Am I too late to give suggestions for rebranding?

I hope not . . . bc here I go> as a NEWBIE on STISHit

A perspective as a new person.

I came to STISHit through someone who landed on my post who was on automatic black list and was blocked out on Steemit. Did I mention this was my post! Needless to say, this was a trigger and made me very angry because when I was new a group of whales flagged me. Instead of doing what most people did I stood up to them and got in further trouble. Any sane person would of given up or retreated > but . . . I didn’t.

OiyVey > Why all this verbage? . . .

It’s because I came here from someone who didn’t deserve

to be treated this way on Steemit (Retired in Samar.)

At first thought this was a place for discouraged, bullied and displaced Steemians, yet, when I came here it was different and I too was befuddled.

First, I thought STISHit was a scam, a joke and it was confusing . . . the name, didn’t help. What made me stay was > I didn’t have to use my Steemit keys and people seemed genuine on STISHit. The only problem is you need to REBRAND your id with what it will do for Steemians, the World, Family Friends and Co-Workers. You have to keep it simple as possible.

How much is STISH? How can they get money from content (words, pictures, art and video) that is theirs. Delegate more tutorial from Stishians and let them know they get paid for these tutorials. Let them know there’s a community here to support bloggers and on and on.

My friend won’t . . . NO … refuses to check this place out because he thinks it is a phishing scam. He is a blogger who uses his own work/orignal and a content person. Someone who comments and would be succesful on STISHit. Enjar believes the Steemian whales who put the fear in Steemians.

Oh my, the whale who came on my post was a whale bot. It came here in February 2018 and makes an average of $80.00 a day for automaticaly going after minnows. “Eat minnows and get paid for it.”

This is a friend I invited to Steemit a year ago.

Problems I see > a url that is different from STISHit’s name. If you are a 3rd party to Steemit why doesn’t it show up on Steemit’s posts? STISH needs to be seen and then the it, let people figure out later the name has a cuss word in it. Repeat STISH as many times as possible. STISH is money/cryptocurrency that is paid to bloggers. Stishians is a community that supports one another and has 0% tolerance for scammers, thieves of intellual property and bullies. An outline would be helpful for the video, audio and visual artists. Blah, blah, blaaaah … you can go on.

A gambit of questions pop up in the new person’s mental hopper. I can’t answer them but . . . I’m sure the ones that have been on STISHit a long time could.

I created these gifs on


Give credit to me on STISHit and use them/spread the word.

STISHit has a lot to offer the creative person.

I’m new here-my first post

Hello everyone,

I come from Germany and live in a village between Mannheim and Karlsruhe. My interest is in technology and it. Recently also crypto and Co. An interface to the world, I have, no matter where I am, always with it and mostly even several times.

In my spare time I do a lot of cycling through the area or spend a few days at a lake. I can scoop my head free. Often I now also make pictures which I post. I am currently trying to capture my interesting tracks with an action cam. Is unfortunately not so easy! Poor lighting conditions or strong jolt, make a lot of things impossible!

Sunrise at the Erlichsee by @jeenger


A seven minute video I have loaded the days on YouTube.

If you want to know more, check out my Blog at Steemit. There I have published some bike tours in my area.

I look forward to our exchange of information.

Stish Chill

What Is Stishit And How Can I Win By Using It

The most asked question that people ask is, “What is Stishit?” This is usually followed up with, “How Can I Win By Using It?” or “How Do I Use Stishit?”

First, let’s be clear, we are in beta and have been testing a few concepts. Our main mission and goal from the beginning was and is to “HELP PEOPLE GROW!” We are pruning the website and some features to help everyone stay focused on this. When people join Stishit we want it to be clear what we offer and how people can easily get involved.

One Way We Help People Grow.

Stishit is a social community with its own rewards based points system. People that post or engage in the community social portal with comments and posts earn Stish Credits. These points can be traded for Stish a cryptocurrency also in beta developed for the community. Stish is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency so it will work with many wallets and configurations such as My Ether Wallet, MetaMask, IMToken, and Coinomi to name a few. This website helps make it really easy to start a journey into cryptocurrency using our in house points system while people earn and interact in a crypto currency focused community. Buying cryptocurrency doesn’t have to be hard. We make it easy to get your first crypto currency called Stish.

Why Is This Community So Freaking Awesome?

Have you ever regretted not jumping on the Bitcoin elevator when it was still on the ground floor? What if you could create your own Bitcoin? Well, you can’t, but you can be a part of something similar and get in on the ground floor. Introducing STISH! A free cryptocurrency earned on the Stishit platform. Many people are now getting involved with cryptocurrency for the first time, through the Stishit (SteemThat) social media platform where members earn rewards that easily convert to the digital cryptocurrency STISH. Stishit makes learning about cryptocurrencies easy. You can keep your STISH or trade it for any cryptocurrency you like, even Bitcoin.

Do you love facebook but hate that you are doing all the work and they get all the profits? Is Twitter your go to app but you feel like it is missing something? Are you posting on instagram and building a massive following but think to yourself, “Wow, I take all of the pictures and do all of the work and these guys get all of the money!” If you think that it just doesn’t seem fair, you are not alone. Ever thought that perhaps maybe they could all share the wealth with their content creators that make their platforms great! Don’t count on it.

On Stishit, members essentially do the same things as they would on any other social media platform and they are rewarded with a digital token that can be exchanged or traded for the cryptocurrency of their choice. Thousands of people have already joined our new and innovative community and are already earning!

The way we see it, Social media shouldn’t take up all your time without some reward. Earn it, Buy It, Trade It. Live the Stishit social way where people chill and enjoy life. STISH is Cryptocurrency made easy by Stishit. Get your STISH today!

Stish Banner Ad

I truly hope this helps you understand the basics of and what we are doing and how you can be a winner using Feel free to reach out to me in the community with questions. We are also on every major social platform to better serve members.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT about Steemit!! Must read and resteem ASAP!!

already posted here :

I’m back from holidays and what I see!!?? More and more trolls are flagging me!

These trolls are really real sociopaths. I recommend them to go to see a doctor 😉

Unfortunately, there is no authority on steemit to stop them.

I have heard about the  Steemit Defence League which has decided to fight these silly members. More and more members are aware about what they are doing to stop these fucking abusers. Look well at their webpage and don’t forget to see some interesting details at the bottom. As they say, it’s ‘delicious’ to report these abusers by showing their real faces 😉

That’s why I have decided to give them my own account.

So they will be able to use it to fight them more and more 😉 YEAHH!!!!

Just write to me at [email protected] and write something on your webpage at to be sure I can identify you. I will give you FULL ACCESS to my account. YEAAAHH AGAIN!!

Go on to stop these abusers spammers trolls!



Bye and good luck!!


What Is The Current Price Of Stish?

With regards to the question, “How much is Stish worth and Stish Credits?” let me be 100% clear.

Stish Credits are like a points system. They have no cash value whatsoever. They are not redeemable for cash. You can buy them but they are not convertible to cash or a fiat $. They are used as a means to allow us to reward members for being active on the platform.

With that said Stish Credits are allowed to be exchanged for Stish the ERC-20 Ethereum Based Crypto Currency. The current rate of exchange is 2 Stish Credits Equals 1 Stish.

We are currently selling Stish pre-ico for $0.25 with a little over 900K left to be sold during the first round of sales. This is a very low price with no limits on the amount you have to buy. We did this to help our existing members be able to get in on the ground floor of a really special crypto. Generally really low priced buy-ins require a minimum purchase of 10,000 tokens or more.

Personally My Sale Price Will Be Around $25 USD for a limited amount of my Stish. The rest I will hodl until it goes as high as it possibly can go. I can’t predict the future and it might not get past $5 but that really depends on where people sell at and at what price point people are willing to buy.

Ideas Matter Stish

Stish is a new crypto currency and theory in beta that so far is having some success. We have at worst case a four year plan of development and distribution. I don’t think it will take this full time but we are planned for this just in case. A recent graphic that was in the side bar for a month illustrated how PEE would work. People Exert Effort to earn Stish and therefore they should not want to sell very cheap. However if scams are allowed then people will want to sell cheap as they have no skin in the game. Please always report scams or spam. 

Yes, I think the whole community can make this happen. Over time not over night. It is a long term idea and concept and over time does gain momentum with community growth and sharing. Education is a big part of it all too, because so many people are new to cryptocurrency. Prior to Stish there has not really been an easy way for people to get involved with cryptocurrency. These are big ideas and work on paper and so far are working on a very small scale. We are attempting to build a social media networking economy essentially. 

Why Do I Not See Stish On Coin Market Cap?

At some point our volume goes up and we get market cap rates and trading pricing indexes. Currently this is not available as we do not have much volume. Almost everyone who has bought it is planning to wait also until it explodes one day. That is their hope I think and is ours also. Doesn’t mean it will happen but we can all try to make it a reality. We will need 100,000 USD worth of trading volume daily to become listed on Coin Market Cap. This will require the recruitment or traders at some point. This is a later phase of development in my opinion as we do not want to see pump and dump schemes.  Stish can be traded on https://Saturn.Network if someone needed to change their position.


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The Tale – Original Music by @darrenclaxton for @dsound @stishit and @steemit

The Tale – Original Music

by Darren Claxton

‘The Tale’ is a story about a retired and burnt out musician that finds himself back in the norm. he slowly fades back into life and reminisces about his time on the road. It’s a sad fact that this will happen to possibly 99% of successful musicians on the planet. I’m no statistician, but that’s probably not a bad estimate. I hope you enjoy this acoustic laid back song.

LyricsThe wanderer returned
with a gleam in his eyes
of things he’d seen
and passed him by
oh they passed him by
passed him by

The shadows seen
of one’s who’ve been
in topflight, fade into life
fade into life, oh they fade back into life
fade into life, into life

Well I know I’ve seen it before
my friend, my friend oh my friend
you know I’ve seen it before
my friend my friend
my friend my friend
passed him by

Thanks for everyone’s continues support for me and my music! It really is so appreciated!
Have a great week and stay safe folks

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

Darren Claxton is a Songwriter, Musician and Producer of his own music, from Derbyshire UK. The music he writes is often heartfelt acoustic indie folk with a sprinkling of rock and country influences, with an occasional world music flavour as heard on his track ‘Dragonfly’. But most of all, it’s his passive emotive thoughts and feelings that are delivered through that soothing vocal, and intricate guitar playing of his.



Waiting On A Raincloud


Waiting On A Raincloud


Here’s my entry for Steemit Open Mic week 83


I wrote ‘Waiting on a Rain cloud this morning, whilst eating breakfast! As I looked out onto the garden, I saw birds feeding, bees flying and plants growing!
Here in England six weeks ago, it was a bitter -5c and bitterly cold.
This song is to remind us all of how beautiful nature and our planet really is.
Thanks for watching.

Darren Claxton is a Songwriter, Musician and Producer of his own music, from Derbyshire UK. The music he writes is often heartfelt acoustic indie folk with a sprinkling of rock and country influences, with an occasional world music flavour as heard on his track ‘Dragonfly’ . But most of all, it’s his passive emotive thoughts and feelings that are delivered through that soothing vocal, and intricate guitar playing of his.


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Delicate calls – Original new music by @darrenclaxton

Delicate Calls is an ambient soundtrack of unknown genre. It has elements of Massive Attack and Portishead with that Trip-Hop kind of vibe.
It was written as I improvised the String parts on my vintage Yamaha SY 88 synth.
There were only 5 tracks used in total, the drums were a loop that I made using the inbuilt touch sensitive pads, on my Porta-Studio. Tambourine and Darbuka drum were played using real instruments. My vocal was captured using 1 stereo track. Very little mastering has been done to the track so it stands untouched so far. I think it has a really eerie, soundtrack vibe to it that wouldn’t be out of place in a movie scene.

Lyrics –

Delicate calls from the fable
wandering minds are calling still
rescued my bones, get what you paid for
turning me up, inside and out

Selling your soul to be accepted
racing around to go without
wasting a day with thoughts a plenty
hearing a call but there’s no sound

So deserves the day
fears have gone away
taking back the need for options
did you find the time
believe you’re sound of mind
release the conversation flavours.

Thanks for listening to my new track.



My Steemit Blog Post


► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

Simple philosophy of Life & time!

My favourite quote about life
“Life is like ice, use it before it melts”
My teachers repeatedly teach me that life (& also time) is like ice whether we use it or not it melts, so we should better use it before it melts completely.Time is also slipping away like ice is melting away, so we should not waste our precious moments of life & try our best to use them in not only the service of humanity but the whole universe. Our decision of using it or not will not affect the passage of time but it will only affect us.
So use it and get benefits from it before nothing left for us.

I also found some resembling quotes.

& this is also my favorite one.

A Poem – Somehow True –


This poem was written some time ago and has now been transformed into a song.




It tells a story of relationship struggles, heartache and heart warming make ups and break ups within the strained relationship I once found myself involved with.


Somehow True

Did I once see your eyes?
fell apart then realised
plans we made, then changed again
just the same, rejuvenate

Won’t you take me home?
keep me safe and warm
safe and warm

Stories old and stories new
the lies you told, but somehow true

Count the cost of a lover’s loss
sunny skies, I love your eyes
lost but found, I hit the ground
all is still, I had my fill

Won’t you take me home
keep me safe and warm
safe and warm

Stories old and stories new
the lies to told, but somehow true

Won’t you take me home
keep me safe and warm
safe and warm

Did I once see your eyes?
fell apart then realised
plans we made, then changed again
just the same, rejuvenate rejuvenate.



Thanks for reading my poem

You can hear my music on My Steemit Blog

 © 2018 Darren Claxton


Enam hari menuju London Cryptocurrency show steemit


Enam hari ke pertunjukan Cryptocurrency London

Saya mendukung penuh pertunjukan Cryptocurrency London yang diadakan di ibukota Inggris London.
Acara ini sangat membantu untuk mengembangkan steemit di seluruh dunia.
Acara ini juga didukung penuh oleh beberapa tokoh penting di steemit terutama aplikasi witnes Creator esteem @ good-karma
Dan ada beberapa tokoh lain yang berpartisipasi dalam hal ini dan memberikan dukungan penuh ….

Enam hari menuju London Cryptocurrency show

Saya mendukung penuh acara London Cryptocurrency Show yang diadakan di ibukota Inggris, London
Acara ini sangat membantu untuk mengembangkan steemit keseluruh dunia.
Acara Penyanyi also di Dukung Penuh Oleh beberapa tokoh Penting Yang ADA di steemit terutama Seorang witnes Pencipta Aplikasi esteem @ baik-karma
Dan ADA beberapa tokoh lainnya Yang Ikut berpartisipasi Dalam hal ini kami Dan memberikan Dukungan Penuh ….

Reflected In Your Eyes by Darren Claxton – Mastered by @d-vine

Reflected In Your Eyes was written for my Open Mic entry this week.
As ever, it was penned very quickly and improvised as I went along.
After listening to again on Monday, I started to layer some other instruments, re sung the vocals and mixed it.
This is always a rather speedy process as I’m a busy father of two little people, who like to burst through the door mid-vocal recording!!

I then sent the rough master over to @d-vine who’s an incredibly talented producer, for her to master, bring out the dynamics and sprinkle some of her Devine production magic all over it.

I’m sure you’ll agree that it sounds so much different to the original OpenMic entry, and coupled with @d-vine mastering touches, makes for a really catchy new track of mine. So if you’re an independent busy artist like myself, that would like some help with your tracks I totally recommend @d-vine to add that magical finishing touch to your tracks.

Lyrics – for @hedac and @yidneth – And for everyone else that likes to sing along to my tracks 😉

And I can’t buy your sadness
And I can’t buy you a smile
I’ve waited on a long sigh
And claimed it again

Somewhere inside you
Remains my life
The one you tried to damage
It’s the one I can’t abide

To pay but never
I flee from your lies
rejuvenated conscience
reflected in your eyes

But didn’t I didn’t I tell you
It’s the love that survives
But didn’t I didn’t I tell you
Somewhere I released and cried

And I can’t buy your sadness
And I can’t buy you a smile
I’ve waited on a long sigh
And claimed it again

And somewhere inside you
Remains my life
The one you tried to damage
It’s the one I can’t abide

To pay but never
I fleed from your lies
rejuventaed conscience
reflected in your eyes

But didn’t I didn’t I tell you
It’s the love that survives
But didn’t I didn’t I tell you
Somewhere I released and cried

But didn’t I didn’t I tell you
It’s the love that survives
But didn’t I didn’t I tell you
Somewhere I released and cried

       Musicoin Link – You can hear ‘Reflected In Your Eyes’  Here 

Thanks for your ongoing support with my music.

Here I Stand – Original Song by Darren Claxton

Here a stand is a track from the Zoom vault. It was written a few years ago and re-recorded especially for @dsound and @steemit.
It tells a tale of those petty arguments we have with our partners.
I hope you like this country vibe.


Once or twice
I let you back into my little life
Forever more
I gave you a key to let you in the door

But you slammed it
on your way into the hall
and the painting on the wall
fell on the floor

It’s time to decide
if I love you enough for me to cry
I do so
give me a sign to let me know you know

And I really do so let’s just work it out
no more arguments or tears or doubts

Here I stand
Loving you for everything you are
Won’t you please
Give me back the love I’ve shown before

Once or twice
I let you back into my little life
Forever more
I gave you a key to let you in the door

But you slammed it
on your way into the hall
and the painting on the wall
fell on the floor

Here I stand
Loving you for everything you are
Won’t you please
Give me back the love I’ve shown before

Thanks as always for your support and for those of you that have now purchased the ‘Never Grow Old’ EP you’re really helping and supporting my future releases.

Thanks is me and my better half in the photograph.

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

Exciting Times!! My Brand New 5 Track EP is out now! ‘Never Grow Old’ by Darren Claxton on Bandcamp!

Hi Music Fans!

The digital age has been truly revolutionary, and as a musician I’ve found it to be a priceless outlet for my music. So without further adieu, MY EP is out NOW!!!
You can get it exclusively on Bandcamp

Here’s the track listing and links where you can read more about each song.


Track 1 – Was It Right
Track 2 – Slowed By Notes
Track 3 – Dragonfly
Track 4 – Lights
Track 5 – Never Grow Old

You Can Download ‘Never Grow Old’ Here At Bandcamp

The cover photo for the EP is of me and my son talking by a wishing well. This beautiful moment inspired the track ‘Dragonfly’ we sat and soaked up the atmosphere a while before he asked ‘Daddy, what are those pennies in there?’ I answered gently with ‘Those are peoples wishes son’

There will also be a rare opportunity to own a copy of the ‘Never Grow Old’ EP on CD which will be signed by yours truly. There’s only a very limited number of copies available, because they’re rather costly to produce! I can send these via Airmail if needs be, in a secured padded envelope, so they can reach you across the globe!

I really really appreciate the support of this amazing community @steemit and @dsound @dtube and @discord.
@prc gets a special mention for his ongoing championing of my music!
To ALL of my @helpie family for just being brilliant human beans and keeping me positive!!!
I’d also like to that the rest of this community that listen, comment, up-vote and share my music. And of course @mspwaves and @sma for letting me crash their radio shows and jam occasionally!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and for your continuos support of my music!


Melihat orang aktif dan menulis, jealous.. Orang dapat reward lebih jealous lagi.. Kalau mau jangan hanya jealous saja, berbuatlah sebagaimana orang buat. Kita juga bisa dapat kok, bahkan kita bisa dapat lebih banyak… How??  Buatlah lebih banyak…

Daun Mutiara

Hai sahabat stishitian…semoga tetap bahagia. Hari ini saya ingin berbagi tentang daun mutiara, ini sementara fotonya saja karena saya lg searching manfaatnya. Karena sangat banyak kegunaan nya untuk kesehatan


Rapai Geleng Yang Mendunia

Kita patut bangga selaku masyarakat Aceh. Banyak sekali jenis kesenian Aceh yang begitu mempesona bukan hanya di area lokal namun sampai mancanegara. Salah satunya adalah Tarian Rapai Geleng. Pasti Steemthatians juga tahu bagaimana sambutan masyarakat setiap kali rapai geleng dipertontonkan, selalu diwarnai dengan decak kagum dan sorak sorai kekaguman penonton.

My Confusion – and My First SteemThat Post!

I tend to be a little slow in figuring things out. That’s what my wife says anyway. I have to remind her that until she can crawl up into my mind to see how things work, she has no idea (she might find a few cobwebs up in there though). I recently realized that posting on Steemit and using the #Steemthat tag will pump your post over to the Steemthat Community Feed (Social Portal), but it does not create a published post on the Steemthat site. You basically publish your post on SteemThat as a separate post just as you would on Steemit,, etc. But when you post on SteemThat, you earn SteemThat tokens!

You will notice on the main page menu bar, there is the label “Publish” that has two drop down items – 1) My Posts and 2) Publish on Steemit. This is where my confusion eminates from and is why I am posting this writing as my own experiment to see how the site actually handles this post from within. In the past, while SteemThat was evolving, I always thought that if I published on Steemit, it was automatically populated to the SteemThat platform. And it is – it is published on the Social Portal (Community Feed) as a shared event, but not as an original SteemThat post. In order to do that, your Steemit post needs to be tagged #stishit or #stishitshare.

Now, should you choose to earn some SteemThat tokens, simply visit the “My Posts” menu link and publish your post on SteemThat.

So here goes… and now if I head over into “My Posts,” I should find all this… I hope!

                             “All This!”

Hamparan Sawah

Selamat pagi dunia…semoga tetap bahagia dan semangat menyelesaikan hari ini dengan senyum dan keberhasilan. Saat kecil dulu bermain – main di sawah adalah hal yang sangat menyenangkan apalagi pada saat musim potong atau panen padi. Kami para bocah yang belum penuh akal ini berlarian disekitar pematang sawah sambil bercanda dan tertawa lepas ntah apa yang ada dipikiran kami saat itu. Bertani adalah mata pencaharian orang tua kami saat itu, melihat padi tumbuh sempurna hijau dipandang mata adalah kebahagiaan tersendiri dengan harapan menghasilkan yang terbaik disetiap batangnya karena itu adalah harapan kelangsungan hidup

Minuman Segar

Selamat sore semoga kita selalu bahagia.. Dalam beberapa minggu ini cuaca sangat panas dan pastinya jika suplay vitamin dan mineral tidak cukup maka respon tubuh akan sedikit mengalami gangguan, Namun banyak yang terkadang tidak dapat menahan diri untuk menikmati air dengan campuran es batu. Apalagi si kuning ini pastinya sangat menggoda untuk kita seruput…ya namanya es pelangi, kalian pernah coba??

Pisang Coklat Crispy

Hai sahabat stishitian…saya mau share resep pisang coklat nih bisa buat cemilan nanti sore lho…


1 bungkus kulit lumpia (saya guna kulit yang dibuat sendiri)
5 buah pisang raja
Mises ceres
Susu coklat

Cara Membuat

Pisang raja dibagi menjadi 2 bagian, letakkan diatas kulit lumpia tambahkan ceres dan susu kemudian gulung dan goreng dalam minyak panas hingga kecoklatan. Siap untuk dinikmati bersama secangkir teh hangat

Major solar storms causing anxiety fatigue powerful energys shifts march 16th-26th/

Hello Dear ones…
Just to let you inform of what is going on on Mother Earth..

Cosmic energy has been at an alarmingly high intensity for some weeks now, and it is likely that many people are feeling frazzled and exhausted.

Are you feeling those kind of things in your life actually?


> Pressure headaches and general aches and pains, mainly in the stomach (solar plexus) area.

> Flushed, dizzy, or nauseous.

> Having difficulty focusing, experiencing confusion, or having a “foggy mind.”

> Feelings of intense hunger or thirst.

> Extreme fatigue, exhaustion, lack of energy, insomnia, disturbed sleep patterns.

> Seemingly out-the-blue bouts of irritability, frustration, sadness, nervousness, anger, worry, fear, grief, and overwhelm.

> Heightened awareness, enhanced intuition, having insights that seem to appear out of nowhere.

>Premonitions, intense dreams, or nightmares.

> Physiological symptoms may manifest, such as, flu-like symptoms, ear ringing, or aches and pains.

> Frequent anxiety, stress, or feeling panicky without clear reason.

> Temporary loss of memories, forgetting things, misplacing items.

> Seeing and feeling energy such as orbs, sparks, or flashes of light, noticing energy warming the palms of hands.

> Appreciation that all life is sacred.

> Noticing synchronicities, i.e., certain number patterns reappearing.

> More consciously aware of other people’s energy fields and highly sensitive to negativity.

> Wanting to spend time alone, introspection.

You can read the entire article for more informations about that following the link here >>>>

Don’t worry.. be happy .. the world is changing for a better one <3

with all my love
Kalhiade ((d(^_^)b))


Hi SteemThatians

My name is zahwa , I know SteemThat from my friend, she asked me to join cause theres alot of benefit i can get here.but i dont know how its work yet.I’ll learn more about it.

nice to know you all


Kita semua pasti pernah mendengar beberapa istilah itu, tapi sebagian besar tidak semuanya ngerti apa artinya.. mari kita bahas..

SELFIE adalah istilah untuk sebuah foto yg dijepret oleh diri sendiri (bukan dilakukan orang lain).. konon foto selfie yg pertama didunia adalah yg dilakukan Robert Cornelius pada tahun 1839.. dengan kamera konvensional..

Baru setelah munculnya kamera digital terutama setelah terintegrasi dalam sebuah ponsel.. sejak itulah istilah “selfie” mulai dikenal luas.. dan mendunia sejak seorang photographer bernama Jim Krause mempopuplerkan istilah ini tahun 2005.

GROUFIE diperkenalkan oleh Huawei (China) adalah istilah berfoto beramai-ramai yg dilakukan oleh salah satu dari orang yg ada dalam foto tsb (bukan dilakukan orang lain yg tidak ikut terjepret).. sayangnya istilah ini tidak populer dan tergantikan oleh istilah baru: Wefie.

WEFIE adalah pengganti istilah Groufie yg terdengar lebih enak.. muncul sekitar awal tahun 2014 didunia fotografi, tapi di Indonesia mulai dikenal sekitar 2016, terutama sejak Pilkada DKI.. yg mempopulerkan adalah Anies Baswedan.. ketika pasangan Cagub yg lain beselfie berdua, Anies mengajak orang disekitarnya untuk ikut berfoto dan menyebut “yuk wefie”..

USSIE adalah istilah yg muncul hampir bersamaan dengan Wefie, pertama dikenal dikalangan Artis Bollywood, tapi nasibnya sama dengan Groufie.. gak terlalu populer.. ahirnya redup.. jadi yg dikenal luas adalah Selfie dan Wefie..

Jadi mulai sekarang kalau kita mengambil foto dengan kamera kita dan pesertanya adalah rame-rame katakan “Wefie” (dilafaskan: wifi) bukan “Selfie”.. jangan lupa ya..



Unbelievable Japan Book Part 3 -The End-

  1. Bidang Pemerintahan

Warga selalu diingatkan saat SIM mau habis masa berlakunya, diberitahu bahwa ini saatnya anaknya imunisasi (plus tempat dan waktunya), kapan waktunya layanan pemeriksaan kesehatan untuk kaum ibu (papsmear, mammografi dll), dst. Di pemberitahuan pemeriksaan kesehatan sekalian ada kantong2 untuk mengambil sampel urine dan feses yg tinggal dibawa ke tempat pemeriksaan. Hebat ya?

  • Di Jepang, kandidat yg berkampanye untuk menjadi walikota selalu memberikan janji2 yg teknis sifatnya, bukan retorik belaka. Cara kampanyenya juga unik, berdiri di atas mobil dg pengeras suara di depan stasiun2 dan tempat ramai. Sering juga orang yg kampanye dicuekin. Juga dg memasang profil plus janji2 kampanye lengkap di koran. Yg jelas, politisi yg ketahuan korupsi pasti mengundurkan diri dan membungkuk minta maaf di TV nasional. Kadang sampai bersujud. Karena sanksi sosial masih sangat ampuh di Jepang.
  1. Tentang hal-hal lain
  • orang Jepang tidak suka pamer kekayaan, prestasi, jabatan, dll. Orang berjas saja naik sepeda karena lebih praktis. Ibu2 jepang tidak pernah ngerumpiin kekayaan atau jabatan suami. Paling ngobrolin anak atau masakan. Sehari2 mereka tampil praktis dan sederhana. Tidak pernah dandan heboh. Hanya saat ke pesta mereka tampil elegan. Semua itu karena orang Jepang tidak suka terlihat ‘beda’ atau menarik perhatian.

  • di Jepang, masalah bullying (=ijime) adalah masalah yg serius dan banyak memakan korban jiwa di kalangan pelajar. Orang Jepang memang sangat takut terlihat ‘berbeda’. Mereka yg berbeda rawan jadi korban bullying. Misal terlalu kurus/gemuk, terlalu pendiam dll. Pemerintah bekerja keras untuk mengatasi masalah ini.

  • satu lagi masalah ‘besar’ di Jepang adalah masalah pelecehan seksual. Semakin banyak terjadi di tempat2 ramai, wanita yg dipegang/diremas badannya di area sensitif. Yg membuat pelecehan seksual maki
    n banyak adalah karena para korban biasanya malu menarik perhatian, sehingga mereka diam saja.

  • bulan maret-april adalah musim bunuh diri di Jepang, karena per tanggal 1 April adalah waktunya penerimaan karyawan baru, mutasi karyawan dll. Di tanggal ini orang baru tahu bahwa ia dipecat, ditolak masuk kerja, atau diturunkan pangkatnya. Karena rasa malu orang Jepang sangat tinggi, hal2 seperti itu bisa menjadi alasan untuk mereka bunuh diri. Karena itu, pada bulan2 ini orang2 maklum bila ada kereta yg terlambat (padahal biasanya tidak pernah telat), karena sedang ada orang yg bunuh diri dg melompat ke rel. Banyak juga yg melompat dari gedung tinggi. Wow..

Selain beberapa hal di atas, masih banyak hal2 menarik lain yg ditulis weedy di bukunya.

Menarik untuk sekali2 berpaling dari ‘keributan’ di negeri sendiri, dan mengambil waktu untuk belajar dari negara lain.
So refreshing! ?

Unbelieveable Japan Book part 2

. Di bidang pertanian

  • Para petani di Jepang sangat makmur karena dinaungi oleh sebuah lembaga pemerintah – Japan Agriculture – yg pengurusnya adalah para petani juga. Pemerintah sangat memperhatikan nasib petani (dan nelayan). Mereka diberi jalur distribusi ke berbagai supermarket lokal. Para petani berlomba2 menghasilkan produk terbaik, dan di supermarket foto petaninya ikut dipajang di rak2. Akibatnya masyarakat juga diuntungkan karena dapat produk yg segar dan terbaik. JA juga mensubsidi petani bila harga pasar turun (tetap dibeli dg harga normal), sehingga petani tidak rugi. Uangnya berasal dari subsidi silang pemerintah. Pemerintah jepang menerapkan bea masuk tinggi untuk beras dll dari luar negeri untuk melindungi petani lokal.

Unbelieveable Japan Book

Baru selesai baca buku Unbelievable Japan by Weedy Koshino. Weedy adalah wanita Indonesia yg menikah dg orang Jepang, punya dua anak, dan sejak 2007 sudah tinggal di Jepang.

Isinya bagus dan sangat informatif. Membuatku jadi tambah kagum sama Jepang..

Beberapa hal menarik nih misalnya:

  1. Di bidang pendidikan
  • anak2 jepang sejak masuk SD sudah harus berangkat ke sekolah sendiri tanpa diantar ortu. Perginya jalan kaki karena sekolah mereka memang dekat2. Ini untuk melatih kemandirian. Untuk mencegah kejahatan, anak2 dibekali dg peluit dan tombol sirene di ransel. Ortu2 murid juga ditugasi untuk gantian berpatroli di jalanan sekitar sekolah. Keren ya?

  • banyak kegiatan gratisan untuk anak2 yg disediakan pemerintah kalo musim liburan tiba. Misalnya ada game ke hutan yg mengajari anak2 mencintai alam. Ada juga taman bermain gratis tentang belajar berlalu lintas. Semua game gratisan itu dijaga oleh volunteers mahasiswa/pensiunan. Anak2 didorong untuk banyak beraktivitas di luar rumah.

  • ada acara TV yg menarik di Jepang, dimana anak2 umur 3-5 tahun dilepas sendirian ke supermarket untuk belanja. Ceritanya mama mereka berpura-pura  perlu bahan makanan untuk memasak, tapi tidak ada persediaan di rumah. Lalu sang mama minta tolong sama anaknya untuk belanja. Si anak dibekali dompet yg digantung di leher dan dilepas sendirian. Namun yg tidak disadari si anak, ia sebenarnya diikuti oleh kru2 TV yg menjaga dia. Perjuangan si anak untuk sampai ke supermarket, lalu memilih2 belanjaan, membayar, dan membawa belanjaan yg berat menjadi tontonan yg lucu dan mengharukan. Ada yg menangis kangen mamanya. Ada yg sebentar2 berhenti karena berat. Yg jelas, begitu si anak sampai rumah, ia langsung disambut pelukan erat mamanya plus diberi ucapan terima kasih dan pujian bertubi2. Anak2 itu tinggi sangat bangga dan meningkat kepercayaan dirinya karena berhasil menempuh perjalanan berat dan berhasil menolong mamanya yg kesusahan. Menarik sekali idenya ya? ?



My Introduce Steemthat

Hello Everyone, I am very happy to receive part of the stishit community, I just joined this community. Hopefully my friends here can guide me to be a good stishit member.

My name is Syahrial, I am 23 years old I live in a small town in Aceh province in Indonesia, I live in Lhokseumawe town with my mother and father.
Coffee is my favorite drink, coffee is a very famous drink not only in Indonesia but coffee has become a very famous drink in the world, especially in Lhoseumawe city of Aceh you are very easy to find coffee outlets.
I think enough here for a short introduction this time, hopefully friends here can guide me to be a good stishit.

‘Slowed By Notes’ – Original Music by Darren Claxton


‘Slowed By Notes’ is the second track from my EP ‘Never Grow Old’

I performed this song for – Steemit Open Mic – week 72 –
Here’s the ‘Studio’ version that I recorded.

All of my songs are recorded at home on my trusty old Zoom MRS 1608 – 12 track Porta Studio, which just demonstrates what you can achieve with limited recording equipment. I also write all of the music, lyrics and play all instruments that you hear.

Did I ever buy you flowers
oh I’ve been sitting here oh so long
remember those nights when we walked for hours
waiting for the summer breeze to come along

Well anyway girl I had you first
and I won’t have you again
well some old lucky guy come and found you there
and my heart’s been left in denial

I’m slowed by notes now just listen, listen
I’ve covered the night with scars
stayed in my room now and just listened listened
stared at the sky caving in
I just stared at the sky caving in

All I remember girl were the things you said
and those last words that you sighed
well you left me here and I’m such a mess
Well I closed the door and I wiped my eyes

I’m slowed by notes now just listen, listen
I’ve covered the night with scars
stayed in my room now and just listened listened
stared at the sky caving in
I just stared at the sky caving in

I just stared at the sky caving in in
Did I ever buy you flowers
Oh I’ve been sitting here oh so long.

Thanks to @Luzcypher @meno @krystle@passion-growund and the rest of the amazing openmic team, for inspiring me to start writing and recording again.
And also, a huge thanks to @prc and the @dsound team for their continuous support for me and my music.
It is all very much appreciated!
@mrbloom aka Darren


► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

Lights – Original Music – by Darren Claxton aka @mrbloom



Photo taken at Calke Abbey – Derbyshire – Aug 2017′

Lights’ is track 4 from the ‘Never grow Old’ EP

The story behind this song…
I was feeling pretty low a few years ago and wrote so many songs as a way of escaping from myself. I never thought of myself as a very good lyricist, but after reading back what I had written in 10 minutes (along with the music) I took a step back and realised, these were from the very depths of my heart and soul. Hurt and heartache drove these feelings and story behind the song. I still revisit this particular track of mine and try to somehow analyse the meaning behind it! Do I need to? Maybe and maybe not. It’s also filled with a sense of hope, endeavour and resilience relating to past relationships and events.
I hope you find some comfort or inspiration from ‘Lights’ and to go and pen your own song, poem or story.
Music heals the soul and I can’t tell you how I feel, but I can find a song that can….


Say something to me
Just say it like you mean it
It meant so much you see
I’m constantly achieving

Comments abound
Won’t stop believing
The voice and sounds
Are truths in hearing

The time we spent and I’d relent
Gathered back all is lost
Covered feelings
When I see those lights
In your eyes
Those lights
In your eyes

In your eyes.

Thanks for your ongoing support for me and my music! It really does mean the world.

You can hear the song here on DSound

‘Lights’ Original Music by Darren Claxton aka @mrbloom


Greetings Members of SteemThat and Team. my name is Duma Sari, I’m a blogger, trader, and vestor at @steemit #steemit I am a member of the Aceh Aces team to support Eric Binkley and the SteemThat Team. Together Let us Grow.

Early Morning Light – Original Music by Darren Claxton @mrbloom

Early Morning Light was written as I came out of the depression that had plagued me for so long.
I opened the curtains one morning and thought to myself, how lucky I really was to have such an amazing support network of people around me, the place we live in and for actually waking up breathing!
If you wake up in the morning, it’s a bonus, you’re lucky to be alive because, someone, somewhere in the world is taking their last breath, so go and breath that air, get that help you need to feel great again, deal with those demons that are driving you crazy!
Like @prc says ‘Music is What Feelings Sound Like’ and these are mine.
Thanks for listening, your comments and kind votes.
They are all very motivational for me and just push me to produce more music for us all to enjoy.


A long time now to know
Wasted all my highs and lows
Pulled apart my head and it shows
Save me now, or go

Poles apart, unkind
Far beyond, my mind
Studied hard to find
Close the door you crossed the line
Where are you now? far behind

Early Morning lights, divine, I know
Safely locked inside, for now, it shows
Think of sometime, when you felt, alone
What you’re feeling now
Is just slow Mo, slow mo

I survived and the battle ends
Soul is safe, caressed
Full of heart, depends
Change your life start again
Win the fight, the battle ends

Early Morning lights, divine, I know
Safely locked inside, for now, it shows
Think of sometime, when you felt, alone
What you’re feeling now
Is just slow Mo, slow mo

Slow motion
Slow motion

The end…!/@mrbloom/20180303t113211592z-early-morning-light-original-music-by-darren-claxton-mrbloom



ERC20 vs ERC223 Is It Complex? The Answer Is Yes

Why does it have to be so complex? We at are trying to simplify things somewhat. The answer is that we are working in a complex space. Ultimately we do want the end user experience to be as smooth as silk. Over the last few months you have noticed many changes. During our Token Event Phase And Beyond, This Or A Similar Design will be used to help manage the flow of data from users and members to the world.

Some have raised concern about the ERC-20 Protocol used to create Stish which is the most recognized protocol and a trade-able protocol verses ERC-223 that our exchange partner Radex uses for their ZERO fee exchange. Their article goes into great detail and does a great job of explaining this even better than I can. Read Their ERC223 Guide here. One thing to keep in mind is that Stish is an ERC-20 token. Radex and the ERC-223 protocol adds an additional layer of security to the exchange process while trading on the Exchange. Once you withdraw your Stish from the Radex Exchange they will still be ERC-20 Stish Tokens. The Stish Token contract cannot change unless we were to do a hard fork and actually change the contract and then do an airdrop to all existing token holders to replace their tokens.


Doing this is not out of the question would would take a consensus vote of holders and advisors to do so or technology advanced and a major security issue arised at which point we would do as little as possible to change the token structure but address the security concern without broadcasting the issue util after the correction was made to protect the interest of the holders of Stish.

Why Zero Decimals? My original thoughts on this though possibly Naive was that someone maliciously could buy a ton of small amounts of Stish on the exchange and cause us to incur a ton of fees to transfer those funds. With each transaction there are minimum fees and as a new start-up learning some of the nuances like many others in the space we opted to go with zero decimals during the Token Event Phase at least and possibly through out the life cycle. Part of the value of Stish is ease of use and store of value and the things it can purchase.  Were we wrong? Time will tell on this. When we first started I envision using Radex the secure Zero fee exchange for all of the Token event. What seemed easy to me, wasn’t so easy to many others so we have adjusted our Token Event Strategy To Go More Main Stream.

To help people buy Stish and delay a ton of trading activity while the Token Event transpires, we have built a way to be KYC compliant and also make it easier to purchase Stish. The plan is to sell the Stish in 4 Phases. We have experienced some pre-ICO sales and have decided to distribute the Stish at the close of the Event. At which time Radex will still be the preferred exchange of Choice as they have Zero exchange fees and the ERC223 The translator cleverly delegates all the operations that deal with balances and transfers to the existing ERC20 token and makes interacting with it more secure. Additionally we will include a small amount of Stish on the Radex Exchange for sell during the Token event so the anonymous buyers can still participate at a comparable level of pricing. 

Some tokens are created purely ERC223 Tokens such as the Saturn Token and many others. This protocol is more secure than ERC223 though it is not widely accepted and there are few exchanges that currently support the protocol. believes in fair open exchanges and our support of Radex is just one way we can advance that cause. Fair Open Exchanges Like Radex Reduce Fees And Centralized Control Of Ethereum and Ethereum Based Tokens.

Is It Super Complicated? Yes. How does it impact the end user? It adds greater security and the ability to trade P2P without a central authority holding hostage your funds.(This happens a lot with centralized exchanges) Is it worth it? Yes, long term it is worth it to advance the security protocols of tokens built on top of the Ethererum Block Chain. If you are just getting into crypto currency security should be your biggest concern and knowing that and Stish are looking out for you should be reassuring. We care about our Token’s success and are making attempts to even secure that future.

Researchers Reveal Danger List When Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Abused

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming the hottest topic in the technology world.

The giants in the technology world is still not one vote on the development of AI. One of them is Elon Musk who thinks AI can endanger mankind.

Discussion about the ethics of AI began to be intensified so that the robots made by humans do not even become disadvantageous.

A report entitled The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence: Forecasting, Prevention, and Mitigation lists potential dangers of AI in the areas of digital, physical, and political security.

The report was compiled by a mix of experts from various institutions, such as OpenAI who developed a good AI, as well as experts from world-renowned universities, among them the Universities of Oxford, Yale, and Cambridge, and Louisville.

Written, AI can expand on existing threats, introduce new threats, and change the typical character of a threat, for example an attack will be more effective and more difficult to avoid.

Here is a list of potential AI hazards that were launched from the report on Sunday (25/2/2018).

AI Threats in Digital Security

  1. Automatic social engineering attacks: Cyber criminals can easily create malicious sites, emails, or links using stolen identities, even a victim-writing style can be imitated.

The abused AI is potentially used as a chatbot pretending to be a human being in order to have a dialogue with the

  1. Search for automatic weakness: The weakness of a code will be more quickly searched with the help of AI.

  2. More sophisticated and automated hacking: By exploiting AI, cyber criminals will be more efficient and difficult to trace when committing a criminal act such as stealing information of potential victims to be abused.


AI Threats in Physical Security

  1. Terrorism Using AI: Systems that rely on AI for commercial purposes can be exploited by terrorists for the benefit of evil. Terrorists can launch attacks from afar, and let the AI robot act.

Take for example the use of drones or cars that can drive themselves used to perform attacks.

  1. Terrorists Do not Need to Hassle Giving Training: With the power of AI, an individual who is not expert on high-level actions can be supported using AI capabilities.
  2. Increased Attack Scale: By using AI, one person can launch a large scale attack, for example through drones.

  3. Surveys are more creepy: Network surveillance systems that rely on robotic systems can control large audiences and monitor large areas, but the side effects are that terrorists can misuse to execute attacks quickly and co-ordinated.


AI Threats in Political Security


  1. AI may be misused by the authorities: The power of AI in the field of information and communication can be misused by the authorities to gather information on a large scale that is vulnerable, it is alleged to be able to corner people who criticize the authorities.
  2. False news is more convincing: Fake news or hoaxes can be made better with the help of AI. The creation of videos containing malicious acts committed by others may also be forged even if the person has never committed a malicious action.

  3. Manipulation of information: By manipulating the algorithm, people can be led to certain information or driven away from certain information.



SteemThat Stish Plane






Hi good people of stishit, am Emeka Segun a Nigerian, I love sports, am an enthusiasts. Love to meet unique people, am an admirer, calm. Am into electrical installations, comedy,sports, Internet, etc.. Entertainment is my keyword. Cryptocurrency to me has brought humanity back together via social platform compared to non crypto platform. Steemthat on the other hand is a great platform though now the growth is moving gradual but soonest its gonna pave way beyond expectations, with the steemish token, just like the SBD on steemit. Great innovation I think…. God bless the developers..

@kalhiade: presentation of myself

Hello everyone <3

I’m from Belgium, My best friend @Sensistar showed me @Steemit  and now @SteemThat .. and I accepted directly to join him (and you also)

I’m passionate by the music (i’m DJ ? ), the photography, I love drawing and i’m happy to see finally the world is changing


The music … the first of my passions:

The only thing I can trust: it keeps me from thinking , empty my mind and heal my heart <3 I Love it!

the music follows me since my childhood, always eager to discover new melodies, it’s rare the day when there is no music around me .. since my adolescence I had a dream .. becoming DJ .. this dream has become reality only recently….

I went through different styles of music … everything started with RNB and soul music .. then I went through the rock stage, the world music and techno where I started to frequent the music festivals … then came to me the goa music … and there the magic became reality <3 .. what seemed impossible to me, the people who seemed to me untouchable everything became more fluid .. I found myself … the one who had fled in a life that was not her own was revealed and Kalhiade was born.

All the magic of Goatrance music:

A tribe

A link that can not be explained

A connectionDSC_7167.JPG

An exchange of vibrations and frequenciesDSC_1565.JPG

Love and Happiness

When we are in a party, and we all dance together with this music that gives us perpetual shivers, intense joy .. a tribal dance … a Sacred dance
I am convinced that the positive energy we develop together in this trance release the global energy of Gaia!
Then the opportunity to meet all these people and these artists .. without any difference of value .. there is no question of money here .. these people, my new family, the one that I have chosen has a value that comes from the heart and I could never be grateful enough to have welcomed me so simply <3
And when came to me the chance to try the turntables .. I can not stop since ..
If I am asked today if I have an addiction .. I would reply: music!
In all the happy or difficult moments of my life, music has always been my protective bubble .. my headphones on my head .. I can shut myself up and listen to all those wonderful stories that only music can tell to calm you down. .. a story without words because we do not need words to understand a music … you feel it passing through your whole body from the moment you are on the same frequency …
I hope you know this feeling of well-being? if not I can try to share what I love with you ?
The old school goa is my favorite genre .. there is really something magical with this music .. it reveals YOUR magic .. and butterflies in the belly .. you know like in a rollercoster.

All the pictures are mine unless the first one (of course I’m on it ^_^ )

For my others passions … I will show you by posting some of these on @SteemThat

I hope I will be able to transmit all what I see with my eyes and how I see the world around us..
I hope to make you feel the butterflies in your belly with the music (dj set) I will repost here

Have a nice day (night??  ^_^ )


10 invitations for the LVTmining

 Apparently I have the opportunity to give to 10 people an invitation for the LVTMining:

Invitation: Each LivesOne account will have 10 invitation quotation to invite friends to sign up

The Symbiosism Economy Foundation Is Introducing LVT Mining Through Mining Browser!

A collaboration between LivesOne and Maxthon browser

LivesOne Whitepaper
If you are interested click on the link above and follow the instructions  ^_^

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