19~

Today’s self-empowering statement to positively affect yourself:


“I am so much more than anger, sadness, and negativity! I am so much more than flaws, imperfections, and weaknesses! I can do so much more, be so much more, and enjoy so much more! I am choosing to better my thinking, better my attitude, and better my beliefs for the better version of myself…”

to continue a greater life!

Great day to you, as a great day continues~

Edward F. T. Charfauros

Life Guide and Author

Source: Repeat With Me: I AM SUCCESS!


Healthful Monday~ 05/27/19

Today’s Healthful-Amusement share worth your read to amuse your thoughts with! Self-care to support a healthier mind and body in support of achieving and accomplishing further in life! Make a positive difference in your life! I am here to assist you with better self-care for healthier decisions and healthier choices for a healthier lifestyle not just for yourself, but to positively affect those you care about. So, self-improve your overall well-being for those you love. Besides, you’ll surely achieve and accomplish more with a healthier better version of yourself!

Invest in your education by increasing your knowledge regarding your health. Check out this bit of information provided for you today, and learn more about what energizes you as you continue moving forward! This is just some info to assist you towards the better. Remind yourself that, “I deserve better moments of today for an appreciative yesterday as I create my ideal tomorrow! I deserve to enjoy every day that much more with those I love!”

CHEERS~ to your bliss everywhere in between your lessons and wins…

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