Latest news from the Steemit scam

Latest news from the Steemit scam

1: More and more bugs on the website and with the API these last days.
2: No more validated account for one month. If you want to join Steemit with a free account, forget this. People who wants to create an account will have to pay. Steemit needs more real money?
3: As soon as you earn some STEEMS/VESTS rewards, steemit decreases the amount of delegated STEEMS/VESTS.. You can see at Steemit needs more real money?
4: The last annoouncement at One thing is interesting: “Steem should become even more decentralized”. Great! It shows we are right to tell Steemit is not a real blockchain and I think it will NEVER be the case.
5: Steemit goes on to delegate amounts to accounts left months ago.. Why? They really think that their members will go back? How they can be notified they have received these delegated amounts? Members stopiing to use Steemit will never go back to this poor stupid ‘social network’ haunted by some teams of abusers flagger trolls harassing people and destroying accounts for pointless and unjustified reasons.


More weird things with the steemit scam!

More weird things with the steemit scam!

More weird things with the #steemit #scam!
Look at this picture:

or look it here:

@steem is delegating to hundreds and hundreds of accounts and most of them are no more used! has left her account 3 months ago!!
Why delegating SP to inactive accounts????
Doing this is not useful, is a waste of time, energy and steems with miners working and PAID for nothing….

And more!!
This was posted on the the Anonymous Steemit Victims Defence League webpage:

More and more members are reporting the sociopath trolls like berniesanders: & and about the weird behaviour of some whales: 



It’s proven: Steemit is a SCAM!

Some days ago, I was surprised: I did not receive anymore rewards but because Steemit behaviour is complex, chaotic and unpredictable, I did not care about that on the first time.

Until I saw one of my posts on   It was displayed I’ll receive my rewards in 29 minutes. So, I waited and I saw the rewards were RESET TO ZERO and I did not receive the rewards in my wallet!!! WOW!!!!

Since this day, I have investigated with my other accounts: ALL WERE NEVER PAID!!!

One more time (like I reported in my previous post here), there is no information in the accounts and post some details showing that my rewards will not be paid.

So, what does it mean?:

1: Steemit is ‘blocking/freezing’ some accounts, a sort of filter or censorchip. It’s not honest. Robbing people means Steemit is a SCAM.

2: It means that ALL what we do on Steemit is closely monitored and this is made before the datas are transferred into the blockchain. One more time, it shows that Steemit is centralized. It’s not a real blochain.

More later about this scam? I go on to investigate 😉

(Sometimes, Featured Image displays an error)


More about the Steemit SCAM

For ONE day:
414.352 MVESTS delegated

So many VESTS delegated in ONE day!?!? Do you think they are created by ‘miners’, by posting, commenting, trading or brought by REAL money?

#Steemit goes on to create VESTS. More and more people are leaving this SCAM. With the HardF***ing20 less and less people are interested by this bugged pathetic ‘social network’. Sociopath trolls flaggers are reported.

The Anonymous Steemit Victims Defence League has updated their webpage:

A probant experiment with the Steemit SCAM!

I wanted to make a test with this scam. So, I created a lot of accounts, more than twenty. My strategy was: Using a ‘stealth mode’ by minimizing the interactions and see what will happen.

So, I chose to NOT post but only COMMENT. Each of my accounts will upvote and comment every other comments of all the other accounts. No AUTO upvote because of the sociopath flaggers trolls.
Each of my accounts cannot comment more than one time a day (because of the trolls flaggers who flag people posting or commenting more than x times a day..).
A sort of undernet, a net inside the net.

There is the result:

1: I earn rewards when I comment. I earn rewards when I upvote. I earn rewards when my other accounts upvote my comments. And this, with all my accounts. So I have a question: From where these rewards (STEEMS) are coming??? I never invested some real money in this scam.
As I have posted previously, STEEMS are ‘created’ when foolish people spends some REAL MONEY into this scam. But it’s not enough. VESTS (parts of STEEMS) are allocated (delegations) to all the new members. All these rewards I have received cannot be ‘paid’ with the REAL MONEY invested in this scam. One more time, it shows the STEEMS are permanently created. It explains also why after more than 2 years, STEEMIT has still NO VALUE and most exchangers do not want to deal with this FAKE cryptocurrency.

2: Some days ago, the admin @steem has UNdelegated around 10 of my accounts! WOOOWWW!!! It looks like the admin does not like members earning rewards without spending real money in his scam. It looks more and more like the old famous scam DXGold.

3: Despite my stealth strategy, 2 of my accounts were targeted by 2 trolls flaggers. One is a permanent troll bot. The account targeted by this bot is DEAD. Thanks to this sociopath. They don’t like what you post/comment, so they destroy your account… what a pity!

That’s all folks!

Will The Real BernieSanders Please Stand Up!

Will The Real Berine Sanders Please Stand Up!

Oh wait, I see he is already standing… for his mugshot!

For the many that do not know, I was recently targeted by some not-so-nice people on Steemit. After being called out and flagged by the Bot “abusereports” for identifying what I suspected was something shady going on, it didn’t take me long to figure out the charade. A “charade” for those that use English as a second language here on Steemit is defined as “an absurd pretense intended to create a pleasant or respectable appearance.” In other words, a “hoax, farce, or masquarade.”

What I also learned is that all these accounts that were downvoting me – they are all the same person, aka berniesanders (there may even be more!). After being publicy called “retarded” and threatend on the site (by Steemit Witness nextgencrypto, aslo aka berniesanders), I just resigned myself to the fact that bullies will be bullies (assholes) and until they get their ass kicked on the playground, the playground is not a very fun place to be. So I decided just to do what any winner does… pick up my earnings and go home.

He also threatened to “bury me so deep, nobody would see my posts.” In other words, his intent was to make my account worthless. He (they) might be able to prevent me from earning anything else here, but he cannot take away all that I have already earned. So I am in the process of powering down. This is definitely not the playground I want to be on now. Ithas become a stacked deck of cards favoring those with all the capital, and stringing along all the minnows to prop up the pool of money that they drain constantly. (Learn about Steemit inflation and how it is distributed.)

When you seemingly get flagged into oblivion and all your posts and comments become hidden, they really don’t become hidden, just less visible. Anyone can simply click on that “dimmed” comment to read it. And the funny thing is since all this has happened, I have actually gained about 18 new followers! I’ve also noticed that a few more folks have joined the fight against Flagging Abuse, which has become the new culture of Steemit. It didn’t start with me though, trust me. Sanders and company have been doing this for some time, it’s just that now it is beginning to affect Steemit’s reputation like a virus. You might ask… “Why don’t the other whales step in?” Ahh… and I say “Why would they want to screw around now and mess up their own income streams?”

aka berniesanders.png

One vocal supporter of Steemit even offered up all this information he found out about the real person behind the phony berniesanders:

Take your time, read it, and enlighten yourself. I say this guy has not gotten away from his criminal ways and maybe needs all the money he pilfers from Steemit to pay his legal fees. I’d also say he looks pretty good dressed in orange!

And to those who love Steemit for what it should be and not for what it has become, you should all take a stand against this scammy and abusive behavior… because if nobody does anything, there may not be much of a Steemit in the future to talk about. And as long as I still have some SP, I might as well stick around and get flagged some more.

Oh and by the way – FYI, the tags “Scams” and “Abuse” have both recently disappeared from the Steemit tag list! Coincidence?

Retired in Samar 1.gif

I’m Not Alone!

Responding to the “Say What’s On Your Mind” (as asked within this blank text box), I can do just that. I wish I could still do that over on Steemit but… everything I do there now is censored. I just tried to post something there and was basically denied access to posting (masked as a network error). I have known others who are prevented from uploading any new content, even on Dtube, which is a separate platform from Steemit. Even when I post a comment on someone else’s post, I get flagged. When I attempt to upvote someone, it gets blocked, so I can’t even use my voting strength for the good of others. If you are on Steemit, know this… Steemit has become an overly censored and CENTRALIZED platform that is designed to make the early adopters even richer, while minnows and new investors struggle. And when you finally realize what is happening and voice your opinion, your opinion is silenced. When certain whales see something they don’t agree with, they can shut you down at will… it’s that simple. Why?… to protect their self- interest of course! Do your homework… your due dilligence, as this has become the way of #Steemit, CENTRALIZED and CENSORED… so be careful what you say. I am not alone!

Looks Like I’m Not Bernie’s Only Fan!

Bernie Sanders… the politician? No, the other one… the “Fragile Minded Steemit Troll.”

After much consideration, as I have previously mentioned, I will be leaving Steemit. I will not close my account but will go pretty much inactive. As a “hate’tee” of the Great and Powerful Oz berniesanders, I really don’t wish to stick around and be subjected to his absurd foolery. But in the name of what little good I can do, I shine a light on him once in awhile… For the good of Steemit!

I did a little carrousing yesterday and found a few tidbits of drama between the “Almighty One” and his serfs. It didn’t take much searching to find the following:

In the post linked below, @studgriffin points out both the irony and hypocracy of the “Scamming” Spam Fighter himself, berniesanders, aka nextgencrypto (@abusereports).

The following quick and dirty post is just that… a quick snag of over $15 from the rewards pool – courtesy of yup, you guessed it “sanders” and his bucket of trolls. Here, he attacks @mmmmkkkk311 for pointing out the obvious, then upvotes his own low-effort content with some of his more popular personalities. And he refers to it as FUN?

In yet another post, @jparty comes to the defense of @noganoo for his religious beliefs. I’m not really privy to what has been going on on this front but sanders knows no boundaries when it comes to insulting people. Now, I’m not one who practices any organized religion, but I will defend a person’s right to do so.

Here is a snippet found in the above post which defines berniesanders:

Here is a comment by The Dollar Vigilante extracted from a Jeff Berwick post going back 2 years:
“Sounds like the definition of a Feudal system. So does everybody basically have to blow @berniesanders on a regular basis to make any money on here? I have to say I am very dis-enchanted with what I’ve seen on Steemit. If this is the future of crypto, ugghhh.. We’ve replaced a handful of oligarchs who own the real political-economy with a handful of obligarchs who own the crypto economy. They set the rules. They shut people down. How is this different form the default world? It appears worse to me because there is ZERO accountability and they are totally anonymous.

Its ironic that he goes by the name bernie sanders, a socialist, when sounds like he is promoting tyranny.”

Here, @noganoo calls out sanders for being one of the biggest scammers on Steemit, and then schmoozes up to him in the end. WTF?

Some people make the argument that Steemit is free market, and all Steemians should be allowed to earn as much as they can without worrying about reprisal or the greater good of the community. I would agree that STEEMIT is a free market and that STEEMIANS should be rewarded for their good efforts within the ecosystem as well as for the quality or value of content they produce. I also agree that authors should not have to worry about reprisal from other users based upon the creation of content that is **not morally objectionable** and **breaks no laws**, but they should worry about reprisal if post earnings exceed what the community or any member of the community views as acceptable and fair. The other side of that argument should extend to anyone who abusively flags or acts otherwise in a dictatorial manner – such as a communist trying to exert dominance over free speech and the internet. I also attest that excessive post rewards that are achieved by doing so through deceptive practices are unethical and could be illicit and should be immediately addressed as soon as identified. Practices like this detract from the health and well being of the Steemit ecosystem, and do nothing but erode the confidence of of all good Steemians.

          Is Steemit broken? Some say yes!

Disputes over post rewards are specifically outlined by STEEMIT policy as an acceptable reason for flagging a post, specifically if it violates the TOS para 14.1.1. *Use of our Services in any manner that could interfere with, disrupt, negatively affect, or inhibit other users from fully enjoying our Services, or that could damage, disable, overburden, or impair the functioning of our Services in any manner. 14.1.2 also is germane in that it covers *Fraud*.

This is where I and many others have a problem with sanders – where he hides behind another man’s name and masquerades as an enforcer of good, when in actuality he practices unjustified and abusive flagging behaviors, upvoting of low effort content, and as clearly evidenced, self-voting from who knows how many accounts (some people claim as many as 70 accounts). All the while, he promotes his moral integrity in creating systems to flag other abusers and those he dislikes while maintaining the idea that he is “reporting abuse”. His demeanor is atrocious, his language is indecent, and his attitude is supercilious.


I have been thorough in my search on Steemit and have yet to find any “Disclaimer” or “Full Disclosure” issued by sanders that outlines and justifies the inner workings of the “AbuseReports” Bot.  And if this bot is being operated for the good of the Steemit public AND for profit, then this practitioner should be held to the highest ethical standards and accountability by providing such full disclosure. Which he does not.

After all, it is still the people’s rewards pool, not his!

The Steemit Defence League is stopping the top trolls fake ‘abuse reporters’ and I have decided to help them!

There are more and more victims targeted by these fake ‘abusers reporters’ listed on the Steemit Defence League webpage: Steemit Defence League See the screencopy below.

These silly ‘abuse reporters’ report ‘spammers’ but they spam permanently.
These silly ‘abuse reporters’ report self-upvoters but they self upvote all their own votes & comments.
These silly ‘abuse reporters’ report members posting ‘short comments’ but they made themselves short comments.
These silly ‘abuse reporters’ harass innocent members permanently for unjustified & stupid reasons.
These silly ‘abuse reporters’ use bots to collect ‘bad’ members but because themselves are acting like abusers, their own bots report themselves as abusers! So funny, stupid and ridiculous they are!

These silly ‘abusers reporters’ report abusers but their acts show they are the top Steemit abusers.


Since they are flagged and reported by the Steemit Defence League they cry like bad little boys, posting pictures of them crying on the floor! They wanted the war, they have the war. So, stop crying bad boys! You deserve a punishment for being bad:


More seriously, I have decided to give my account to the Steemit Defence League to help them fighting these abusers.

Good luck to honest members with these f***g abusers harassers!

The picture is not displayed correctly.. Try to copy its link and view it in your browser.



IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT about Steemit!! Must read and resteem ASAP!!

already posted here :

I’m back from holidays and what I see!!?? More and more trolls are flagging me!

These trolls are really real sociopaths. I recommend them to go to see a doctor 😉

Unfortunately, there is no authority on steemit to stop them.

I have heard about the  Steemit Defence League which has decided to fight these silly members. More and more members are aware about what they are doing to stop these fucking abusers. Look well at their webpage and don’t forget to see some interesting details at the bottom. As they say, it’s ‘delicious’ to report these abusers by showing their real faces 😉

That’s why I have decided to give them my own account.

So they will be able to use it to fight them more and more 😉 YEAHH!!!!

Just write to me at [email protected] and write something on your webpage at to be sure I can identify you. I will give you FULL ACCESS to my account. YEAAAHH AGAIN!!

Go on to stop these abusers spammers trolls!



Bye and good luck!!

Got Hacked On SteemIt? Here’s How To Get Your Account And Reputation Score Back!

This step-by-step guide will show you how to recover your account and your reputation after getting hacked.


It Can Happen To Everyone

If you’ve been following my blog, you probably know I got hacked last week. If you haven’t read my post/ warning yet, please head over to: ‘The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned From Getting HACKED!!.

Unfortunately, the phishing scam is still going on, and people are still falling victim to the hackers.


What’s Going On?

In case you haven’t heard the news yet: hackers are compromising accounts by sending out phishing messages with a fake link.

The phishing messages take many forms.

When you click the link inside, you’re taken to a fake website (like for example or which resembles SteemIt.

You’re then asked to log into your account. Once you do, the hackers have access to your credentials.

Once the hackers can access your account, they use it to send out their phishing message to others, trying to get more people to click their fake link.

When you’ve exposed just your private posting key, that’s all they can do and your money is safe. However, if you’ve exposed your private active key – or even worse: your master password – the hackers will withdraw your SBD and initiate the power down of your SP.


Protection Measures

Once the phishing comments that were sent out from your account are detected, the people over at @steemcleaners will start flagging them. When a comment has been flagged, it is hidden from the public. This way, the risk for others to click one of the phishing links is reduced to almost zero.

flagged.pngThe downside of this is that your reputation score will go down to -1.


Don’t Go Around Blaming People

I’ve seen several posts in which people are pointing their finger at the owner of the account that was used to post the phishing message.

Please don’t do this. The account has been hacked, just like yours. It’s the hackers that are sending out the phishing messages. The only thing you can blame the owner of is of being stupid enough to get his account hacked. By blaming the owner, you’re increasing the damage that has already been done.


What To Do When Your Account Has Been Hacked

I’ve noticed quite some people have abandoned their hacked account and created a new one, or still have their reputation score at -1.

As you can see, I recovered my account and got my reputation score back up, so it is possible to get out of this with just little damage.

Below, you can find the steps to take to get everything back to normal.

source (1).gif

1. Start the account recovery process.

How to do this depends on how you’ve created your SteemIt account.

  • If you’ve created your account through the SteemIt website itself, you need to initiate the account recovery process by clicking the ‘Stolen Accounts Recovery’ link in the menu you can open by clicking the menu item at the top right of your screen.

    You’ll have to enter your account name and your password before you can click the ‘Begin Recovery’ button. Then, you’ll have to enter the email address associated with your SteemIt account. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have to be patient, because it can take up to 24 hours for the confirmation email to arrive.
    Once you’ve received it, simply follow the instructions given.

  • If you’ve created your account through Blocktrades, you’ll need to send an email to the Blocktrades support service. Someone from @blocktrades will then contact you. You’ll be asked to confirm your Blocktrades email address and you’ll need to send your password. They will then start the recovery process.
  • In case your account has been created through AnonSteem, you’ll have to follow the guidelines for their ‘Stolen Account Recovery’ process, which have been outlined here.

2. Editing the comments

red flags.gif
Once you are back in control of your account, you need to make sure the flags will be removed. @steemcleaners will do this for you, providing you edit every single phishing comment that has been posted from your account so it will become harmless.

This will take some work and time, but if it can help you to get your reputation score back up, it’s definitely worth it.


To get started, go to
(Change ‘yourusername’ to your actual username)

Scroll down to ‘account operations’ and find the spam comments that have been posted from your account.

Click to enlargeClick them to reveal more info.

Then, click the permalink.



There now is a script available that allows you to mass-edit comments. CLICK HERE to read the update.


comment detail.png
Click to enlargeThis will bring you directly to the comment that was posted.

From here, you should be able to edit the comment. Replace the existing text with ‘comment deleted’

edit comment.png
Click to enlargeSave your changes.

(I told you it would take some work…)

3. Get the flags removed

Once you’ve edited all comments, visit the Steemcleaners Discord channel and tell them you’ve edited all the comments.

Be patient, it can take a while before someone is available to help you out.

Someone from @steemcleaners will then remove the flags so you can get back your reputation score.

If you’ve received flags from others, contact these people, explain the situation, tell them the comment has been edited to make it harmless and ask them to take away the flag.

That should do it.

When your account and reputation score are back up, you can decide whether or not you send all the people who got commented on a short comment with your apologies.

giphy (7).gifThis may sound like another truckload of work, but by doing this you can clear your name entirely. I do recommend it, but it’s totally up to you.


How To Prevent This From Happening Again

It’s a shame it took such a drastic event for me to learn a couple of important things concerning account security.

First of all:

Never use your master password for daily logins.

As I’ve stated in my other post:


Always triple-check the URL to see that you’re actually on SteemIt before you enter your credentials.

Better be safe than sorry!


More Info

Below, you’ll find the links to some other posts about this situation.

Beware of Clicking Links in Phishing Comments Pointing to STEEMIL.COM by @drakos

Public Service Announcement (PSA) – FAKE SITE: STEEMIL – PHISHING ATTACK ! ! ! BEWARE ! ! ! by @goldkey

Scam Alert #2 – I was Scammed 663.843 SBD – Update For You – Enjoy with Troy! by @enjoywithtroy

Phishing Scam Warning ! by @arunava

Please take the necessary precautions so your account will be secure.

If you know someone who has been hacked, feel free to refer to this guide.


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Syncing Your Utopian account to Your Github account.

If you want to sync your Github account with utopian all you need to do is to click the ‘Synch with Github’ button.

If you are new in github and still dont have an account you can follow this step below.
1st click the link below to register an account.

Fill up the form and click ‘Sign up for Github’

Now we’re going to complete our plan in Github.

Check the Help me Set up an Organization next and Send me updates on Github News, Offers and events. Click Continue to Setup Organization.

in setting up your organization. Insert Organization name and Billing Email Address

Scroll down and Click ‘Create Organization’

Now Open you’re Gmail account to verify you’re Email Address.
Click ‘Verify email address’ after you’re account get verified you can now make your own repository.

Creating Repository.

go to the bottom and click ‘New Repository’ button.

fill up all the blank, check Initialize this repository with README then click Create Repository.

Now Go to your utopian account and find the ‘Synch with Github’ button and click it.

Authorizing utopian to sync with Github.

Click ”Authorized’ button.

Your Github account is now Synced with

Want to resynch another Github account with

All you need to do is, Go to your Github account and sign out.
Login with youre another github account and synch it to your utopian account.
and click again the Synch with Github button to resync a new account.
Here you go new account successfuly synced.

For those who dont have github account I encourage you guys. to make one to try this new features.
You can make you’re own project.
You can also make :
Idea Contribution for your Own project.
Development Contribution for your Own Preject.
Bug Hunting Contribution for your own project.
Translation, Graphics, Documentation, Analysis and Visibility.

An invitation to delegators; 100% daily payout share!

Hello dear steemians,
We want to inform our fellow steemians that we have increased delegators daily payout share to 100% and it is our permanent plan. The delegators of @thebot(a bid bot) will receive 100% liquid rewards everyday while we will receive only curation rewards in form of SP. We invite everyone to delegate their Steem Power to @thebot & earn maximum daily payouts. @thebot is a bid bot serving the steemians for many weeks and giving them visibility for their posts. Please Support us by using this service, delegating some steem power to @thebot, inviting your friends & by resteeming this post to your followers.

Please delegate us through this link !

We also have a re-steem bot called @resteemyou which re-blogs any post to around 5000 followers for only 0.02 SBDs or Steem. Use these services to get more visibility, upvotes & resteems!

Help us by sharing this post to your followers. Thanks a lot for your time & support ♥!

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My Confusion – and My First SteemThat Post!

I tend to be a little slow in figuring things out. That’s what my wife says anyway. I have to remind her that until she can crawl up into my mind to see how things work, she has no idea (she might find a few cobwebs up in there though). I recently realized that posting on Steemit and using the #Steemthat tag will pump your post over to the Steemthat Community Feed (Social Portal), but it does not create a published post on the Steemthat site. You basically publish your post on SteemThat as a separate post just as you would on Steemit,, etc. But when you post on SteemThat, you earn SteemThat tokens!

You will notice on the main page menu bar, there is the label “Publish” that has two drop down items – 1) My Posts and 2) Publish on Steemit. This is where my confusion eminates from and is why I am posting this writing as my own experiment to see how the site actually handles this post from within. In the past, while SteemThat was evolving, I always thought that if I published on Steemit, it was automatically populated to the SteemThat platform. And it is – it is published on the Social Portal (Community Feed) as a shared event, but not as an original SteemThat post. In order to do that, your Steemit post needs to be tagged #stishit or #stishitshare.

Now, should you choose to earn some SteemThat tokens, simply visit the “My Posts” menu link and publish your post on SteemThat.

So here goes… and now if I head over into “My Posts,” I should find all this… I hope!

                             “All This!”

How’s Your Steemit Journey So Far? – Are You Glad You Signed Up?


Hello my fellow #plankton, #newbies and #minnows and other larger ocean dwellers!

steemit (2).jpg

This is now my 3rd month on #steemit and I must say it’s been an interesting and very insightful platform of discovery, full of mainly, great quality content and frankly, lovely, creative and helpful people.

So here’s a massive thanks to all the ones that have supported me and my music, tolerated my hyperactive ramblings and quirky ways! 


(Let’s get the negatives out the way first)
Apologies for repeating what has already been said a thousand times regarding this subject but, I’d like to have a little rant to get it off my chest.


There are however, the #plagiarist types among us that think, a simple #copyandpaste with a crappy photo is still an acceptable way of making some #money on #steemit, but thanks to @cheetah bot and the respected users among us, they will be continuously unearthed I’m sure, as well as being flagged by us all that are completely against this ‘anti-creative’ and frankly, irritating shennaigans.


It’s such a simple task to credit the great resources that #google have to offer, by simply adding [Source] Followed by the url to your post inside brackets () 

Thanks to @LLFarms for helping me with this!

Now, I may be wrong with my understanding of this but, think I’m kind of right? so please bare with me.
There are of course,  the other account holders, which seem to have invested huge sums of money in Steem (I wish) that then post 1 picture with a 4 lined paragraph about ‘How nice the view is out of the window’ and somehow, get loads of up-votes and a healthy SBD payday to boot!


The last few weeks have been tough for me.  I was really flagging with all the late nights spent on here and #discord, trying to battle with my own Mental health issues and ridiculous paranoia, working full time in my tutor job with special needs children, and trying to get them through their mock exams, being a father, networking, researching and creating music content for my blog, in the hope that someone with a big influence here could give me a much needed boost and take me under their whale fin.


I’m pleased to say, it did happen, and why did it? for ease, to help me out? why should they? they must of started out as a tiny plankton in this huge ocean that is Steemit when it all started in 2016. Is it that I write decent songs? Or is it because, I take the time to comment on my posts comments left by others?  dip in and out of discord chats? speak to like minded people here?  because after all, it is a social portal and social means to COMMUNICATE with others and COMMUNITY. The sharing of ideas and involving yourself to create some worth is of such importance on Steemit.


Then, on Sunday 11th March I was directed to a web page that I thought was Steemit. In fact, it was a mirror image of Steemit called Steewit

Please do not use your master password to login anywhere because, IT’S A BLOODY NIGHTMARE TRYING TO GET YOUR ACCOUNT BACK.

I wrote a blog all about this on my @darrenclaxton page the day my new account was set up my my good friend @meno

Thanks to my #helpie family here on Steemit for getting me back to where I was with my old @mrbloom account.

I’ve gone from 25 rep to 56 rep in just 14 days which is no mean feat! It’s such a positive reminder for me,  and other new users,  how posting genuine time spent content is of such importance. My music has obviously created some connections and emotive feelings in others,  for them to be so generous and helpful in supporting my journey here.

Isn’t life weird? I mean, let’s compare and contrast here for a moment? Your bank account is hacked, they have your login details, they change them so you are unable to access your hard earned cash. This happens whilst you’re asleep so have  only idea how much has been transferred to some random account on the other side of the planet. So the question remains, would a total stranger set up a new bank account for you and deposit 50 quid (slang for GBP pounds) in there? just to ‘Get you back on your feet’



Would they continue to support you emotionally and keep you feeling positive etc? The answer is a big fat NO! And that is why, my friends, I absolutely love this place! I’d like to think there are other brilliant people out there like our #helpienaut family ? that would support their fellow #steemians if this awful hacking business ever happened to one of their fellow users.




Then I see this tree the other day whilst out walking with my family. It had forced it’s way through the slats of that bench, and I thought to myself, ‘the struggle is real, life is tough, you must remain resilient in an ever changing world which is full of twists, turns and struggles…this tree endeavoured to grow, to push through no matter what and just kept trying to succeed and survive! and that is now how I think of Steemit,  a challenge, some crazy social experiment, a game and frankly, something to look forward to each day.


Thanks for reading my post!
I wanted to just say that, you’re not alone on your steemit journey and that I have total empathy for you if you’re only getting minimal comments, votes and payouts. Those few cents or bucks for our hard earned efforts will pay off in the end…I’m hopeful, and so should you be.

Use the bots on if you want to increase your post visibility, some frown upon this but I really don’t see a problem if used appropriately for good content.


Points to remember:

  • Take your time to post good quality content
  • Credit others when using Google resources
  • Be kind, considerate and helpful
  • Remember why you signed up
  • Stay motivated and focussed
  • Avoid plagarism at every opportunity
  • Sign up to Discord
  • And most importantly of all, HAVE FUN and make friends,  not enemies.

Thanks again and please feel free to leave me a comment, vote or re-steem if you enjoyed this post.



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